Mojo Review

By Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 14, 2017

The Mojo professional 3D printer from Statasys is a small, prototyping 3D printer for quick modeling. With the Mojo, you can print projects in a variety of colors in a short period of time. It also comes with filament cartridges with built-in print heads and a recycling program.

The Mojo isn't a large-scale 3D printer as it can only print 5 x 5 x 5 inch creations. However, layer height or resolution is comparable to many FDM, fused deposition modeling, printers and it spits out layers that are 0.178 mm.

Similar to other high-quality 3D printers, the Mojo is a FDM printer that uses ABSplus to print your models. ABSplus sold by Stratasys comes in nine colors including white, blue, red and gray. Stratasys also has a recycling program so you don’t have to throw out used cartridges. Every time you replace the material, you also replace the print head, which is an extremely convenient feature. Since print heads wear out over time and frequently clog, this process makes maintaining the Mojo stress-free.

The Mojo is one of the smallest industrial 3D printers. At just 60 pounds you might be able to lift this one without help. The printer itself is only 25 x 18 x 21 inches so it can easily fit in any office. The Mojo is the perfect desktop industrial 3D printer for quick prototype prints in small or large office spaces.

Stratasys manufactures some of the best professional 3D printers and fully supports them as well. On the Stratasys website, you can find customer support contact information, webinars, case studies and recycling information.

Software and materials come with the Mojo so you can start printing right away. Also, a WaveWash machine is included to remove any support material from your models. The Mojo is only compatible with Windows XP or 7 operating systems and will not work with Mac systems.

For small projects and rapid prototyping, the Mojo industrial 3D printer is a great option for your production team. Its small size, range of colors and included support removal machine make the Mojo convenient to use for any project. Editorial Staff is a community of more than 150,000 small business experts and business owners. Ask a question, get great advice and put our tools to work for you.

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