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WebiMax Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

Due to its flexible, comprehensive services and great customer support, WebiMax is our choice as the best online reputation management service for small businesses. It offers everything a business needs to repair a damaged reputation and build a positive online image. Its management strategies include creating new content, managing social media profiles, managing a company's online reviews, and handling public relations and crisis PR situations. WebiMax offers great customer support to its clients. A dedicated account manager works directly with you to keep you updated on your campaigns and to address questions or concerns.



The Verdict

WebiMax is our choice for the best online reputation management service for small businesses because of its flexibility, one-on-one guidance and wide selection of services. It provides well-trained reputation management support.


WebiMax Pricing and Terms

Because each business has unique needs, customized reputation management strategies are essential for optimal results. WebiMax offers customized pricing and tailors its strategies based on your specific needs.

The company will first meet with you to discuss your current online image and what your goals are. Following the discussion, WebiMax analyzes your brand's online reputation. Are there high-ranking negative articles or multiple negative reviews that need to be removed? Do you have a positive image that needs to be maintained, or are you a new business that needs help building an online image? Based on its initial findings, WebiMax proposes the specific strategies it feels offer your business the greatest benefit.

We contacted WebiMax posing as a new business owner wanting to establish a positive reputation. WebiMax estimated its services would cost about $400 per month. Your estimate may be different, based on your needs. However, WebiMax is flexible with its quoted prices; it will work with you to develop a plan that fits within your budget.

WebiMax doesn't require long-term commitments. Unlike some reputation management services we investigated that require three-, six-, or even 12-month contracts, WebiMax works on a month-to-month basis and doesn't make you sign a contract.

Not being bound by a contract gives you the freedom to test WebiMax's service to ensure you're pleased with the results. If it isn't delivering the results you'd hoped for, you can walk away at any time with no penalty. This flexibility is especially ideal for small businesses that have evolving needs.

WebiMax Features

For companies looking to improve their reputation, WebiMax uses a multipronged approach to identify harmful reviews or content that is damaging a company and then deploying specialized SEO techniques to counter negative content with positive content to boost a business's online image. WebiMax monitors your online presence, giving you regular reports. If WebiMax is alerted to a complaint or negative article about you or your business, it notifies you and advises you on how to respond.

Here are some additional features of WebiMax's service:

  • Content creation: WebiMax is not just a reputation management company, it is a full-service digital marketing agency that can assist you in creating optimized content, such as blog posts, articles, and more, that are designed to rank high on search engines and establish a positive image for your business.

  • Social media account management: WebiMax can manage your social media accounts as part of your brand-building efforts. If your company is new and doesn't have a social media presence, WebiMax will create and manage your social profiles for you.

  • Online review management: WebiMax uses its tools to help you acquire new consumer reviews while managing existing online reviews. Working with WebiMax, you can request reviews from customers via email or text. Using WebiMax's dashboard, you can see all of the reviews about your company, and you're alerted when new reviews are posted. This ensures you can promptly respond to reviews, especially negative ones.

  • Crisis communications: Should a crisis arise that results in negative media attention for your brand, WebiMax can propose a plan to quickly help control the situation and reduce the amount of negative press.

Pros of WebiMax

WebiMax offers every online reputation management service a business needs, plus digital marketing services, too. Whereas some reputation management companies specialize in one service, such as helping your company get new consumer reviews, or offering a few services, like content creation or review management, WebiMax handles it all, including search engine optimization, pay per click, social media marketing, online PR, web design, lead generation and local marketing. The ability to tap into all of these services can help ensure your strategies are consistent and are delivering a high ROI.

WebiMax has an experienced team of employees who have been handling SEO and online marketing for small and large businesses since 2008; most of its employees have years of experience in the field. In addition to their team's experience, WebiMax provides its employees with ongoing training to keep up with the changing online environment.

We also liked that WebiMax doesn't require clients to sign a long-term contract. Instead, work is done month to month, which means you don't have to keep paying for a service that isn't delivering results for your business.

Cons of WebiMax

WebiMax has limited information on its website. We would have liked to see more specifics about the company's online reputation management services, including time frames, pricing and if you can bundle services.

To learn exactly what WebiMax can offer your business, you'll need to contact the company directly. Although speaking with a company representative gives you a more clear idea of what WebiMax offers, some individuals prefer to have more of a sense upfront about whether a service can truly provide the results they're looking to get before they pick up the phone.

WebiMax Customer Service

We were impressed with the customer service and support WebiMax offers its customers. When you sign up for the service, you get a dedicated project manager who serves as your go-to for any questions or concerns. Your project manager leads a team who also works on your campaign. WebiMax delivers regular updates so you know whether your campaign is progressing as expected.

To gauge WebiMax's level of customer support, we contacted the company, posing as a new small business owner interesting in online reputation management services. We could not have been more pleased with the service we received from WebiMax. Everyone we spoke with was pleasant and helpful. They listened to our needs and answered our questions in detail, explaining the strategies they use and how each works.

WebiMax is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating.


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The Verdict

WebiMax is our choice for the best online reputation management service for small businesses because of its flexibility, one-on-one guidance and wide selection of services. It provides well-trained reputation management support.

Skye Schooley
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