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WebiMax - Social Media Management & Monitoring Tools Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: July 12, 2018

WebiMax has dedicated account managers who take as much control over your social media marketing strategy as you need. This social media marketing service can help you design your business profile on each social media outlet, develop a specific strategy, create content or manage the everyday upkeep of your online presence.

Your account manager works to ensure you have the right audience following you and that you are using the best keywords. They can also help you create a marketing strategy that increases your revenue by tapping into the social media networks that are best for your company.

WebiMax - Social Media Management & Monitoring Tools
WebiMax - Social Media Management & Monitoring Tools
Best Social Media Management and Monitoring Tools
The Verdict
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Once you have a clear map of where your company can go and how to get there, you can decide what content you want WebiMax to create for each social media site, such as videos, infographics, memes or informational articles. You can upload this content yourself or put your account manager in control of ensuring it is published online so you can focus your attention on your customers.

WebiMax's social media marketing services includes geo-specific targeting. This is local research and outreach to make sure the audience you are building is in the best position to use your services. WebiMax can help you with link building, or backlinking. This connects all of your social media pages with your business website, helping you rank higher in search engine results.

Part of creating and using social media marketing companies' services is being able to see the results. WebiMax uses analytical information to show how your campaigns are increasing your brand recognition, causing buzz within your online communities, growing your viewership and targeting the right audience. The company audits your sites often and provides ROI reports so you can see how successful your social marketing efforts are or areas that may need some improvement. WebiMax also monitors include your business reputation, community growth and reaching of targeted audiences.

With any business service, it is important to be able to contact your account manager quickly. WebiMax has both telephone and email services available and a live chat feature on its website. The FAQs section is helpful, as are the blogs, articles and tutorials on the company’s website. You can also see samples of the content WebiMax has created in the past and the amount of traffic it has garnered for other clients on its website.

WebiMax starts your social media marketing at the beginning by identifying your audience and creating a social media marketing plan. After setup, it continues to help you with content creation, including video production and geo-specific targeting. You have the option of publishing your own content or allowing your dedicated account manager to take care of every aspect of your social media campaign.

WebiMax - Social Media Management & Monitoring Tools
WebiMax - Social Media Management & Monitoring Tools
Best Social Media Management and Monitoring Tools
The Verdict
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