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SurveyGizmo Review

Saige Driver
Saige Driver

SurveyGizmo has an extensive feature set to help you create beautiful, interactive surveys and forms for your business. While it's more expensive than other survey applications, it's worth the investment. 



The Verdict

SurveyGizmo is the best survey software. It has a complete set of survey design tools, numerous publishing options, integrations and comprehensive analytics that make it well worth the investment.

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You can use SurveyGizmo to create forms for streamlining various processes within your company or to design surveys that gather valuable feedback about your products, services, or business. SurveyGizmo's surveys are attractive, comprehensive and easy to design and send to your target audience. Because of its design features as well as the variety of question types,  SurveyGizmo is our best pick for the best survey software application. 

Competitive Pricing and Terms

SurveyGizmo has four plans to choose from: Scout, Explorer, Adventurer and Voyager. Along with, Scout, the free version, SurveyGizmo offers a seven-day free trial for all of its plans. 

  • The Scout subscription is free, and with it, you get three surveys and 100 responses, an unlimited amount of survey questions, raw data exports, and the ability to share reports with a URL. You can also use different question types like checkbox grid, a dropdown menu, essay, radio buttons, ratings and text boxes. 
  • The Explorer plan, which costs $35 per month, comes with unlimited surveys, unlimited questions per survey and an unlimited number of responses. In addition, you get custom survey branding, email support, data report downloads, survey logic, the ability to conduct email survey campaigns and a feature that lets respondents attach images, documents, and other files with their survey response. 
  • The Adventurer plan, which is $135 per month, has the above features found in the Explorer plan, plus advanced survey logic features, offline mode, additional options for question types and more reporting options. 
  • The most expensive package, Voyager, starts at $240 per month. It includes tools found in the Adventurer plan along with advanced survey analysis, market research questions and advanced data reporting.

SurveyGizmo Features

Add-ons: While SurveyGizmo includes an extensive list of features in each plan, you can purchase add-ons to each package. Add-ons include additional admin users, increase API limits, 24/7 phone support, Salesforce integration, single sign-on and others. 

Custom survey branding: With the exception of the Scout plan, other plans let you add your own branding (themes, logos and colors). 

Data report download: Reports can be downloaded into PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and Word formats. Raw data exports are available, even in the free plan. You can also conveniently share report data through a URL with others in your company. 

Email campaigns: If you want to send out your survey to a list of contacts through email, SurveyGizmo makes that easy. You upload your email lists and can then create your survey using one of SurveyGizmo's templates or one that you create yourself. In addition to emailing your survey to contacts, you can also send reminder emails, test emails and thank-you messages, and view the status of sent emails. 

Integrations: SurveyGizmo integrates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheet and Webhooks. 

Publishing options: There are a lot of ways to publish a survey with SurveyGizmo: You can embed it into your website, share it via a link or social media or using a QR code. You can design your survey to collect anonymous responses and let survey respondents enter their email address so they can save their unfinished survey and complete it later. 

Project types: You're not just limited to surveys with SurveyGizmo. You can easily create forms, quizzes and assessments and performance reviews. 

Question types: SurveyGizmo lets you choose how respondents reply to your survey. You can choose from basic formats like checkboxes, a dropdown menu, essay format, star rating, not to mention a handful of other options. 

Quotas: One particularly nice feature with SurveyGizmo is that you can set quotas for items, such as a limit on how many times a respondent can select the same answer. Other quota options let you limit the number of responses your survey collects and a set auto-close date that lets you determine how long your survey is available.  

Security: SurveyGizmo has a range of security tools to protect you, your customers and your data. All forms and surveys use secure links and project data is encrypted. You can further security features to your surveys, such as ReCaptcha and survey password protection. 

Survey logic: With SurveyGizmo's logic tools, you can customize your survey for each respondent to ensure you get quality data. 

Unlimited features: While the free version only allows for three surveys a month, with the paid plans, you can create and send an unlimited amount of emails. You also have an unlimited amount of questions per survey and unlimited responses.

Ease of use

What makes SurveyGizmo great is that it's easy to use and intuitive. When we signed up for a free trial, we were able to immediately start creating and sending surveys. SurveyGizmo's interface is simple and easy to understand. It took us 10 minutes to create a survey with different question types. 

For those who haven't used survey software before, SurveyGizmo walks you through the different question types. For the test surveys we created, we included charts, our logo and customized colors. Once we finished creating a survey, we then were able to fill out our own survey to ensure it was complete and correct. 

If you have problems creating or sending a survey, you can contact SurveyGizmo by email or phone. In addition to email and phone support, there is a community forum plus in-depth documentation that addresses a number of questions and issues.


While SurveyGizmo has a lot of features that could become overwhelming, especially for those who are new to using survey software, the company offers a lot of support in the form of classes, guides, plus a helpful community form so users understand nearly every aspect and feature of the platform.

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The Verdict

SurveyGizmo is the best survey software. It has a complete set of survey design tools, numerous publishing options, integrations and comprehensive analytics that make it well worth the investment.

Saige Driver
Saige Driver Contributing Writer
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