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As your company grows, you want a scalable live chat application that can grow with you. WhosOn offers Basic, Standard, Professional and Enterprise cloud-based implementations, or you can buy an installable edition for a one-time payment. In addition to the number of agents that can use each package, features are added at each level. The Basic and Standard packages work well for small to medium support teams. We reviewed the cloud-based Standard package, which tops out at five seats.



The Verdict

With WhosOn, you can choose the tier of service that best fits your company's needs.

The WhosOn application is enabled for mobile computing. Your customers appreciate the convenience of accessing support from their mobile devices and there are benefits for your company, too. You can monitor, engage and support your customers using this live chat app on a smartphone or a tablet just as easily as if you were on a desktop computer. If your support team is small, this mobile option is invaluable as it gives you the power to take customer support with you. You can extend your available support times simply by keeping your tablet or phone nearby after business hours.

The basic options are easy to use on WhosOn. However, it is a rich application with many screens and options, so training is essential. For instance, if you’re interested in gauging the effectiveness of specific agents or messages, pre- and post-chat surveys are available. And, when you need language tools to reach a worldwide market, WhosOn has real-time language translation in 40 different languages. Your operator types in English and it shows up in your customer’s chat window in the language that customer selects. Likewise, your customer’s foreign-language chat shows up in your agent’s window in English or the language of your choice.

A full customer history is available to each agent as he or she chats with the customer. It shows the sites customers come from, their geographical location and chat logs from any previous interactions. This information is especially useful when one agent takes over from another. All the past contact is listed in one place, so customers do not have to repeat themselves each time they deal with a new agent.

The reviewed edition of WhosOn allows you to use Google Analytics’ powerful assessment and reporting tools. However, while available in higher-priced chat services, the Standard edition does not integrate with the customer relationship management (CRM) applications that connect support with sales and marketing.

WhosOn offers impressive support for all its software editions. You can contact customer service by email, telephone and live chat. On its website, WhosOn provides help in many forms, including online product manuals, a solution help center, YouTube tutorials, a support portal, white papers, case studies, release notes and training pages.

WhosOn can be installed software or a cloud-hosted service, depending on your needs. The WhosOn live chat software is easy to use and offers many useful features, like mobile service and real-time translation. If you anticipate rapid company growth, you can implement the Standard edition now and move on to other services as you grow.

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The Verdict

With WhosOn, you can choose the tier of service that best fits your company's needs. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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