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From antivirus software recommendations to cybersecurity tips, learn how to safeguard your business against potential attacks and scams.

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How to Use Telemedicine and Stay HIPAA Compliant
By Adam Uzialko | November 10, 2020

Telemedicine solutions connect healthcare providers with patients virtually, saving time and money, but providers must always comply with HIPAA.

Remote PC Security – Is It Safe?
By Andrew Martins | November 06, 2020

Connecting to any device over the internet, as you would through remote PC software, has inherent risks. Follow these tips to access remote PCs securely.

Consider Making These Data-Driven E-Commerce Upgrades Now to Futureproof Your Business
By David Fletcher | October 22, 2020

Here are the key areas where your online store may need to raise its data game to keep up with new technology and rising customer expectations.

The Cost of Cybersecurity and How to Budget for It
By Andrew Rinaldi | October 15, 2020

Cybersecurity is increasingly important for small businesses. Learn how and why you should include cybersecurity costs in your budget.

M-Commerce Is Booming. So Is M-Commerce Fraud
By Rafael Lourenco | June 23, 2020

Here are ways to protect your business from m-commerce fraud.

What Is Website Security? Security Tips to Protect Your Website From Hackers
By Thanh Pham | June 19, 2020

Web security is a complex and ever-evolving topic.

4 Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe
By Chad Brooks | April 14, 2020

Security isn't about strategy or technology. It's also making sure everyone feels responsible keeping the workplace safe. Read more security tips here.

Your E-Commerce Data Security Checklist for 2020
By Rafael Lourenco | March 30, 2020

This 10-step checklist can help merchants protect their business from hackers and data theft.

Here’s a Card-Not-Present Fraud Prevention Checklist for E-Commerce Businesses
By Rafael Lourenco | February 05, 2020

Card-not-present fraud is rapidly rising, especially impacting e-commerce businesses. This checklist can help you protect yourself against fraud.

CrowdStrike Falcon Review
By Brian Nadel | January 23, 2020

Founded in 2011, CrowdStrike's goal is to stop sophisticated attacks from forcing the world's leading businesses into the headlines. It combines advanced endpoint protection with expert intelligence...

How Will AI Work Against Insurance Fraud?
By Rafael Lourenco | December 23, 2019

AI is already being successfully used to fight e-commerce fraud. Discover how it will be used to battle fraud in the insurance industry as well.

8 Important Cybersecurity Measures for Small Businesses
By James Warner | November 11, 2019

Security starts with you, if you know what steps to take.

How to Keep Your Online Store’s Rewards Program Secure
By Rafael Lourenco | August 15, 2019

Hackers are going to great lengths to steal loyalty rewards' program data. It is critical businesses know this is happening and take steps to prevent it.

How to Do a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
By Andrew Martins | August 09, 2019

Your data is just as important as the products and services your small business sells. Learn how you can do a cyber risk assessment yourself.

Is Your E-Commerce Business Overlooking These Security Basics?
By Rafael Lourenco | July 25, 2019

Here are five important, but sometimes overlooked, steps that e-commerce merchants can take to safeguard their online stores from hackers and fraudsters.

Why Business Security Is Important for Growth
By Chris Porteous | July 18, 2019

Business security, both online and on location, contribute to a company's profitability. Find out how.

Why Small Business Cyberattacks Could Prompt Next Recession
By Dror Liwer | May 06, 2019

With limited protection against cybercrime, small businesses are at risk.

Use Cybersecurity As Your Competitive Advantage
By Andrew Rinaldi | April 16, 2019

Investing in cybersecurity will protect against breaches and business losses, but it could also be a source for profit.

How to Securely Manage Passwords in PowerShell Scripts
By Adam Bertram | March 25, 2019

You need to understand how to encrypt and decrypt strings with PowerShell.

How to Get Started on Your Business Cybersecurity Plan
By Andrew Rinaldi | March 12, 2019

If you're not quite sure what cybersecurity involves or where to start, there are many resources that can help. Here's how to launch your security plan.

The Best Website Security and Performance Services of 2020
By editorial staff | November 05, 2018

Compare the best website security and performance services available. Increase your website performance with side-by-side comparisons of features and prices of top rated services that can optimize...

VyprVPN PRO Golden Frog Review
By editorial staff | October 10, 2018

VyprVPN has proxy servers in more than 70 locations and offers exceptional customer service. Read more here.

OverPlay Review
By editorial staff | October 10, 2018

OverPlay SmartDNS + VPN is a reliable proxy service that has servers in more than 70 locations around the world. Read more in our review.

SwitchVPN Review
By editorial staff | October 09, 2018

SwitchVPN web proxy has servers in 35 locations, and it cycles through 300 IP addresses. Read more here.

Private Internet Access Review
By editorial staff | October 09, 2018

Private Internet Access is one of the few companies that provides truly anonymous access to VPN services. Read more here.

TorGuard Review
By editorial staff | October 09, 2018

TorGuard offers 24/7 help and support and has servers in 50 different locations around the world. Read more here.

ibVPN Review
By editorial staff | October 09, 2018

ibVPN is a small IP proxy company that has over 2,000 different IP addresses. Read more here.

Wireless Security In The Enterprise: Deploying WPA2-Enterprise
By Chad Brooks | July 11, 2018

Today's enterprises are adopting WiFi with WPA2 and Protected Management Fames to keep their organizations secure.

Cloud Encryption: Using Data Encryption in The Cloud
By Chad Brooks | July 03, 2018

Effective data protection and strong encryption in the cloud is possible and available through a number of cloud solutions.

Has Your Company Secured These Overlooked Attack Vectors?
By Kevin Pickhardt | April 05, 2018

Many companies don't consider these three common security weaknesses. Here's what they are and how to make them more secure.