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Shopify - Ecommerce Platforms & Shopping Cart Software Review editorial staff editorial staff

Shopify offers all but one feature we looked for in our review of eCommerce software. It has plenty of storage and bandwidth available to host websites for businesses of all sizes, is easy to use when you’re building a website, and has a straightforward and intuitive checkout process for your guests. It is compatible with many different payment processors, as well, so you’re likely to be able to integrate your current processor in with this service. 

Shopify - Ecommerce Platforms & Shopping Cart Software

Shopify - Ecommerce Platforms & Shopping Cart Software

The Verdict

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce software options available with an easy-to-use platform, variety of features and unlimited storage.

You can choose from over 25 free templates upon which to create your own online store. If you’d prefer, you can also purchase other templates to customize. You can edit your site with an HTML editor and a CSS editor, or you can adjust some things on your site through previewing it. It’s fairly intuitive to change text and images, and adding products is straightforward, though Shopify doesn’t offer as many options for entering advanced product information as other platforms we reviewed.

Shopify supplies your website with a unique domain, which can help with your store branding. You can use a built-in blog or integrate with WordPress to keep your customers up to date on current news and events with your business and your industry. Shopify has a content delivery network, or CDN, which means that your customers can load your site from the server closest to them instead of waiting to load it from somewhere farther away.

This online store builder waits for you to finish perfecting your website before pushing it live. This is a bonus because your site won’t be visible to the general public or to your customers until you’re ready to share it with them and manually launch your website.

You can reach out for help and support 24/7, and the cost of support is included in your plan’s price. There is no live chat option available, however, so you must call or email support for assistance. If you have a question, you can look through Shopify’s comprehensive online support center for answers.

A dedicated 256-bit SSL certificate is included with Shopify’s Pro plan. Fraud detection is also available with your plan at no additional charge. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, Shopify offers a built-in POS system, which can help you track sales through both avenues of your business. Shopify does not offer email addresses in conjunction with your online store.

We tested each of the platforms in our review to evaluate the cart and checkout process on websites built with each software. Shopify earned a high score in this area. Guest checkout and PayPal checkout options are available, and it’s easy to make purchases through mobile devices as well, which is important in today’s market.

This eCommerce website builder integrates with more than 70 different payment gateways. If you already use a payment processor and wish to continue working with it, make sure the gateway is on Shopify’s list of integrations prior to signing up for this service. This eCommerce platform integrates with online stores like Amazon and eBay, so if you’d like to sell your merchandise through these tools, Shopify can help you track sales and inventory.

This eCommerce platform offers many plans of different shapes and sizes. We reviewed the Pro plan, as it is comparable with the other plans we reviewed in our lineup. As with every service in our review, you must pay a monthly fee to use this service. However, Shopify does not charge any setup or transaction fees. You should remember, though, that you will most likely need to pay a transaction fee to your payment gateway so you can process credit cards.

One of the pluses with Shopify is that it offers unlimited storage and bandwidth. This can be helpful because you have no limitations on how quickly high-quality images, video or other content load on your site, and you can have as many of these things on your website as you need since there’s no storage limit. Additionally, there’s no product limit with Shopify’s Pro plan, so if you sell a large number of products or services, you won’t be constrained by Shopify’s requirements.

Shopify is an excellent choice for eCommerce software for businesses of all sizes. It offers a variety of useful features to help your online store succeed. It’s easy to build a website using this platform, and your customers will find the checkout process intuitive and easy to use on both a desktop and mobile device.

Shopify - Ecommerce Platforms & Shopping Cart Software

Shopify - Ecommerce Platforms & Shopping Cart Software

The Verdict

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce software options available with an easy-to-use platform, variety of features and unlimited storage. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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