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Setmore Review

By Andrew Martins, Writer | Updated Jan 09, 2020

If you run a medical practice, beauty salon or some other business that requires appointments to be made ahead of time, you may need a form of employee scheduling software that helps your workforce manage client bookings. Setmore is our best pick for a booking platform because we found its appointment scheduling and payments platform to be the most feature-rich and widely compatible one in our research.



The Best Employee Scheduling Software of 2020

The Verdict

Setmore is our best pick for a booking platform because its software is powerful and easy to use, with a manageable price point. It is an excellent choice for any small or midsize business that offers appointments.

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Setmore Pricing

Setmore charges for its services on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. If you go with a monthly payment plan, you'll have more control over how long you use the service. The yearly plan, however, offers lower costs, with the trade-off that it's not as easy to cancel your subscription.

This Oregon-based company charges "per staff," which is effectively the same as other companies' per-location fee structure. The per-employee rate that many other companies charge often ends up being slightly cheaper than this model, depending on the size of your company.

Setmore has two plans: a free version and the premium plan. The free version lets you try the service without committing to a monthly or yearly cost, albeit with access to a smaller feature set. The premium version has an array of features for a competitive monthly fee. Here is a breakdown of the plans:

  • Free: For no cost, companies can access up to four calendars and staff logins, a basic customer list, a booking page for clients, booking notifications, staff profiles, and other basic features on this plan. This option also comes with a free Square integration so your customers can pay for their bookings upfront.

  • Premium: For companies that need more than the free tier can provide, Setmore's premium service could be a good fit. At $25 per month or $199 per year ($17 a month), this tier will help "reduce no-shows, synchronize your calendars and turn bookings into money," according to Setmore. Built for teams of 20, this plan includes customizable SMS text reminders for each appointment, integration with Stripe for online credit and debit card payments, and two-way calendar sync with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Office 365. Setmore says there are no additional charges and that you can downgrade back to the free version at any time. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the service.


Setmore's platform is easy to use for small businesses and customers alike. When we signed up for the free tier, we were immediately met with an easy setup process that helped us find certain features.

After setup, we were able to get our hands on the platform's payment scheduling feature, which helps you create invoices and track payments – an important function for any business. As bookings come in, staff members with logins to the account can view the group calendar with everyone's schedules and appointments. This transparency between employees makes overbooking and double booking less frequent.

When a customer books an appointment, the software sends confirmation emails to the customer and the employee, as well as follow-up emails and SMS reminders. It's easy to reschedule appointments or make them recurring with the platform's drag-and-drop function. Staff can also view a client's history, which shows how long they've been coming to your office, their past payments, and how many times they've rescheduled or missed appointments. You can integrate this data with your CRM software to better manage customer information.

Setmore also offers several website and business application features that bolster its functionality. You can add booking widgets directly to your business's website, whether it's a self-hosted page or constructed with the help of platforms like WordPress, Wix or Drupal. Your customers can use those widgets to book appointments without picking up a phone. If social media is important to your business, Setmore can also integrate its booking features with your company's Facebook or Instagram pages or the company Slack.

Setmore can integrate with other major business applications, like Salesforce, Mailchimp, QuickBooks and Zendesk. It also has an iOS and Android app that your employees and customers can use to set appointments, sync data and receive push notifications for upcoming appointments.

Additional Considerations

In addition to its regular service tiers, Setmore offers a live booking service for companies in the U.S. and Canada. For $89 a month, Setmore employees will answer your company's calls as if they were your in-house receptionist. They can book appointments, answer with your business's name and provide email summaries of each call. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and your company won't be charged for "calls, solicitors and hang-ups under 30 seconds."

Setmore's support section has an extensive knowledgebase where you can search for answers to any questions you have. If that fails you, you can call the 24-hour support line (in the U.S. and U.K.), with the option to leave a message if needed. You can also email the tech support team, but there's no live chat option on the website.

During our interactions with customer service, we found Setmore's staff very easy to interact with. They were quick to answer our questions and attentive to our needs, which is what you want when you're a small business owner looking for help in a timely manner.


While Setmore is our best pick for a booking platform, we have to point out that it's pretty limited in scope for employee scheduling software. This may not be a drawback for service-based companies, since booking help may be all they need, but if your business needs an all-in-one scheduling solution, this isn't it.

We were also a little concerned about the 20-user limit on the paid version. While the company says you can add more users to an account, this added step for companies with a still relatively small workforce is a bit of a hassle. We can understand that kind of restriction on the free version, but it seems odd for a premium plan.

It would also be wrong of us not to mention that we found a complaint was leveled against Setmore on the Better Business Bureau's website this past July. The company still has an A+ rating even though it's not currently accredited with the BBB, and it's noteworthy that Setmore CEO Bryce Morrow personally responded and offered to change the offending policy.

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The Best Employee Scheduling Software of 2020

The Verdict

Setmore is our best pick for a booking platform because its software is powerful and easy to use, with a manageable price point. It is an excellent choice for any small or midsize business that offers appointments.

Andrew Martins: Writer
Andrew Martins, Writer
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