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By Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

uAccept is a division of Processing Point, a California-based company that provides various systems to small businesses. Its uAccept POS system is an all-in-one POS station that runs on the company's cloud-based software. The POS hardware includes a built-in touchscreen, cash drawer, magstripe card reader and receipt printer. You can add peripherals such as barcode scanners to the system. It's one of the few POS solutions in our review that has a built-in screen rather than connecting to a tablet. However, one issue with this system is that the built-in card reader is outdated, and it also lacks the ability to integrate with online stores, which is an issue if you need a system that helps you manage both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

uAccept is a good solution for merchants who need an inexpensive POS system. It can be used for retail stores and counter-serve restaurants. This POS company posts pricing for its software subscription and hardware on its website. The software costs $39 per month and is available on a month-to-month basis with no early termination fee. You purchase the POS hardware outright, and there are no leasing or "free" equipment offers that tie you to lengthy contracts.

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The Verdict
uAccept is an inexpensive all-in-one POS system that's worthy of consideration, though it's missing some helpful features, such as online store integration.
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You can use uAccept with any payment processor, which is beneficial if you like the company you're currently using or if you're locked into a contract. However, if you want the payment processing service to integrate with the POS system, you have to use uAccept as your processor. Otherwise, you use the payment processing service alongside the POS system. uAccept doesn't post its processing rates, fees and terms on its website, so you have to call the company directly for this information.

uAccept includes most of the feature sets we looked for in a POS system. Its inventory management tools support up to 20,000 products with an unlimited number of categories. You can run a variety of sales reports, and uAccept integrates with QuickBooks Online. It has a customer database that you can use to email promotions to the customers who have signed up for your loyalty program. For an additional subscription, you can integrate text messaging, which allows you to text and tweet directly from the system. You can track loyalty points by sales volume or by the number of times a customer visits your store.

This POS system only reads the magstripe, whereas most card readers now accept EMV chip cards and NFC-powered mobile wallets such as Apple Pay. To avoid liability in the event that counterfeit fraud occurs at your POS, you need to add an EMV card reader to your system, which costs extra.

When you add your employees to uAccept, you can assign logins and permissions for each user. However, unlike some of the top systems we reviewed, this system doesn't include time tracking and shift scheduling tools, and add-ons aren't available. This system doesn't integrate with online stores either, which is problematic if you need a system that can help you run your eCommerce and physical store, particularly if you need it to track inventory in real time across both channels.

Customer and tech support are included with the monthly software subscription. 24/7 phone support isn't available, but the company has extended hours, albeit with shorter weekend hours. If you experience an equipment failure, overnight replacement shipping is available. The company doesn't offer data migration services, so you'll have to input your data into the system yourself, which is time-consuming if your business sells thousands of items.

uAccept is an all-in-one POS system that includes hardware and cloud-based software. It's one of the most affordable POS solutions for small businesses in our review, and it's a good low-cost option. You purchase the POS hardware upfront, and its software subscription is available on a month-to-month basis. Although you can use any payment processing service alongside this POS system, if you want one that integrates with the system, you'll need to use uAccept as your processor. It lacks a few features of the best POS systems, such as online store integration and data migration services, but it's a good value for the price.

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The Verdict
uAccept is an inexpensive all-in-one POS system that's worthy of consideration, though it's missing some helpful features, such as online store integration.
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