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By Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 2, 2018

TeleDirect is a call center service with a full variety of inbound and outbound call services. It offers solid client support to its prospective customers and has every outbound call service we looked for in our review. Its variety of services, especially in outbound calls, and its other high-quality features with no minimum monthly requirements are particularly impressive.


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The Verdict
TeleDirect offers a large list of services that make it the best call center service we reviewed.
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The agents at TeleDirect can set appointments with your customers for installations, IT assistance, medical visits or nearly any other appointment needs your company may have. They can also take and process orders over the phone for you, which is especially helpful if your business relies heavily on eCommerce. The agents can answer any eCommerce questions your customers might have about your business; you provide the answers via information TeleDirect gathers when you sign up for its call center services.

TeleDirect has agents who are bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English fluently. Customer assistance is available in other languages as well, which can help you maintain strong relationships with all your customers, regardless of the language they speak. It can also lay the foundation for obtaining new clientele, since your company will be able to communicate with a larger audience.

You don’t have to meet any minimum requirements to work with TeleDirect. This means that you don’t have to have a certain number of calls or minutes spent on the phone each month to be eligible to have TeleDirect answer phones for you. This can be helpful if you’re a small business and don’t have a large call volume; with TeleDirect, you can still get the help you need without having to pay more for it just to meet a minimum. If, however, you don’t have a high call volume, and you wouldn’t use TeleDirect for more than 30 minutes or so per month, consider whether you need the expense of a call center service to answer your phone calls. It may not be worth the additional expense if you don’t have a large call volume and can handle the calls with your current staff.

TeleDirect agents are available to answer your calls 24/7. This is helpful if you receive a lot of calls after hours. By signing up with TeleDirect, you can let the call center agents handle the late phone calls so that you don’t have to manage the phones at inconvenient hours. This company is also available to answer excess phone calls during regular business hours, so you can make sure that no customer call is ever missed.

TeleDirect is one of the few call centers we reviewed that offers every outbound service we looked for in our evaluation. TeleDirect agents can conduct surveys, meaning that they call your existing customers and ask questions you provide involving service, product function or other matters. They can also perform scheduled callbacks, which involve contacting your customers to make sure that they are satisfied and don't need more help. You can have agents call your customers back for nearly any reason.

The agents at TeleDirect provide lead generation services, if your company requests them. This means that they call back customers who have expressed an interest in your company and try to cement a relationship between them and your business, which turns leads into buying customers, therefore making more revenue for your business and bringing with it a valuable ROI. Unlike many other call centers we reviewed, TeleDirect also offers cold-calling services, meaning that the agents call potential customers you don't necessarily have a relationship with in order to build your clientele.

TeleDirect does not offer live chat services as a support option to its clients, so you don’t have quick, easy access to agents who could provide answers you can’t find online. However, an email address is available for you to reach out to TeleDirect representatives. You can also call TeleDirect; the appropriate phone number is visible on the company’s website.

We called TeleDirect to test its back-end client support. We had a positive experience with the company representatives. After a brief automated answering service picked up and greeted us, we spoke with a real person with no hold time. That person answered our questions about the service, and we didn't need to be transferred around to receive the information we needed.

TeleDirect has a full offering of both inbound and outbound call center services. It is one of the few call centers in our review to offer every outbound service looked for, and it has excellent back-end client support. With its range and quality of services, TeleDirect is an excellent call center option, especially for outbound call services.

Best Call Center Services
The Verdict
TeleDirect offers a large list of services that make it the best call center service we reviewed.
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