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Take 5 Media Group Review

Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo

Take 5 Media Group provides robust internet marketing services to businesses of all sizes. It includes email marketing services, social media marketing and a variety of other digital marketing tools. It has a good online reputation: It's been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and sports an A+ rating with the agency. There are no customer reviews on the website, however.

Take 5 Media Group

Take 5 Media Group

The Verdict

Take 5 Media has an impressive email marketing and social media marketing offering. It also has a good online reputation. However, it lacks SEO tools and PPC management.

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While Take 5 provides a wide range of digital marketing services, it does not offer PPC (pay-per-click ads) management. This is not out of the ordinary for companies in this category; several digital marketing companies we reviewed don't provide PPC management services. Take 5 does offer standout email and social media marketing tools. It's not clear if it provides SEO features, though it does advertise some unique digital marketing services like geofencing, content creation and e-commerce website features. Overall, Take 5 is ideal for small businesses.

Pricing and Plans

Like many companies we reviewed, Take 5 Media does not provide any pricing information on its website. If you're interested in learning more, you'll have to contact its sales team. There also isn't a lot of information on its site regarding agreement structure or whether the company provides a dedicated account manager for its services. Because Take 5 is a service-based, not software-based, marketing company, it will work with you to build out your services. Companies that only provide digital marketing software may not offer the same level of guidance inherent in digital marketing services.


  • SEO Tools: We couldn't find any details about this company's search engine optimization offering. It advertises several digital marketing features on its site, but it doesn't provide any direct information about SEO tools or services.
  • Email Marketing: This is one of the highlights of this company's services. It can help you maintain customer relationships and build leads. It offers 93 to 97 percent inbox delivery rates, a database of over 160 million opt-in email addresses, and ad display and retargeting features.
  • Social Tools: Take 5 offers versatile social media strategies that include audience development, targeting and retargeting. Retargeting can help you stay relevant to your customers as they browse the web.
  • Design: It's not clear what kind of design services Take 5 Media Group offers. Some other companies can help you design your website or landing pages for your marketing emails.
  • Reporting Features: Take 5 provides hands-on services to small businesses, so you can review the success of your campaigns with Take 5 rather than merely looking at graphs of your performance.

Pros and Cons


  • Take 5 provides great email and social media marketing services to small businesses.
  • It offers unique digital marketing services, like content creation, geofencing and e-commerce website services.


  • It doesn't provide SEO tools or web design, according to its website.
  • It doesn't provide any pricing information on its website.

Support and Customer Service

Take 5 Media Group provides support through phone and email. Many of the companies we reviewed also offer live chat, which Take 5 does not. You can work closely with representatives from Take 5 to learn more about the company and build your services.

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Take 5 Media Group

Take 5 Media Group

The Verdict

Take 5 Media has an impressive email marketing and social media marketing offering. It also has a good online reputation. However, it lacks SEO tools and PPC management.

Matt D'Angelo
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