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From antivirus software recommendations to cybersecurity tips, learn how to safeguard your business against potential attacks and scams.

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Has Your Company Secured These Overlooked Attack Vectors?
By Kevin Pickhardt | April 05, 2018

Many don't consider these three common security weaknesses.

How Crooks Hack Passwords and How You Can Protect Your Business
By David Balaban | January 31, 2018

The use of traditional passwords is a slippery slope for companies these days.

WePay's John Canfield on Protecting Your Business From Scams
By Chad Brooks | October 18, 2017

WebPay CEO John Canfield says these are the new scams small business should watch for

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How do I sell a new startup?
By Amber Pleiss | 10 Answers | Last Activity on September 11, 2017

I have a new startup I want to sell. It is web based subscription type business. Everything is developed and beta tested ready to go. How do I valuate the company with no previous sales?...

How much stock should I start with when opening an online store?
By Serge Dagher | 5 Answers | Last Activity on September 06, 2017

I am currently opening an online store and I was wondering how much stock I should keep in my warehouse per item as a startup? 10 pcs per item... 20 pcs per item... I would like to know the...

Connectivity and Security: Two Cornerstones of a Data-Driven Business
By Daan Pepijn | August 29, 2017

The amount of data businesses collect make them prime targets for cyberattacks.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Business From Common Types of Fraud
By John Canfield | August 28, 2017

5 tips to protect your business when dealing with payments

The Costs of Mobile Payment Fraud and How to Avoid It
By Eran Feinstein | August 10, 2017

Stay up to date to protect your m-commerce customers

Is Your Business Ready for a Catastrophic Cloud Failure?
By Daan Pepijn | June 09, 2017

Here are the best practices that help ensure the reliability of your cloud-based systems.

How Real are the IoT Security Concerns?
By Maria Marinina | May 25, 2017

While there are real consequences for neglecting IoT security, it’s a mistake to feel as though nothing can be done about it. Users, network administrators and developers alike can take steps to make...

Effective IT Security Is Crucial for Branch and Remote Offices
By Megan Totka | May 22, 2017

At the end of the day, a company's security is really only as strong as its weakest link.

What are the best software programs to prepare artwork and graphics for printing?
By Richard Insinna | 19 Answers | Last Activity on April 25, 2017

I have some pictures and graphics I want to use in a promotional brochure, and want to know what software to use to prepare a file for a printing company.

Endpoint Protection vs. Anti-Malware: What You Need to Know
By Andreas Rivera | April 17, 2017

Learn which cybersecurity solution is best for your business.

Is Your Data Safe From Hackers?
By Adriel Desautels | March 01, 2017

Only if you think like a dedicated hacker, and maybe not then.

Restaurant Security: A Guide to Getting Your Money's Worth
By business.com editorial staff | February 21, 2017

It's hard to determine the ROI you will get from increasing your restaurant security.

10 Common Social Engineering Tactics Used by Attackers
By Jason Parms | July 25, 2016

Learn What Social Engineering Is and How to Protect Your Business From Predators

How to Use Marketing to Regain Public Trust After a Data Breach
By Zachary Evans | July 07, 2016

More companies than ever are the victims of massive data breaches. Do you have a plan to recover if it happens to you?

How to Integrate Application Security Testing Into the Agile Development Process
By Daan Pepijn | June 02, 2016

Testing and rooting out bugs are integral parts of any successful application development process. But what's the best way to go about it?

Stay Secure: 5 Key Steps to Taking a Proactive Approach to IT Security
By Daan Pepijn | April 18, 2016

Despite the increasing activity of hackers and the rise of security leaks, many companies underestimate the cost of security threats.

You've Been Hacked: Now What?
By Sarah Landrum | March 11, 2016

And about a third of chief information officers reported that they saw a 51 to 100 percent increase in cyber attacks in 2015.

Prepare for the Worst: How to Create a Cyber Security Incident Response Plan
By Jason Parms | January 13, 2016

Effective CSIR Plan is an essential aspect of organizations in data governance strategy to make aware about current security readiness.

The Security Risks in Social Media: Interview with Joseph Steinberg
By Daan Pepijn | January 05, 2016

Cybersecurity Expert Shares How to Minimize Risks Related to Social Media

Ironclad Inbox: How to Make Your Email Hack-Proof (For Real)
By Lauren Sirt | December 30, 2015

You might think your email is safe, but you could be in for a rude awakening. Here's how to lock it up, once and for all.

More Info, More Problems: Privacy and Security Issues in the Age of Big Data
By Jason Parms | December 16, 2015

Organizations are predicting key solutions for big data privacy and security in the cloud.

Internet of Things: Security, Compliance, Risks and Opportunities
By Daan Pepijn | November 06, 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) is pushing an information-driven shift to connected devices in the enterprise world at large.

Are Lean Six Sigma methodologies effective in software development?
By Yogesh Chandra Ramakrishna | 5 Answers | Last Activity on October 21, 2015

I work for a quality team in a Software industry and I have 5 years of experience in the field. I wanted to know how effective and reliable these Lean Six Sigma methodologies are. Please comment if...

Enemy Strategy, Revealed: The Types of Cyber Attacks That Took Down Target & Sony
By Daan Pepijn | September 23, 2015

Plus, How to Protect Yourself

What do I need to include in my product roadmap?
By Abby Santos | 13 Answers | Last Activity on September 14, 2015

We've been asked by potential investors to lay out a product roadmap to show the likely path of growth our product will take. I'm unsure what projections need to be included and if a competitor...

PCI Compliance: What It Means to Your Digital Security
By Zahra Bajgiran | March 31, 2015

What is PCI compliance and why should you care? The livelihood of your small business could depend on it.

How can I create a 3-in-1 product?
By Patty Tolar | 9 Answers | Last Activity on March 19, 2015

I have a 3-in-1 product idea to create a product that includes a workbook, DVD, and poster. To fulfill this type of product, can I hire one person to help me produce everything or do I need to hire...