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By Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017


With an attractive interface that is simple to use, Taxbot is a good solution for business expense tracking. This tool makes it easy to track business expenses, including mileage, from anywhere in the world using your laptop or phone. This expense tracker is particularly motivating because it keeps a running tally of the potential savings you are accruing by documenting your deductible expenses.

Best Expense Tracking Services
The Verdict
Competing services offer more ways to enter expenses - Taxbot doesn't. Still, it is an easy app for managing business expenses.
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Mileage tracking is simple with Taxbot. Using the mobile app and your phone's GPS capabilities, it takes only a couple of taps before your phone figures out where you are in the world and then starts logging your miles. At the end of a trip, another tap tabulates your mileage – you don't need odometer readings or anything else. Taxbot calculates everything for you.

If you forget to log a trip with your smartphone, or if you don't have a smartphone, you can log travel expenses after the fact using the online interface. You just enter the beginning and ending addresses. Taxbot's Google Maps integration takes care of the rest. This is handy because you don't need to fiddle with odometer readings, even after the fact.

Taxbot is one of only a handful of expense tracker apps that offers credit card integration. You enter your business credit card information and Taxbot logs your transactions with that card. When a transaction comes through, Taxbot verifies whether you already logged that expense when it happened. If not, it goes into a list of potentially missed deductible business expenses you can review later.

If you find a deductible credit card transaction was missed, you can move it over to Taxbot's running total. Taxbot will have automatically imported most details about the transaction, like date and category, but you have the opportunity to add new details and attach a photo of the receipt if you want. Taxbot integrates with 10,000 financial institutions, so it likely works with your business credit card.

There are a few minor features missing from Taxbot compared to other expense trackers. Some expense trackers make it easy to incorporate emailed receipts for tax time – you can forward them and have the application read and extract dates and totals. Taxbot does not do that. Also, Taxbot does not extract data from a receipt for you or read receipts like some apps do. Even though you usually have to double-check that information anyway, we like apps that give you the option.

Business expenses can quickly spiral out of control when you do not have a records system in place. Taxbot can help you track and organize expenses, ensuring you get the maximum tax refund possible. Taxbot is not the most sophisticated tool – it lacks a few capabilities we value, including the ability to extract information from paper receipts and the ability to integrate email receipts – but the essentials all are there in a user-friendly package. With Taxbot, you can go into tax season with a few complete reports instead of a shoebox full of receipts.

Best Expense Tracking Services
The Verdict
Competing services offer more ways to enter expenses - Taxbot doesn't. Still, it is an easy app for managing business expenses.
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