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Postage Meters: Calculating Costs, Types, Purchasing Tips and Terms

Postage is technically a form of currency, so you can't own a meter. But you can rent one.

In the U.S., postage meters cannot be purchased or sold, only rented or leased. Learn what hidden fees to be aware of when calculating costs.


Three Ways to Build Kindness Into Your Company

Sow the seeds of kindness in your workplace culture.

Practicing kindness in the workplace goes a long way for everyone involved. Not only does it result in happier, more engaged employees, but businesses...


Know Your Customers: How to Create Data-Driven Buyer Personas

You can enhance your lead quality and customers' experience with this method.

From goals to application, this article explains steps in gathering and utilizing data to create accurate buyer personas.


The Best Resources for Learning Web Design

With the internet, you have access to numerous learning tools for making your own website.

These helpful online resources can help you learn and design your business's website in no time.


Technologies Making Smart Buildings Smarter

Developing technologies will make buildings more efficient and convenient.

The cutting edge of construction technology is only going to improve as the IoT continues to evolve.


How to Build a Loyal Community for Your Brand

See some strategies with actionable steps to build and maintain a community of fans.

Follow these strategies to build a passionate, loyal community for your brand.


How to Handle Non-Paying Clients

Contracts, lawyers and collections agencies are a few places to start.

The community wanted to know how to prevent and approach non-paying customers. We answered.


Has Technology Gone Too Far? How to Balance Efficiency and Human Connection

The modern customer demands fast but human-oriented service.

Business technology today is full of wonderful timesaving tools that allow you to do a lot with little effort. However, these efficiencies shouldn't o...


Want to Be an Entrepreneur? Then Be a Risk-Taker

Risks are a natural part of the entrepreneurial game.

An entrepreneur needs to be willing to take a lot of risks. Learn to embrace the risks and take them in a smart but bold way.


Should You Accept Equity as Compensation?

Startups often offer equity to valuable employees in place of a higher salary.

Startups are short on cash but long on equity, so they often offer it as compensation. Here's why that could be a good or bad thing and what you shoul...

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