TimeTrax PC Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 3, 2018

TimeTrax PC is the only employee time clock software we reviewed that didn't allow us to download or access the application online. Instead, we had to purchase the software program and wait for it to arrive before installing it on our test computer. Getting the program up and running was very easy, and the user guide that came with the CD-ROM was very helpful when we didn't know how to deploy a certain function.

The program itself is very clean and easy to navigate. The employee time card was in sync with our server's clock and was simple to figure out and use. Even employees without a lot of computer experience should be able to figure out this time clock since it looks and operates similar to a physical one.

TimeTrax PC
TimeTrax PC
Best Time and Attendance Services and Software
The Verdict
TimeTrax PC is easy for employees to use, though it doesn't have as many time-tracking and administrative tools as its competitors.
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However, once employees clock in, there isn't an employee portal or way for workers to request time off or to notify managers of any time card issues. Though these can be taken care of through the administrator's portal, employees have to notify their manager via email or other means to let someone know they need a day off or to correct a punch.

From the administrative portal, you can modify time cards and track accruals. The system awards time off with each pay period if you set it up do to so. However, you have to manually deduct any hours an employee takes off (vacation, sick, PTO) since TimeTrax does not automatically calculate when time is taken.

This time card software program doesn't have a traditional employee status board. Instead, you click on each individual employee to see his or her current status and any time card issues, such as missed punches, that need to be addressed. The program is very easy to use with intuitive functions for adding information and switching between employees. Keyboard shortcuts can be used with this software, which isn't a very common feature with time card software.

This program has specific fields and functions for awarding specific accruals like vacation, holiday and sick time. While TimeTrax won't calculate time taken off, it tracks overtime. It doesn't have the capability to track California's unique overtime rules, but traditional overtime pay (which is determined at over 40 hours a week) is calculated based on each employee's time clock activities.

In addition to tracking employee time, TimeTrax PC lets you set up payroll, including creating different files that are compatible with different payroll services and accounting software. ADP and QuickBooks files are both supported, though you can create CSV files that are compatible with more payroll services and software.

There are several functions and tools missing in TimeTrax that are included with the best time-tracking systems we reviewed. For example, there isn't a scheduler that allows you to create and assign shifts to employees. It also doesn't have tools to create company messages to notify workers about important activities in your business.

The program comes with a user guide that is very thorough with detailed screenshots of each function. Each activity is also designated in the table of contents so it's easy to quickly look up that particular function if you need help. Live chat is available on the company’s website.

Though it doesn't have as many tools and functions as higher-ranked time card software, TimeTrax PC’s interface is clean and the program is easy and intuitive to use. We like that the time clock is easy enough for just about any employee to use and that many types of payroll files can be generated.

TimeTrax PC
TimeTrax PC
Best Time and Attendance Services and Software
The Verdict
TimeTrax PC is easy for employees to use, though it doesn't have as many time-tracking and administrative tools as its competitors.
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