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Storage Guardian Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

Storage Guardian provides enterprise-level backup features, including large storage capacities, advanced retention policies and bare metal recovery. This software-as-a-service platform supports hybrid systems for faster recovery in the event of an internet outage. It can also back up virtual machines and other cloud storage and file-sharing platforms, including Microsoft Office 365 and Google Drive.

Storage Guardian

Storage Guardian

The Verdict

Storage Guardian is a straightforward cloud backup service that makes it easy to restore data in the event of major loss. Bare metal recovery allows you to restore your machines with an exact copy of your system, and it supports dozens of server systems.

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Storage Guardian Pricing and Plans

Pricing for this cloud backup software is a simple pay-as-you-go plan that charges you based on the total amount of data being protected. You'll need to contact a sales representative for a customized quote.

Storage Guardian has tiered storage for active and inactive data. Inactive data is less expensive, but it takes longer to recover. The company uses deduplication and compression techniques to minimize bandwidth, shorten recovery time and use less data, which saves you money.

Businesses can use Storage Guardian to support unlimited servers, desktops and laptops – remember, you're only being charged for the data you're backing up. The platform is highly scalable; you can add or remove devices at your convenience. Plans support virtual machines (VM), and you can back up entire servers, email servers and more.

Businesses can test Storage Guardian's online backup solution with the company's 30-day free trial.

Storage Guardian Features

In evaluating Storage Guardian, here's what impressed us the most.


Storage Guardian is easy to deploy and manage. You do not have to install the software onto every computer or server; instead, you can install it onto one machine and back up your entire network. Once it's installed and connected, you can access the self-service web portal. In the portal, you can view data and real-time analytics plus backup activities. You can also reach tech support, view invoices and handle various administrative tasks.

Bare-Metal Restoration

Storage Guardian specializes in bare-metal restoration, meaning that the service backs up your entire system, including servers, computers and mobile devices. Bare-metal restoration is useful if both the data and the hardware it was stored on are compromised (e.g., a fire or flood). With new hardware in place, a bare-metal restoration retrieves your data. In most cases, a bare-metal restoration requires identical hardware to restore to, but Storage Guardian's system allows you to restore data to different hardware.


Backups are automated, and Storage Guardian provides status reports and notifies you of any important events like errors or backup failures. The system resolves to correct any errors on its own, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on other matters.

Security and Retention

Storage Guardian protects your data by transferring, syncing, and storing data with a 256-bit AES encryption. It abides by several security and auditing standards, including HIPAA, SSAE 16, FIPS, CICA 5970 and Comodo SSL. It is SAS 70 Type II certified, and its data centers have around-the-clock staff, surveillance, backup power and temperature control.

You can keep multiple versions of files and determine how long you want to keep files. If your system is compromised by malware such as ransomware, you can wipe your current hardware and restore it to its previous state.

Customer Support

You can view a demo video on Storage Guardian's website. You can also find case studies, testimonials as well as news and updates.

Storage Guardian does not feature a FAQs page on its website. For users who need additional help or support, you can contact the company by phone, live chat or a contact form found on the company's website.


There are a couple of drawbacks with Storage Guardian that you should be aware of, including the following.

Limited collaboration features: Storage Guardian is primarily a backup solution; its platform is not set up to handle file sharing or collaboration. If you are looking for a short-term storage solution or one that lets you edit files from the cloud, you may want to consider another service. However, if you are strictly looking for a secure backup platform, Storage Guardian is a good choice.

Limited support resources: Storage Guardian's website doesn't have a searchable knowledgebase or FAQs. Instead, you'll have to rely on their live chat or technical support number for help with any questions you have about the service.

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Storage Guardian

Storage Guardian

The Verdict

Storage Guardian is a straightforward cloud backup service that makes it easy to restore data in the event of major loss. Bare metal recovery allows you to restore your machines with an exact copy of your system, and it supports dozens of server systems.

Skye Schooley
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