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SurveyGizmo Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

SurveyGizmo is a powerhouse survey creator that offers a full set of features to help you build the best surveys you can for gathering key information vital for helping your business grow. The basic package is best for small business needs and is available on a month-to-month basis. While it is the highest-priced survey software application we reviewed, it is a good choice for businesses that really want to dig deeper with their surveys.

This survey creator offers you a comprehensive set of features while providing the tools you need to design an attractive survey that will stand out from the crowd. The combination of survey-design features and the complete set of survey-building tools make SurveyGizmo among our favorites.

Email Marketing Services and Survey Software
The Verdict
SurveyGizmo Basic is a powerhouse survey creator that provides you with a complete set of survey design tools, and while it costs more than other services we reviewed, it is worth the investment.
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As a user of SurveyGizmo, you have a full set of help and support options, including direct phone support, a key feature that is not often provided with survey software. Phone support is for emergencies of a time-sensitive nature when chat is unavailable or unable to assist. The support center provided by SurveyGizmo is complete with articles that provide tips and tricks. Also available are how-to videos that walk you through creating a survey and other basic steps for using the software to its full capacity. To get more up-to-date information catered to specific needs, you can view the webinars and training videos.

When we tested the email function of help and support, we found the company to be responsive and helpful. Their answers were knowledgeable, and they provided useful links and direction to finding additional information in the Help Center.

This survey software application performed above average in our hands-on respondent testing. It scored 4.5 out of 5 for the overall experience. The layout of the survey software was well received by our survey takers. Respondents reacted positively to the visual design of the survey and the single-page layout, where multiple questions are on one page and the respondent does not have to click through to the next page after answering each question.

Other features in this category include partial data submission, a progression bar to let respondents know how far they have made it through the survey, and the ability to save a survey and return to it later. This feature is especially beneficial when surveys are long and take more than a few minutes to complete. This software is also optimized for mobile platforms, including Android, iPhone and iPad. While other surveys allow you to create appealing surveys for mobile devices, SurveyGizmo is the only service that allows you to create surveys specifically for certain types of mobile devices.

Using the online platform is easy, and you can begin making a survey right away. The icons in the survey software platform are clearly marked and describe what each one does. When you click an icon, a pop-out screen appears to give you more options for that specific function. For example, when you click the Add Question button, the pop-out screen lets you choose which type of question you want to add while you can view your survey in the center screen to see how it would appear in your survey.

Editing a question is easy, and you even have the option of directly copying the format of an existing question you have already built. This saves you the time of having to continuously build new questions from scratch.

Features of the SurveyGizmo basic package are anything but basic. You can add five separate users to your account so multiple people can analyze and utilize the data gathered from surveys. You can also add skip logic to your questions and create Net Promoter Score surveys to get a clear view of how likely customers are to recommend your business to others. You can also collect surveys offline, and the data will automatically sync with your systems when you have an internet connection.

One other feature is that you can personalize your survey by adjusting the templates as well as the colors, font and backgrounds. You can even upload your own logo into your survey. While you can remove the SurveyGizmo logo with any paid package, the basic package does not let you customize the URL in order to brand it with your company name or survey title.

This survey software provides a full set of features for you to dig deeper and get the most out of the surveys you distribute to key audiences. While it has a slightly higher per-month cost than other services we reviewed, it packs a punch and provides a complete set of tools for you to use while still maintaining ease-of-use capabilities. It earns our top spot and is a great choice in survey software.

Email Marketing Services and Survey Software
The Verdict
SurveyGizmo Basic is a powerhouse survey creator that provides you with a complete set of survey design tools, and while it costs more than other services we reviewed, it is worth the investment.
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