Sangoma Review

By Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 5, 2018

The Sangoma Vega 50 Media Gateway is a bridging appliance that sits between legacy telephony equipment and IP networks. It is available in different configurations, with two to 10 analog or BRI ports.

This PBX phone service system connects analog, ISDN and PBX phones, as well as public switched telephone networks to packet-switched data networks. The device measures 11.8 x 1.75 x 9.33 inches and weighs 2.24 pounds. Port selection depends on the configuration you order.

Sangoma offers the box with two, four or eight BRI ports; four or eight FXO ports; and two FXO ports with four or eight FXS ports. In models with FXO and FXS ports, the FXO ports act as hard-wired bypasses that take over PSTN calls during power failure. In addition, each BRI port can connect to a PSTN or PBX phone system. Therefore, the Vega 50 can connect to PBX and ISDN systems at the same time.

This simultaneous connection removes the need to reconfigure the IP equipment you already have while installing the Vega 50. In addition, it gives you multiple choices for call routing, and you can choose the lowest cost option as the default routing pathway. However, choosing between the 12 possible configurations of the Vega 50 can be difficult, especially if the communication needs of your business change regularly.

The PBX appliance works with a wide range of IP equipment and supports up to eight VoIP channels. Therefore, it can serve as an IP PBX system for a small business or a branch office. As VoIP equipment, it supports both SIP and the H.323 codec along with the three major audio codecs used in teleconferencing systems. It also supports fax and modem.

When used to make IP calls, it provides caller ID presentation and screening. For calls coming through the FXS ports, the call features include call waiting, call forward, call transfer, music on hold, three-way conference, visual and audible message-waiting indicator, and do not disturb. You can also quickly provision phone lines and configure your PBX terminals from the web-based graphical user interface of the Vega 50.

The Sangoma Vega 50 Media Gateway is an all-in-one telephony system that binds analog and digital phone lines to SIP, PBX and IP networks. However, it can only serve small and midsized businesses.

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