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Skye Schooley
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Dec 11, 2019
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WebiMax offers every service a business needs to repair a damaged reputation and build a positive online image, making it our choice for the best online reputation management service for small businesses. These management strategies include services such as suppressing negative content, creating new content, managing social media profiles, acquiring and managing online reviews, and handling public relations and crisis situations. The company also provides online monitoring to keep you up to date on your reputation's progress.

WebiMax - Online Reputation Management

WebiMax - Online Reputation Management

The Best Online Reputation Management Providers of 2020

The Verdict

WebiMax is our choice for the best online reputation management service because of its one-on-one guidance and wide selection of services. It provides well-trained reputation management and PR personnel, and it works with you on the approach and price.

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Because WebiMax employs a variety of online reputation management strategies, you have several comprehensive and customizable options for pushing negative results off the first few pages of internet searches and enhancing your overall online image.

In addition to providing all of the essential strategies for enhancing a business's online reputation, WebiMax offers several other online services, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), web design, lead generation and local marketing. Having an all-in-one company that can manage your online presence is beneficial for any business. Regardless of what service you need, WebiMax offers great customer support to its clients. The company gives you a dedicated account manager who works directly with you to keep you updated on strategies and progress, as well as address questions or concerns. 

WebiMax Pricing and Terms

Because each business has unique needs, customized reputation management strategies are essential for success. That's why WebiMax offers customized pricing based on your specific needs, as opposed to charging a set price. To determine the pricing and strategies for your business, the company starts by discussing your current online image and ideal reputation goals. Following the discussion, WebiMax analyzes your brand's online reputation by conducting a series of online searches. Are there visible negative articles or reviews that need to be removed? Do you have a positive image that needs to be maintained, or are you a new business that needs assistance in building an online image? After determining the answers to these questions, WebiMax puts together a formal proposal that outlines the specific strategies and tactics it thinks your business would benefit from most. 

We contacted WebiMax, posing as a new business that wanted to build a positive reputation from scratch. WebiMax estimated that these services would cost about $400 per month. Your estimate may be different, based on your needs. However, if WebiMax quotes you a rate that doesn't work for you, you can work with the company to develop a plan that fits within your budget. 

What makes WebiMax especially appealing is that it doesn't require long-term commitments. Unlike some of the other services we investigated, WebiMax works on a month-to-month basis and doesn't make you sign a contract. Many other services we investigated require three-, six- or even 12-month contracts. Not being under contract gives you the freedom to test out WebiMax and ensure you are happy with the services and results. If it ends up not being a fit for you, you can walk away at any time with no penalty. 

If you are interested in WebiMax, we encourage you to contact the company directly to get a formal proposal and quote for your specific needs. 

WebiMax Features

WebiMax creates a customized campaign to repair damaged reputations, promote positive ones or, for businesses just starting out, build new ones. 

The company takes a multipronged approach based on your needs. It can weed out negative content from search engine results using specialized SEO techniques. Flushing out these negative responses with positive content boosts your online image. The service then continues to monitor your online presence, giving you regular reports on your status. If WebiMax is alerted to a complaint or negative article about you or your business, it will notify you and advise you on whether to respond and, if so, how to do so. This objective feedback can prevent you from making a bad situation worse. 

Here are some of the strategies and techniques WebiMax uses to push down negative content from search results and promote a positive image: 

  • Create new content. WebiMax can assist you in writing and creating a wide variety of content that builds a positive reputation and continues to bring in traffic. The company specializes in original content such as articles and blogs. It can also assist you in creating a company wiki, which only authorized users can edit, that tells a little about your business.

  • Manage social media accounts. WebiMax offers social media services to ensure you have strong branding and name recognition, working with all types of social media networks. It focuses on creating pages for you in the biggest networks, not just because they're popular but because they have the highest domain authority, thus making it easier for you to push your sites to the top of the search rankings.

  • Manage online reviews. WebiMax uses its tools to acquire and manage your brand's online reviews. The company shows customers where they can leave reviews, and it monitors all review sites so that you know when new reviews are posted. This ensures you can respond to reviews, especially negative ones, in a timely manner.

  • Monitor online activity. WebiMax uses in-house and commercial programs, as well as manual searches, to constantly monitor your reputation. With this combination of resources, the company can ensure the best coverage, including news and social media.

  • Handle crisis situations. Should a crisis arise that results in a flood of negative media attention for your brand, WebiMax can put together a plan to mitigate the situation. Its experience in crisis management allows the agency to create plans to quickly help control the situation and reduce the amount of negative press. 

Pros of WebiMax

WebiMax offers every service a business needs from an online reputation management company. Whereas some reputation management companies offer only some services, like content creation or review management, WebiMax handles it all. The company gives you the flexibility to choose which services you want and develops a plan that best suits your business. And because needs often change over time, you can modify which tactics you want to be implemented. Another factor that makes it easy to change strategies on the fly is the lack of long-term contracts. WebiMax works month to month, so you don't have to wait for a contract to expire to change direction. 

WebiMax has an experienced team of employees. The company has been handling SEO and online marketing for small and large businesses since 2008, and most of its employees have years of experience in the field. Even so, WebiMax provides its employees with ongoing training to keep up with the changing online environment. The company is also a certified Google Partner, which means it has earned Google's trust in its knowledge and handling of SEO and website-building practices. 

A bonus of partnering with WebiMax is that it is a full digital marketing agency with a wide range of additional services. In addition to reputation management services, WebiMax offers SEO, search engine marketing, web design, social media marketing, conversion optimization, online public relations, lead generation, e-commerce solutions, link removal services and local marketing. The ability to tap into all of these services can ensure your messages and strategies are consistent across all levels of your digital marketing efforts. 

Cons of WebiMax

One minor downside of WebiMax is that it has limited information on its website. For example, we would have liked to see more specifics about the company's online reputation management services and results. To get the details on what WebiMax can offer your business, you may need to contact the company directly. Although speaking with someone at the company gives them a chance to fully explain what WebiMax has to offer, some businesses like to have a better idea of whether a company is a good fit before taking the time to call. 

WebiMax Customer Service

We were impressed with the customer service and support WebiMax offers its customers. When you sign up for the service, you get a dedicated project manager who serves as your go-to person for any concerns. The project manager leads a team that also works on your campaign. So, while you can always reach out to the project manager, you can also contact any of the other team members if you have an issue specific to their areas. 

WebiMax also delivers a monthly report with status updates and other information on the progress of your campaign. These regular updates are critical to ensuring the campaign is progressing as expected. 

To see what it would be like to work with WebiMax, we contacted the company, posing as a representative of a business that needed online reputation management services. We could not have been more pleased with the service we received. Everyone we spoke with was pleasant and helpful. They listened to our needs, answered all of our questions in detail, and took all the time needed to explain the strategies they use and how each works. 

They also put together a formal proposal based on our specific needs and then had a follow-up call in which an online reputation management expert walked us through the proposal. At no time did they pressure us to sign up for the service. 

Nothing from our interactions with the company led us to think that working with WebiMax would be anything other than a pleasant experience. WebiMax is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating.

WebiMax - Online Reputation Management

WebiMax - Online Reputation Management

The Best Online Reputation Management Providers of 2020

The Verdict

WebiMax is our choice for the best online reputation management service because of its one-on-one guidance and wide selection of services. It provides well-trained reputation management and PR personnel, and it works with you on the approach and price.

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
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