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Upwork Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

Upwork is one of the most comprehensive of the crowdsourcing platforms, with individuals and companies offering their services in jobs including IT, programming, writing, design, legal advice and marketing. You set the prices or take bids. This website is a good place to explore if you have a project that doesn't match the usual design or copywriting work serviced by other crowdsourcing sites.

Jobs can be as small as a new company name or as large as a novel. You can hire couriers, data processors, programmers or logo designers. People and companies offer themselves as personal assistants or advisors on legal or other issues. You can find people to do long-term projects or projects that could lead to a long-term working relationship. Upwork is a versatile crowdsourcing system for finding qualified workers and potential consultants or employees.

You can look up freelancers by categories, locations, skill sets, feedback rating and hourly rate. Both individuals and companies list their demographic info, rates and portfolios. You can see their customer satisfaction rating and how many jobs they have taken on in the past 12 months. We noticed one slight flaw on the website: It does not always recognize foreign characters, even something as simple as an accented e, which can make profiles with foreign names or words difficult to read.

You can write your own proposals or use Upwork's forms. You define the parameters of your project, the deadline, the needed and desired features, and the price. Prices vary from a few dollars to thousands. You can also ask to receive bids.

If you have a job that needs a group effort, Upwork can help you hire a qualified team of people through its host company, Upwork. Upwork provides an interface for managing large projects.

The support section of this crowdsourcing website has videos on how to create job posts and review proposals. Freelancers also have videos on the best use of the system and how to present themselves to potential clients. The videos are extremely basic, however.

This crowdsourcing platform is used by large corporations including Panasonic, NBC and Amazon, but it also serves small businesses and solopreneurs needing a project done for which they don't have a qualified employee.

One of the best-known and comprehensive crowdsourcing websites, Upwork connects large corporations and small businesses with freelancers and companies to hire labor for short-term or long-term projects. As the employer, you can create the project proposal, set a price or take bids and research potential employees. This crowdsourcing service can supply workers for projects from logo design to novel writing and services, including legal, financial, project management and more.

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