ViaTalk Review

By Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 15, 2017

ViaTalk is classified as voice recognition software, but it is much less advanced than most of the speech-to-text software we reviewed. This useful, if somewhat limited, voice recognition app has better mobility than most other voice dictation software – since you can download it to your smartphone or tablet. However, it lacks some of the more advanced features and scores lower on accuracy than the best voice recognition software.

This software only scored a 64 in our accuracy tests, which is well below average. While 64 percent isn't terrible, there are much more accurate voice-to-text options to consider. Another thing to consider with a smartphone-centric system is that the font is going to be smaller. That’s not a deal-breaker for many people, but it’s also not the same interface as software exclusively for a PC or Mac.

Voice Recognition Software
The Verdict
ViaTalk is a useful, multilingual tool for people on the go, but it isn't advanced voice recognition software.
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ViaTalk isn't updated as frequently as other speech recognition software. You can quickly learn to use the app, but you'll be missing out on state-of-the art tools. More advanced software offers voice training and audio note taking. Those features are all missing with this software.

One advantage to the software is multilingual flexibility. It understands many languages. If you travel a lot and need to take notes, this will be useful. Once the text has been dictated into the document, this program can even translate it for you into a different language. It is easy to change between English and languages like Spanish, French and Japanese with this device.

You can purchase a text scanning pen separately from the developers, PenPower, which turns this app into an all-purpose translation tool. Not only can you dictate text into the app that it will transcribe to written text, but you can scan text from a newspaper or book and transfer the text on the page into a Word file. It scans and translates a wide variety of languages. You can, for instance, scan a Chinese text into a Word document, and the app will automatically translate the text into English.

There are YouTube videos, tutorials at the company’s website and FAQs to help if you get stuck while using this software. If you have questions that you can’t find answers to online, you can fill out an email form at the website.

Even though it is not as advanced as some other voice recognition software, ViaTalk has incredible mobility and support for multiple languages that most software doesn't offer. This is mobile software that you can take with you to class or work – or on a trip to a foreign country. It is easy to transport, with unique functionality for people who not only want to dictate documents with their voice, but want to translate texts into different languages. It’s not the most accurate or the most sophisticated software, but frequent travelers will want to give it a look.

Voice Recognition Software
The Verdict
ViaTalk is a useful, multilingual tool for people on the go, but it isn't advanced voice recognition software.
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