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WebiMax - Website Builder and Design Software Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 15, 2017

WebiMax has highly touted marketing services that can provide your company with a new brand strategy. This web design company also handles services like reputation management, lead generation and email marketing.

Each site in WebiMax's previous work portfolio is stacked with the right website development features. Not one of the sites this web design company created has Flash, an outdated element that not only slows site loading times, but also contributes to lower ranks in search engine results. WebiMax uses WordPress for most of the sites it has reworked. This is the standard content management system (CMS) for small business sites, as it keeps the cost down. WordPress allows each site owner to include an RSS feed, a site map and social media integration. It's an easy-to-use CMS, so you can maintain the content on your site yourself.

WebiMax - Website Builder and Design Software
WebiMax - Website Builder and Design Software
Best Website Builder and Design Software
The Verdict
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Upon closer look at its portfolio, it is apparent that this professional web design service tends to use the same template for its clients. It's a sharp theme, but it may not be the unique look that your brand requires.

The technical search engine optimization (SEO) this professional website design company provides is worth noting. Sites that WebiMax have designed rank higher in search engine results than some other web design companies' sites, which means WebiMax applies the right keywords and more to ensure your customers can find you online.

This service is a great resource for those researching which web design company will work best for their business. The available information about each aspect of design, marketing and optimization is overwhelming in the best possible way. Whether through its white papers, blog or service descriptions, you can find nearly everything you need to know about prepping your site for a significant redesign and how to make it more prominent online.

There is a live chat option on the site, which is rare in this industry. That being said, it doesn't do much good, as the live chat representative’s intent is to immediately connect you with a phone representative for a quote.

WebiMax offers professional and mobile website creation services, and its web design work includes SEO. However, some of its designs look repetitive and boring, and its CMS is powered by WordPress, a blogging tool you can get for free. Still, using this website design service, your website will see improved traffic and a strong design.

WebiMax - Website Builder and Design Software
WebiMax - Website Builder and Design Software
Best Website Builder and Design Software
The Verdict
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