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Wix - Website Builder Review

By Skye Schooley, Writer | Updated Feb 24, 2020

Wix's web design software comes with a large selection of responsive templates (over 500) and customizable tools. Not only is this website creator easy to use, but its large selection of responsive templates surpasses those of its competitors, earning our pick for the best website builder templates for small businesses. The platform has comprehensive drag-and-drop tools to add any element you may need to your website, which is ideal for small business owners with no technical experience. Those with advanced technical capabilities can take advantage of Wix's Dev Mode to create custom coding. Each website builder plan comes with website analytics so you can assess how well your site is performing. 

Wix - Website Builder

Wix - Website Builder

The Best Website Builders and Design Services of 2020

The Verdict

Wix makes it easy for small business owners to build beautiful websites. You can choose from more than 500 industry-specific templates that are responsive to device screen size, earning it our pick for the website builder with the best templates.

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Wix Website Builder Pricing and Plans

Wix offers several website builder plans for freelancers, entrepreneurs and businesses. You can try out Wix's premium plans risk-free with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Here is a breakdown of each plan: 


  • Cost: $13 per month, paid annually
  • Includes: 2GB bandwidth, 3GB storage, connection to your domain, option to remove Wix ads, 30 video minutes and free domain for one year
  • Who it's for: Individuals who want a basic site for a hobby 


  • Cost: $17 per month, paid annually
  • Includes: Unlimited bandwidth, 10GB storage, connection to your domain, option to remove Wix ads, one video hour, free domain for one year, $300 ad vouchers, Site Booster app ($60 value) and Visitor Analytics app ($60 value)
  • Who it's for: Entrepreneurs and freelancers 


  • Cost: $22 per month, paid annually
  • Includes: Unlimited bandwidth, 20GB storage, connection to your domain, option to remove Wix ads, two video hours, free domain for one year, $300 ad vouchers, Site Booster app ($60 value), Visitor Analytics app ($60 value), events calendar ($48 value), professional logo ($50 value) and social media logo files
  • Who it's for: Companies that want complete online branding 


  • Cost: $39 per month, paid annually
  • Includes: Everything in the Pro plan, plus priority response and VIP support
  • Who it's for: Companies that need complete online branding with quick access to customer support 

If you are looking for a business website plan that includes e-commerce capabilities, Wix has additional plans to support those needs. Costs range from $23 to $49 per month, paid annually. 

If you no longer wish to keep your Wix account, you can cancel your subscription. However, to close your account, you will first have to delete all of the sites in it. If your site has any premium plans or domains connected to it, you'll need to cancel or transfer them first. 

Wix Features

Creating a website with Wix is incredibly easy. You can either create a site on your own or find a Wix partner (freelancer or agency) to help you. There's also the Wix ADI option, which asks a series of questions about your business and then creates your website based on your responses. Wix also recently rolled out an advanced editing interface, Editor X, which allows website designers and web agencies to create more complex designs.  

Templates and Customization

Wix has not only the greatest number of templates available (500 choices), but also the most diverse and organized templates. You can choose one of the industry-specific templates and customize it with the drag-and-drop tool. For professional web designers, the software has an HTML editor to customize each page. With this web-based program, you can edit your websites from either your desktop or mobile device. The software allows multiple editors to make changes to the website. 

Web Hosting and Domain Names

Every Wix website comes with a free Wix-branded URL (e.g., with a 20-character limit. When you purchase a plan, you get a free custom domain for the first year. After that, you must pay an annual fee to keep it, which is standard for web hosting sites. On premium plans, you can connect a domain name you already own. 


Whether you need a simple blog or an image- and video-heavy website, Wix has plans to fit your storage needs. Storage ranges from 3GB to 50GB, depending on the plan. You'll have access to unlimited bandwidth, and each plan includes a certain number of hours for video on your site.   


All paid plans except Combo include the Visitor Analytics app and the Site Booster app, each of which are originally priced at a $60 value. Your website analytics let you see how well your site is performing. With standard data points such as page views, unique visitors, bounce rates and forms submitted, you can determine what parts of your site need altering. 

Mobile Responsiveness

Wix has responsive templates that adjust to the screen size of the device the website is being viewed from. Since many users access websites via mobile devices, this is an especially important feature. 


When you sign up for one of Wix's business and e-commerce plans, you can sell products on your Wix site. The software has its own shopping cart you can enable, and it integrates with PayPal to accept online payments. Your customers will receive real-time shipping rates calculated by USPS. 

Additional Features

Wix offers several additional features on some of the plans. One of its standout features is the advertising vouchers. Wix gives you several hundred dollars of credit that you can use to increase visibility for your business ($100 in Google Ads with a $25 purchase, $100 in Microsoft Advertising and $100 in local listings). This website design software also has strong SEO integration features to get you noticed on search engines. Another helpful feature is the social media integration and logos. 

Pros of Wix 

The biggest benefit of Wix's website design software is its templates. This platform has more than enough templates to choose from, so you're sure to find the right one for your business. The industry-specific templates are completely customizable, so you can create a unique website that matches your style. You can use the simple drag-and-drop capabilities to add features like text, images, galleries, vector art, shapes, buttons, boxes, strips, lists and grids, videos, music, social icons, contact forms, menus, lightboxes, and content elements.  

Not only does the Wix software have comprehensive, easy-to-use designs, it is also easily customizable for users with any level of technical capabilities. You can watch one of the many video tutorials or jump right into the website design process with the easy-to-follow setup wizard. If you are familiar with website development, you can turn on Wix's Dev Mode, which allows you to add your own custom code, connect Wix business or external APIs, use internal and external development tools, and use serverless Node.js with zero setup. 

Cons of Wix 

Though Wix's plans are affordable and come with a 14-day money-back guarantee, they may be a bit tricky to cancel after the trial period. To cancel your Wix account, you must wait for everything to expire – no refunds. You must cancel each premium service individually, which is not a dealbreaker but can be cumbersome if you have several services to cancel. 

Customer Support

Wix's in-depth tutorials and FAQs mean you can find the answer to just about any issue you may have. However, if you are looking for more personal online help, you may find Wix lacking. When you contact customer support online, you are directed to a webpage with a click-through sequence that takes you to a tutorial to answer your questions. It was actually very helpful and user-friendly, but we would have preferred it to direct us to a representative. Wix is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating on the site.

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Wix - Website Builder

Wix - Website Builder

The Best Website Builders and Design Services of 2020

The Verdict

Wix makes it easy for small business owners to build beautiful websites. You can choose from more than 500 industry-specific templates that are responsive to device screen size, earning it our pick for the website builder with the best templates.

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