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By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 14, 2017

The uPrint SE is a fused deposition modeling, or FDM industrial 3D printer, which is a type of 3D printing that places layers of material to create an object. With the uPrint SE, you can print various parts, tools and other trial products before you begin full-scale production.

Printing features and print quality are important aspects to consider when purchasing a commercial 3D printer. Commercial and professional printers have better features and are higher quality than consumer-grade 3D printers. The uPrint SE can print .254 mm layers, which is slightly below average for an industrial 3D printer as 0.1 is the most common layer height. The uPrint SE is also compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7, and is Ethernet compatible. Since the uPrint SE is well built and fully enclosed, prints are more accurate than with other 3D printers.

Professional 3D printers print with a variety of materials to achieve higher quality parts than hobbyist printers. The uPrint SE uses ABSplus, which is a type of heavy-duty 3D printing plastic that creates sturdy prototypes. ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a thermoplastic material that is used to make common items such as Legos, instruments and auto parts. ABSplus is stronger and more durable than regular 3D printing ABS.

This large 3D printer can only print medium-sized objects compared to its competitors. Although the printer itself is 25 x 26 x 31 inches and more than 168 pounds, it can only print items that are 8 x 6 x 6 inches in size. An LCD screen and a fully enclosed print space make the printer easier to use and keep you safe from hot parts. The uPrint SE Plus is a sister machine to the SE that has all the same specifications, but can print in a more colors than the ivory-printing SE. With the SE Plus, you can print prototypes in white, blue, yellow, red and more.

Along with this high-end 3D printer, you'll also get high-end customer support. Stratasys provides you with a complete support system for all aspects of your printer. On the website you'll be able to contact technical support, find software support and submit a support ticket. Stratasys also has a recycle program for used cartridges and a training section so you can find training classes in your area.

No high-quality 3D printer would be complete without high-quality accessories and systems. This prototyping machine also comes with a sample supply of ABSplus, software and a WaveWash machine, which cleans and dissolves the support material on your ABSplus prints.

With the uPrint SE or SE Plus, you can print precise prototypes for your business or production line. It is fully enclosed so prints are more accurate compared to other 3D printers. This FDM printer also makes prototyping easier as ABSplus filament is easy to print with, and easy to clean up.

Business.com Editorial Staff
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