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Not only is Wix Premium easy to use, but we might even go as far to say that it's fun to use. This web content management service makes creating a website for your business enjoyable. It offers a variety of helpful tools and an exceptional support system. It has some security issues that we would like adjusted, but we are happy to say that Wix Premium is our Bronze Award winner.

Wix Premium

Wix Premium

The Verdict

Wix Premium is simple to use and gives excellent results.

Even if you have no background in website design, you'll catch on quickly when using this web content management system. They have a variety of eye-pleasing templates that you can choose and then make your own. You can adjust the size of the template, the colors, the number of columns or sections and you can add a variety of text boxes, pictures, video, music and other modules. After you have created a template that's to your liking, you can save it for future use on other pages.

You can upload your files to Wix Premium's site one at a time or in a group. These files are then stored in a cloud-based library that you can access at any time to add content to your site. You can also import files from another website. Then, once you get all the text and images on your page, you can use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing to see the same thing the visitors to your site will see as you adjust the content and design.

If needed, you can add a form widget to your site that will help you gather valuable data about your visitors. You can also add a Google calendar to any page so that you can keep visitors updated about upcoming events and recurring events. If you plan on selling things on your site, you just have to add the "Wix eCommerce shipping cart" widget to a page. It's that easy. This web content management service doesn't have a built-in spell checker, though, so you'll have to either compose your documents in a separate word processor, or rely on the spell checker feature of your internet browser.

The support page for Wix Premium is very impressive. This web content management service offers everything you need (except for a phone number) to answer your questions. They have an "Ask a Question" field that works as a search feature for the FAQs page of the site. This feature was very helpful in answering our questions, and almost every answer was accompanied by a tutorial video or expanded article. There's also a forum where you can ask questions and get answers from the community of people using Wix.

The Wix Premium Unlimited package offers unlimited bandwidth, an unlimited number of pages, an unlimited number of sites, but only 2.5GB of storage space. This should be enough for most businesses, but it seems odd to have a limit in an "Unlimited" plan. Wix does not offer email services and they don't host email accounts, but you can connect to Wix through other accounts such as Gmail and Yahoo.

This is the one area where we felt this web content management service needed some improvement. They do offer a sandbox where you can preview changes before you actually publish them, which is nice, but you have to manually back up your site periodically and SSL doesn't work with Wix. However, if you direct your visitors to a PayPal site to make purchases, that site will be secure.

Wix Premium understands the importance of SEO. They have an entire support page devoted to search engine optimization. On this page they have tips on how to improve your site, goals you should try to attain and instructional videos on the SEO process. For example, it shows you how to change your site title, the description and the metadata to help your page get noticed by web crawlers. Another unique feature of this web content management service is that they warn you about illegitimate SEO techniques that could be harmful to your site.

There isn't really a built-in SEO analysis feature in Wix Premium, but you can use Google Analytics to track visitors, page views, keywords that visitors are using to find your site and more. These web content management tools will help your site rank better in search engines and will get your company noticed. As Wix Premium states, they "constantly develop Wix to remain on the cutting edge of SEO."

We were very impressed with this web content management system. It has a user-friendly interface that can make almost every user feel like a web designing pro. It would be better if this service had automated backups and could offer SSL security, but we still feel that most users would be satisfied with their services. Wix Premium is an enjoyable way to add, edit and manage content on your site.

Wix Premium

Wix Premium

The Verdict

Wix Premium is simple to use and gives excellent results. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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