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TeleDirect Review

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko Staff
Updated May 19, 2020

TeleDirect is our pick as the best overall call center service. TeleDirect offers an alternative to the typical per-minute, per-month model. TeleDirect sells prepaid packages of minutes that you buy as needed. Minutes never expire; they roll over from month to month. No monthly subscriptions or annual contracts are required. TeleDirect’s rates become increasingly competitive when you buy minutes in bulk, with the largest package coming in at a low rate of 75 cents per minute.

TeleDirect Review


The Verdict

TeleDirect is our pick as the best overall call center service due to its extensive services, quality customer support and flexible package of minutes for prepaid plans that roll over month to month.

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TeleDirect’s pricing plans are broken down as follows:

  • 300 minutes for $387 (or $1.29 per minute)

  • 1,000 minutes for $1,100 ($1.10 per minute)

  • 3,000 minutes for $2,970 (99 cents per minute)

  • 6,000 minutes for $5,580 (93 cents per minute)

  • 10,000 minutes for $8,800 (88 cents per minute)

  • 20,000 minutes for $15,000 (75 cents per minute)

When you run out of minutes, you can purchase more or part ways with the company. If you cancel service before using all of your minutes, TeleDirect will refund you up to 80% of your unused minutes. We didn’t encounter this with other call centers.

TeleDirect offers optional add-on services for 10% of your per-minute usage rate. These include call recordings, text notifications, patch time and IVR (per call). The company includes three hours of setup and training for every purchase of minutes. The company will alert you if setup and training will exceed three hours.

TeleDirect bills second to second, meaning you only pay for the exact time you use, but you are billed for agent work time. For example, if a call lasts 3 minutes and the agent spends 1 minute filling out paperwork after the call, 4 minutes will be deducted from your prepaid package. The only minimum requirement for working with TeleDirect is that you must use 29 minutes of service per month. 

Call Center Features

TeleDirect is a full-featured inbound and outbound call center service. It has all the major services we looked for in a call center at all tiers of service. These are the key services TeleDirect offers:

  • Live answering: Every call center and answering service maintains a staff of agents to answer incoming calls on your company’s behalf. TeleDirect maintains over 400 employees who serve as shared agents, semidedicated agents or dedicated agents.

  • Message taking: One of the most basic services TeleDirect agents perform is taking messages, where they record the name and contact information of a caller, along with their reason for calling. They then forward the message to your provided points of contact by email.

  • Customer support: Customer support is a more in-depth inbound service, where TeleDirect agents assist callers, using a list of FAQs you provide. If agents are unable to help a caller based on the provided material, they take a message and forward it to your company or, if you opt for the additional call-patching service, transfer the call to the relevant point of contact directly.

  • Tech support: TeleDirect agents offer Level 1 technical support to incoming callers who need help troubleshooting your company’s products or software. They forward any advanced technical support requests to the relevant point of contact at your company.

  • Order processing: TeleDirect agents can walk customers through e-commerce purchases, capture payment information and process orders.

  • Lead capture: Agents capture the contact information for incoming calls to help you generate a list of interested leads or previous customers. These lists can then be used in remarketing or promotional material.

  • Lead follow-up: TeleDirect’s outbound call center services include following up with warm leads.

  • Email and web chat management: In addition to manning the phone lines, TeleDirect agents can manage your email inboxes and live chat tools on your company’s homepage, giving your customers additional channels for contacting your company.

  • Client portal: The TeleDirect client portal provides 24/7/365 access to a full breakdown of your account usage and a customizable script that updates agents in real time. You can also view data, including the number of minutes used, minutes remaining, number of calls, duration of specific calls and the average duration of all calls, and the outcome of calls.


TeleDirect’s biggest drawback is that some useful services that many other call centers include in their standard features are considered add-ons. For example, it can be extremely useful to have call recordings available to check on agent performance and ensure your company is being represented appropriately. TeleDirect charges extra for this service. Many call centers also include text message notifications in the base price, but TeleDirect charges extra for this service, too. Perhaps the additional fees can be attributed to TeleDirect’s unique pricing model, but we were disappointed that these services cost extra.

TeleDirect requires a minimum usage of 29 minutes per month to keep an account active. While this is not a hard minimum to meet and is certainly not cost-prohibitive, it is something small companies with low call volumes must monitor. Failure to reach the monthly minimum could result in account deactivation.

Customer Service

TeleDirect provided excellent customer service in our experience. It took no time at all to connect with a representative following a brief intake, which was provided by an agent reading from a TeleDirect script (as we discovered after receiving a proposal with examples of the scripting). Both representatives we spoke with were respectful and knowledgeable.

TeleDirect agents are available by phone. An email address is also available for you to reach out to representatives. However, TeleDirect is not available by live chat, so you don’t have quick, easy access to agents who could provide answers you can’t find online.

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TeleDirect Review


The Verdict

TeleDirect is our pick as the best overall call center service due to its extensive services, quality customer support and flexible package of minutes for prepaid plans that roll over month to month.

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko Staff
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