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UberConference Review

Kiely Kuligowski
Kiely Kuligowski

UberConference by Dialpad is a reservationless conference calling service that makes it simple to host meetings anytime you need. The service can accommodate up to 100 callers at a time and includes many valuable features. Meeting hosts can manage calls online, dial out to add callers after the meeting has started, and record meetings for later playback. 



The Verdict

UberConference's reservationless conference calling service allows you to host conference calls at any time. The service includes a number of valuable features and is free for meetings with fewer than 10 participants.

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UberConference Pricing

UberConference offers both free and paid service plans, both of which allow an unlimited number of meetings each month. The plans vary in the number of participants that can attend a call, how long each call can be and the included features.

  • Free plan: You can host meetings with up to 10 participants on this plan. Calls are limited to 45 minutes each. Attendees are required to enter a PIN when joining a meeting. The plan includes screen and document sharing, call recording, HD audio, and mobile apps.

  • Paid plan: The business plan, which supports up to 100 callers, costs $15 per user per month. That price drops to $10 per month if you pay annually. The cost for a toll-free number is another $10 a month. This pricing plan includes everything in the free plan plus custom call-in numbers, international access, dial-out options, custom music, analytics and a team management portal.

There are no contracts. However, you receive a discount if you agree to pay for a year in advance.    

UberConference Features

UberConference offers many features for small businesses, including the ability to dial out directly from the meeting in order to bring another participant into the call after it has started. You can also upload your own wait music. Additionally, UberConference allows you to access participants' social information during the conference by linking your social accounts, including LinkedIn and Twitter, to your profile. 

The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices. From the app, you have the same functionality as on the computer. You can easily start and join conference calls, see who else is on the call, and see who is talking. 

Screen sharing is available to those who join meetings on their computer. When using this feature, you can choose to share your entire screen or a specific tab. The service also allows you to share files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and Evernote. Google Drive files can be edited live within a conference. 

UberConference allows you to record any call as an MP3 file. In addition to letting you download the recordings, UberConference will include a link to the recording in the call summary that is emailed to you following each meeting.

Instead of requiring participants to dial in to each meeting, you can set the service to automatically call each participant when the meeting is scheduled to begin. This removes the burden from the participant of keeping track of exactly when to call in and the number to dial.

UberConference Conference Calling Services 

UberConference is strictly a reservationless service. This means you can host meetings whenever you like, by phone, browser or mobile app. You can also have participants log in online to add virtual visuals to your call when necessary. 

UberConference allows you to set an organizer phone number in the system, meaning it will automatically recognize your number as the meeting host's number when you call in and give you the host controls. Meeting attendees call the organizer's phone number and, if required, enter their PIN.

Once the organizer and at least one participant are in the room, the conference can begin. With the paid business plan, you have the option of not requiring meeting participants to enter a PIN after they dial in. 

In addition to joining by phone, you can start and join conferences from any computer. To start a conference on your computer, you log in to UberConference from Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari 11. Once you are on the main dashboard, you click the "start conference" tab to enter your conference room. You cannot start the conference until you connect your audio. Participants join on their computers by entering the meeting URL in their web browser, verifying their participant info and clicking "join." They then enter their participant PIN (if required) and select their audio option. 

You can control the meeting online or by phone. Online, you can see who is on the call and mute participants. Using your phone's keypad, you can lock a call, start a recording, and mute or unmute participants. 

UberConference Pros and Cons

The free plan is one of the biggest advantages of UberConference. While it doesn't include all the features the paid plan offers, it does include the basics and gives you a reliable service for hosting small conference calls.

UberConference includes integrations with G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, Slack and LinkedIn. It also has dial-in numbers in more than 50 countries for those joining a call from outside the U.S. 

One potential drawback is that UberConference doesn't offer operator-assisted conference calling services. This type of service provides you with a dedicated operator who helps plan and manage your conference calls, with support for thousands of callers. 

Also, while the free plan might otherwise serve your needs perfectly, the 45-minute limit on meetings will force some businesses to use the paid plan instead.

Customer Service

You can reach the UberConference customer support team by email. As an alternative to contacting the company directly, the UberConference website has helpful resources like user guides and training videos.

UberConference's parent company, Dialpad, is not an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and has a D rating on the site. According to the BBB, the low rating is due in part to the company's failure to respond to one customer complaint and how long it has been in business. Seven complaints have been filed against UberConference in the past three years.


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The Verdict

UberConference's reservationless conference calling service allows you to host conference calls at any time. The service includes a number of valuable features and is free for meetings with fewer than 10 participants.

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