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Social Media

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Sales
BY Tom La Vecchia

If you sell products online, you can't afford to ignore social media as a marketing tool.

Get Inspired: 5 Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Were Hugely Successful
BY Disha Dinesh

Create powerful influencer marketing campaigns inspired by successful brands.

3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Still Need a Social Media Presence
BY Deborah Sweeney

Considering pausing your social presence? Here's why it still counts for small business.

6 Ways to Market and Grow Your Facebook Group
BY Syed Balkhi

A Facebook group is the ultimate way to market your business.

How to Engage Millennials Using Instagram
BY Zach Benson

6 tips on how to successfully woo this large, often untapped customer base.

Big Data, Big Impact: How Data Improves Your Social Media Marketing
BY James Warner

Big data has significantly changed the way businesses market on social media.

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Why Instagram's New Algorithm Is Good News for Businesses and Marketers
BY Dustin York

Here's how the changes could benefit your brand.

How to Market Your 'Non-Millennial' Business to Millennials
BY Adrian Fisher

With the right strategies, you can appeal to Generation Y, even if your industry doesn't.

How to Get Your Employees on Board With Brand Advocacy
BY Manish Dudharejia

Your employees' posts on their own networks can be one of your best tools.

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7 Instagram Mistakes Newbie Influencers Make
BY Gaurav Sharma

Avoid these common and often damaging mistakes newbie influencers make.

10 Ways Content from Influencers Helps Your Business Grow
BY Shane Barker

Influencers can play a crucial role in your marketing success.

How to Get the Most Out of Facebook Business Manager
BY Dawn Kuczwara

Try these tips for using Facebook Business Manager effectively.

Storytelling Can Make or Break Your Brand
BY Dustin White

If you're a direct-to-consumer business, your marketing campaigns need to tell a story.

Facebook's F8 Conference Unveils New Features Businesses Will Love
BY Albizu Garcia

An upvote/downvote button, a new Messenger plug-in are just some of coming features.

Improve Your Customer Retention with Social Media
BY Saige Driver

You should be building a relationship, trust and loyalty with your social media followers.

How to Build Your Brand's Authority on Instagram
BY Gaurav Sharma

Follow these steps to establish your brand as a powerful voice on this platform.

4 Ways Facebook Messenger Can Boost Your Business
BY Anne Clark

This chat platform has hugely helpful applications for business.

5 Tips to Rule Over Instagram and Make Money
BY Gaurav Sharma

Find ways to leverage this platform to actually see a profit.

Brand Spokesperson Smackdown: Famous Face vs. Social Media Rockstar?
BY Alison Hill

Should your brand use a social media influencer or a celebrity as a spokesperson?

6 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Social Media Presence
BY Asif Razzaq

Gain followers and increase engagement using these simple but effective strategies.