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swyMed Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 15, 2017

Doctors and surgeons can’t possibly rush to the scene of every emergency with the EMTs in the ambulance. However, the telemedicine platform swyMed can put your hospital’s medical expertise at the scene of an emergency and in the ambulance. When the situation calls for it, doctors, surgeons or other medical staff can be there in the ambulance via the telemedicine service, instructing the EMTs on how to prep the patient for arrival at the hospital.

You can equip your ambulances with one of swyMed’s portable EMT kits and pair it with several other devices that allow the EMT to assist your doctors. Camera- and microphone-equipped glasses allow doctors and surgeons to see and hear what the EMT is seeing and hearing, and they in turn can relay instructions to the EMTs. The microphones are also built to cut out the road noise of the ambulance.

Ambulances can also be fitted with several cameras to give the doctors multiple angles of the patient. Doctors can also view where the ambulance is via GPS and see how long until the patient will arrive at the ER. When transporting children, the platform’s screen can be used to play movies to keep them calm while EMTs and the doctors work.

The platform can connect to USB- or Bluetooth-enabled medical devices to send biometric data and vitals to the doctor. The telemedicine company boasts that its platform maintains a strong network connection and will keep up live feeds even in the worst of cellular network conditions.

The portable telemedicine software can be brought out of the ambulance and into the field if the situation calls for it. swyMed also offers a lightweight mini clinical case that’s more portable and easier to use for basic care needs. This case connects using a tablet and only a few other tools to relay information back to the doctor, allowing for interaction with the patient, EMT and doctor. In some cases, this can save the patient an expensive trip in the ambulance to the ER if a doctor can check on their condition before they’re transported and diagnosis a non-emergency condition.

swyMed’s platform uploads information collected by an EMT to a cloud server and that data can be downloaded to your hospital’s ERM through a secured, HIPAA-compliant connection. Along with biometric data, an entire recording of the interaction can be saved and reviewed at a later time. All participants must be notified and consent to a recording.

swyMed’s telemedicine platform for emergency transport helps EMTs and doctors render the best care for potentially life-threatening situations, and even for non-emergency situations. This telemedicine platform is impressively versatile and would be a useful – and potentially life-saving – tool in a number of situations.

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Business.com Editorial Staff
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