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Nov 17, 2018

Just by looking at Webvanta's portfolio of created and redesigned sites, it is easy to see the natural eye the company has for designing unique looks for each of its clients. This professional web design service even provides you with the training you need to maintain your site after its initial creation. It especially understands the needs of mission-based and education-based businesses, creating smartly designed sites to provide a cohesive look and easy-to-find information.

Webvanta occasionally uses Flash in the design of its clients' websites, which can slow a site's loading time and lower its ranking in some search engine results. You can specifically ask for no Flash in your site's design, though. You can expect this web design company to apply some search engine optimization (SEO) to market your site with relevant keywords and more.

The minimum cost for a site by Webvanta is typically around $5,000, which keeps its services in the price range of small businesses. That cost includes the standard static pages, blog integration and customized contact forms. Each piece of custom work incurs a higher cost, even with the budget-friendly Webvanta. With any package, the representatives at Webvanta discuss your company's needs with you to find a design that matches your brand and reaches your intended audience.

Webvanta uses its own interface called Cloud CMS. It's a great program that, once customized to your site, is easy to use. You don't need advanced programming experience to edit it, especially if the only changes you make are for a blog or news feed.

This web design company is upfront about what it can and cannot do. Also, this is the only website design company in this guide that provides some basic information about pricing before you even call. This information makes the process feel more transparent.

Webvanta can create a new logo for your business to polish off the refreshed look of your site. It can also host your site for a monthly fee or provide a domain for you to host using another service. The main omission in Webvanta’s skill set is its lack of media production. The company doesn't create custom videos, images or general media for its clients.

Continued support, including advice and training, adds a monthly cost, but it also includes a solid hosting plan, complete with backups and security. The company can perform maintenance on the site, but that is charged on an hourly basis. On its own site, Webvanta provides a FAQs page, webinars and design courses meant to give you every tool necessary to run your site after it has been created.

Webvanta offers visually appealing work for its clients and creates pages that load quickly, which keeps online readers from hitting the back button before your page loads. There are a few minor omissions in the options the company offers, but it's a fantastic service that is fairly priced for small businesses.

business.com editorial staff
business.com editorial staff
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