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SEO Image Review

By editorial staff, Writer | Updated Dec 15, 2018

SEO Image is an online marketing company with a team devoted to social media marketing. This social media service focuses on driving traffic to your social media profiles and company website through link building and the development and promotion of creative, effective content. However, the content it produces is limited to written content and images since SEO Image doesn't produce videos. However, it promotes any content you create on your own.

Your social media campaign strategy should encompass important areas, such as SEO research and an analysis of your competitors. SEO Image assists with this, plus it helps promote your brand through geo-specific targeting, meaning your content is heavily promoted to potential customers in your own geographical location. SEO Image manages your social media pages for you and monitors activity there; however, it doesn't create the profile for you. You have to create your own social media accounts first before relinquishing control to SEO Image.

After your social media marketing campaign is in place, SEO Image monitors your pages to ensure traffic is increasing and that your presence is growing within specifically targeted social media communities. Additionally, it monitors your online reputation and quickly deals with any negative publicity to minimize any potential harm to your company. SEO Image uses many resources to track your return on investment.

If you need to communicate with your SEO Image team, you can contact them by phone or email. It is one of the few services that includes a FAQs section on its website and offers training to you and your employees on developing a social media strategy. This helps you become more involved in your campaigns, plus it prepares you when it's time to bring the task of managing your social media marketing in house once you've reached that milestone.

SEO Image helps you develop a social media strategy and plan with the goal of driving customers to your site. Though it doesn't create your profiles for you, nor is it capable of creating video content, SEO Image manages your campaigns and carefully tracks its successes while making adjustments where necessary to drive traffic to your pages and website. editorial staff: Expert editorial staff, Writer
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