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WinEst Review

Joshua Stowers
Joshua Stowers

WinEst construction estimating software, from Trimble General Contractor Solutions, provides rigorous services designed to improve performance and support project estimation. This software is specifically built for commercialized businesses, such as office, retail, industrial and hotel construction, but can be of great use for small construction businesses needing design and project management solutions. WinEst's smooth interface makes utilizing tools, like cost estimators and laser scanners, very easy to use. 



The Verdict

WinEst is a commercial construction estimating software that allows you to manage project estimates and serve cost estimating needs with high proficiency.

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WinEst's pricing depends on several factors, including the state your business is based in, the type of work you perform, and the size of your business. WinEst does not disclose pricing on its website, so to know exactly what your costs will be, you'll need to contact the company for a quote. 

You can schedule a free demo to gain a better idea of how the software works and if it's good fit for your construction business. 

WinEst Pros

WinEst provides many features that benefit your clients and team members. Below is more about the features we think construction businesses will find especially valuable. 


WinEst offers a robust integration platform – it connects to nearly any program management application that also has an API. There are many compatible applications available, including Bluebeam, SharePoint, Box, Egnyte, Notevault, Raken and Event 1 Software. 


WinEst offers an uncluttered, streamlined user interface. The graphics and icons are crisp and clear, and the workspace is easy to follow. 

CAD Design 

WinEst lets you import CAD designs and interact with them as part of the estimating process. Furthermore, this software offers 3D laser scanning equipped with a rapid positioning system so you can measure distances for floors, walls and ceilings, and formwork. These design resources also support mechanical, electrical and plumbing work if your construction business offers those services. 

Vico Office for Design 

Trimble's Vico Office for Design can add more fluidity to your workflow by helping you create 3D model estimates and schedules. Using three modules – a document controller, takeoff manager and location manager – Vico Office introduces a deeper understanding of estimate projects and data through 3D-rendered content instead of traditional 2D documents. 

WinEst Cons

WinEst, unfortunately, doesn't connect with some important business programs. It doesn't include scheduling tools in the program, nor does it integrate with third-party scheduling software. It also doesn't integrate with contract management or CRM software. WinEst creates files that are compatible with nearly every program management application on the market. 

Another downside with the software was the lack of information about pricing. Businesses, especially small businesses, want at least a general idea about the cost of a program so they can determine whether it even fits in their budget before investing further time into determining whether it will fulfill all of their needs. 

Customer Support

WinEst offers online, phone, email and live chat support. Each support plan offers unlimited support case management, maintenance releases, software upgrades, training materials and access to web-based user forums. 

Additionally, WinEst offers 24-hour access to SupportLink, an information tool that provides the latest information, documentation and product downloads about the software. With WinEst, you have access to live, in-depth training videos led by their instructors for free. 

While WinEst is not an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, it has an A+ rating. Over the past three years, there have not been any customer complainants filed against the company. 

WinEst is a well-organized construction estimation software application for small and medium-size construction businesses. This software accommodated many types of construction businesses with products such as the Trimble GCEstimator and Vico Office for Cost. WinEst's design features stand out the most and can streamline cost estimating and 3D modeling.

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The Verdict

WinEst is a commercial construction estimating software that allows you to manage project estimates and serve cost estimating needs with high proficiency.

Joshua Stowers
Joshua Stowers Staff
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