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Weebly Pro is a user-friendly web CMS service that will help you add, edit and manage content on your site. This web content management system offers a simple to use interface along with plenty of space to store your files. They're average when it comes to search engine optimization and they don't offer as much security as other services, but this is still one of the best web content management systems we reviewed.

Weebly Pro

Weebly Pro

The Verdict

Weebly Pro will have you creating a content-rich site in no time at all.

As you begin to use the site, helpful text bubbles will pop up and guide you along the process. However, Weebly Pro is so easy to use that you may not even need these helps. Simply drag and drop the content you want where you want it. You can choose from a paragraph, a picture, a title, a video, audio, a contact form and more. After positioning the text box or image on the page, you can adjust it and resize it, depending on your needs.

You can also make changes to the navigation of your site by dragging and dropping. This makes it easy to organize pages and subpages in relation to one another. This web content management service can also password protect certain pages to prevent unauthorized users from viewing the content on that page.

We were unable to find a built-in spell checking feature, so you'll want to create your written content in an external word processor. We also were unable to find a way to add a calendar of events to your page. But Weebly Pro allows you to embed videos and documents on the page without any problems, so you could feasibly post your own calendar document or make a video about upcoming events.

As you make changes, you can preview them before you publish them. Your work is saved as you go, but there is no history of backups that you can revert to if something goes wrong. They don't offer an SSL certificate, but if you lead your visitors to an eCommerce site, such as PayPal or Google Checkout, then those sites will be secured anyway.

This web content management service gives you website stats, which could function as a sort of SEO analysis, but no suggestions or real analysis is offered. There is, however, an option to manage metadata and adjust the header and footer code. You can customize your URL, but if you want to register a new domain, you can purchase them through the Weebly Pro site.

Weebly Pro is very fast at answering emails. We asked them a number of questions and were quite impressed with how fast they got back to us and how helpful they were. Their frequently asked question page could use a search feature, but if you can't find the question you're looking for, you can always submit a request for assistance.

You get 10 sites per account when using Weebly Pro. This web content management service allows you to upload 100MB files, which is one of the highest upload limits we found in our review. Weebly Pro also allows your visitors to send images, documents or other files to you. Additionally, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited file storage and an unlimited amount of pages. However, currently it only allows for one editor.

This web content management service helps you along as you create your website and add content. The informative text bubbles will help you get the hang of site creation and management in no time. Weebly Pro will work for business professionals who want to promote their product or for casual users who want to create dynamic webpages for their own benefit.

Weebly Pro

Weebly Pro

The Verdict

Weebly Pro will have you creating a content-rich site in no time at all. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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