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Tax Defense Partners Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 15, 2017

Tax Defense Partners is a company that offers everything we looked for in our evaluations of tax debt relief services. It has knowledgeable and thorough tax professionals that are able to help you with various types of tax debt troubles, all at a flat-fee price that is typical in this industry. 

When we reached out to Tax Defense Partners to test for a competency score, we also evaluated its customer service and calculated a reliability score. This score is based on the agents' professionalism and the company's responsiveness to email and whether or not representatives followed up with us. Tax Defense Partners was generally communicative, but it was not responsive to email and never followed up with us after our initial consultations. Additionally, in a few of our interactions, company representatives were not as professional in their communication as those from other services, which significantly lowered its reliability score.

Tax Defense Partners
Tax Defense Partners
Tax Debt Relief Services
The Verdict
Tax Defense Partners is our top pick for tax debt relief services due to its competent and thorough tax professionals, offered features and competitive pricing.
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Legally, only tax attorneys, certified public accountants and enrolled agents can represent you before the IRS if you don't want to represent yourself. To make sure that each company was legitimate, we made certain that at least one of these types of tax professionals was available to handle your case before the IRS. Companies scored higher in our review if they had more than one type of qualified tax professional available, with the best tax debt relief services having all three available. Tax Defense Partners offers all three types of tax professionals on staff, which helps brings all of the expertise into your case and offers you the most help.

This company can help you with any federal tax debt problem you may have, and it can assist you if you find yourself in trouble with state taxes as well. Tax Defense Partners can help you negotiate with the IRS.

Some negotiations it can help you with include installment agreements, which help you divide the amount you owe to the IRS into more manageable amounts to be paid over time, or offers in compromise, which can help you and the IRS agree on a lesser amount that you can pay back to the government instead of the original, larger amount. Other negotiations include innocent spouse relief, which would excuse you from tax debt if your spouse was the one that made a mistake on taxes, and currently not collectible, which involves proving to the IRS that you cannot pay your debt due to economic hardships. Remember that tax resolution services can only negotiate on your behalf for programs for which you qualify.

Tax Defense Partners also works toward lifting any liens placed on your credit and any levies that are against your property. Levies on your property can include wage garnishment, frozen bank accounts or seized property.

We reached out to Tax Defense Partners several times on different days to ask questions about multiple types of IRS notices and tax debt scenarios. Using our interactions with company representatives, we calculated a competency score. The competency score is based on the knowledge and thoroughness of each professional we spoke with, as well as whether the answered our questions and offered suggestions on how to fix the problem. Tax Defense Partners was one of only a handful of companies in our lineup to earn full marks in this score. It had especially through tax professionals who spent time getting to know and understand the situations we presented in our testing, and agents consistently offered suggestions and help on how we could best handle the problems we described.

Tax Defense Partners charges a flat fee for its tax help services. This fee may vary depending on your case and what work needs to be done to help you with your tax debt. The flat fee we were quoted fits into what is average for flat fees in this industry. Additionally, Tax Defense Partners does not charge a retainer, which means that you don't have to pay a large lump sum upfront for the tax professionals to work against. Instead, the flat fee can be broken up into more manageable payments over time, and you don't need to worry about funding a large retainer fee upfront in order for the service to start work on your tax case.

There is no minimum amount of tax debt you need to owe to qualify to work with Tax Defense Partners. You should consider the cost of your tax debt against the cost of the service, however, and be sure that it will be cost effective to use this or any tax relief service as opposed to simply paying your tax debt.

Tax Defense Partners is one of the best tax debt relief services and our top pick. The company offers especially competent, thorough and knowledgeable representatives. Three different types of qualified tax professionals are available to assist you, all at a price that fits into the average prices for tax help services. In our experience, this company never replied to email, however, so if you would like to contact this company with questions, calling in may be a better option than sending a message.

Tax Defense Partners
Tax Defense Partners
Tax Debt Relief Services
The Verdict
Tax Defense Partners is our top pick for tax debt relief services due to its competent and thorough tax professionals, offered features and competitive pricing.
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Business.com Editorial Staff
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