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By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

With an emphasis on zero-knowledge security, SpiderOak's priority as a cloud data backup service is privacy and security. SpiderOakONE is the service's consumer-level data-backup subscription, which offers storage plans ranging from 2GB to 5TB. Since each plan allows you to download the app to as many devices as you own, the overall value is above average. While the desktop app's backup performance and overall ease of use was just average, the restore performance was exceptional.

In our review of cloud data backup apps, we compared the relative value of over 30 services to back up 1TB of data at three levels: a large family with five computers, a small family with three computers and an individual with one computer. Using this value comparison to eliminate services that cost too much, we narrowed the list to 23 services, which were then tested for performance and ease of use. From there, services with the best value and best performance made our comparison.

Best Cloud Storage and Online Backup Services
The Verdict
With 1TB of storage for all of your devices, SpiderOakONE has above-average value, good performance and excellent security, which is why it's among the best cloud data backup services.
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As mentioned earlier, SpiderOakONE has storage plans that range from 2GB to 5TB. We evaluated the 1-TB subscription, which costs $129 per year for unlimited devices. At the large-family level of our evaluation, it received a B- because the cost per computer is roughly $26 per year. For a small family with three computers, this plan received a C because the cost per computer is about $43, which is average. For an individual, the plan received a B-, as it costs less than $130 per year. In comparison, the service with the best value in our review, IDrive, costs $59.50 per year for the same amount of storage and unlimited devices. As such, the cost per computer is significantly lower at each level.

In our backup performance tests, SpiderOakONE's desktop app received a C+ for backup speed. Gathered from multiple tests, the average MB-per-minute rate we recorded suggests that it would complete a 1-TB backup set in about 18 days. The average rate among the 23 services we tested was 21 days. However, the fastest backup speed was less than five days.

SpiderOakONE's ease of use for the backup process was a C+, which means there's a significant but average learning curve for a novice. We counted six steps to create a backup set. Some apps had as many as 11 steps. Fortunately, the app moves you from one step to the next without leaving any room for you to wonder what's next. In addition, the features are labeled clearly with text, and the settings are easily accessible from every tab of the interface. The main reason the app didn't receive a higher ease of use grade was because of the difficulty involved in launching the app. Unlike most apps, which automatically install a shortcut on your desktop, you have to click on the SpiderOakONE icon in the task bar to launch the app, which isn't something a novice user would know to do.

The file-restoration speed was SpiderOakONE's most impressive feature. It received an A in our relative speed tests because it recorded the fastest restore speed in every test we ran. The average MB-per-minute rate we recorded suggests it could complete a 1-TB restore in about 2.5 days, which makes it more than twice as fast as the second-fastest restore speed. This is important, as it doesn't matter how well a service's backup features perform if its restore process is abysmal. With such fast speeds, you always have quick access to your protected data.

As for ease of use, the restore process received a C+. It was very similar to the backup process with an average number of steps. The major issue with the restore process is the fact that the tab for restoring files is labeled "Manage," which is difficult to find on the first attempt. Once you know where to find it, the learning curve diminishes significantly.

Every cloud backup app offers some form of file versioning, but SpiderOakONE is one of the few services that comes with unlimited file versioning. This means that you can restore a file to any point in the file's history.

Security and privacy is one of SpiderOakONE's best features. The service's main marketing point is the zero-knowledge policy, which promises that nobody within the service has access to view the 256-bit encrypted files. This is because you own and maintain the encryption key. Currently, SpiderOakONE doesn't have two-step verification, which protects against front-door access, but the service has promised us they plan to reinstitute the option in the future.

SpiderOakONE is an excellent online data backup service that provides above-average value with good performance. While the backup speed was just a bit faster than average, the restore speed was the fastest in our tests, and by a pretty good margin. In addition, since data privacy and security is a priority, you can confidently store your files with this service.

Best Cloud Storage and Online Backup Services
The Verdict
With 1TB of storage for all of your devices, SpiderOakONE has above-average value, good performance and excellent security, which is why it's among the best cloud data backup services.
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