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Vend - iPad POS Systems Review editorial staff, writer
Jul 27, 2017
> Finance

Vend is an international company that provides iPad POS systems to businesses in over 140 countries through its offices in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S. It works with businesses of all sizes and counts Disney, Etsy and NASA among its clients. Although this iPad POS software is designed for inventory-based retailers such as those that sell clothing, furniture and sporting goods, it can also work for service-based businesses, such as spas and salons, when used with appointment-scheduling tools through third-party integrations.

Vend - iPad POS Systems

Vend - iPad POS Systems

The Best iPad POS Systems

The Verdict

Vend's customizations and flexible terms make it one of the best iPad POS systems for retail businesses.

This company gives you a choice of payment processor, is compatible with third-party hardware, and works with multiple software and service integrations, allowing you to configure the POS system to meet your business's needs. In addition to a robust mix of features, it provides training videos, webinars and business support materials to its users through its Vend U program. 


Vend's iPad POS software subscription is available on a month-to-month basis, though a discount is available on its upper tiers if you opt to pay annually. There's no long-term contract or early cancellation fees, and you can read Vend's terms of use on the company's website.

It has three paid service plans available, each supporting an unlimited number of products. The Starter plan supports one register and three users and costs $69 per month. The Advanced plan supports one register and an unlimited number of users and costs $79 per month. The Multi-Outlet plan supports two registers and an unlimited number of users and costs $199. You can add more registers to the Advanced and Multi-Outlet plans for $39 per register per month. A free version of the software is also available, though it's limited to one user and 10 products.

This iPad POS system integrates with Vantiv, Square and PayPal, or you can use it alongside the payment processor of your choice. This is a good option if you're currently under contract with a processing company or you want to shop around for the best rates and fees. Vend doesn't add any processing fees on top of what you pay the processing company.

Vend doesn't sell POS hardware but posts a list of recommended equipment on its website that you can check to see if the hardware you already own is compatible. You can also reference this list when you purchase hardware from a third-party vendor.


Vend has a strong mix of features. Its customizable reporting helps you analyze the data you value most. On the dashboard, you can see your hourly sales and a list of your best-selling products. For a deeper dive into your product mix, you'll need the Advanced plan, which gives you access to the Product Performance Report. The Advanced plan also gives you mobile access to the dashboard, advanced metrics and a low stock report. You can export your reports as CSV files, which you can then open in Excel or an open-source office program. Some reports, such as those for inventory counts, are also downloadable as PDFs.

With all paid plans, Vend's inventory management tools support an unlimited number of products. You can add variants for size and color, and you can also bundle items. Its vendor management tools have a feature for automated purchase ordering.

It allows you to create user accounts for your employees and choose which features they can access based on their roles. If you want to add time tracking and scheduling features to the system, you can use Vend's integrations for software programs such as When I Work and Deputy.

You can keep track of an unlimited number of customers in Vend's customer database. You can create customer profiles, which then allow you to view account balances and purchase histories. Existing customer lists can be imported as CSV files. You can offer your customers incentives for their repeat business with Vend Loyalty, which is available with the Advanced plan. In case you need email marketing, there are integrations available for several popular services, including Constant Contact, iContact and MailChimp.


The Advanced and Multi-Outlet plans include Vend Ecommerce, which allows you to set up an online store. It has mobile-friendly website design themes you can customize with your brand colors and logo. You can further customize your online store if you have HTML or CSS skills. When you receive orders through your online store, the system emails you. The inventory syncs between your physical and online store to ensure that you don't oversell.

Vend also integrates with several eCommerce platforms, including Airsquare, Ecwid, Shopify and Storbie. It doesn't have a kiosk ordering feature that would allow your customers to self-checkout at an unattended POS, though.

When you set up your account, Vend can help with data migration, which can be a valuable service if you have a large inventory. If you need customer support, you can email or chat online with Vend's customer service representatives 24/7. You can also consult the company's website for information, as it includes Vend U resources such as getting-started guides, training courses, articles and webinars. A knowledgebase and community forum are also available. To talk to a company representative by phone, however, you need to pay an additional $19 per month to subscribe to Priority Phone Support.

Vend is among the best retail POS solutions in our review, as it provides its services on a month-to-month basis, has a rich selection of features, allows you to choose which payment processing company you work with and is compatible with third-party POS hardware. You can choose from multiple plans and customize the system with a variety of integrations. It has many support resources on its website, but keep in mind that if you need phone support, it costs extra.

Vend - iPad POS Systems

Vend - iPad POS Systems

The Best iPad POS Systems

The Verdict

Vend's customizations and flexible terms make it one of the best iPad POS systems for retail businesses. editorial staff editorial staff
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