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6 Key Factors for a Successful Digital Transformation
BY Petro Kovalchuk

Taking your business into the digital age requires sufficient planning and organization.

How to Stop Spending More Than You Need to on Cloud Applications
BY Robin Hau

Subscribe to multiple cloud applications? You may be paying for redundant services.

Is the Cloud Living on the Edge?
BY Adam Stern

Opt for local computing where you have to, and the cloud everywhere else.

You've Moved Your Company's Data to the Cloud – What's Next?
BY Robin Hau

Make the cloud migration process as seamless as possible by following these pointers.

File Management Practices Every Small Business Should Follow
BY Adam Uzialko

These three elements of digitization help ensure your digital archives' success.

A Small Business's Guide to the Different Types of Cloud Services
BY Kristy Blackmon

Cloud services can enable more efficient use of resources for SMBs.

How to Create a Paperless Office
BY editorial staff

Paperless office solutions start with changing your thinking.

Is Cloud Hosting the Best IT Solution for Your Business?
BY Adnan Raja

For SMBs, a cloud host could replace the need for IT staff.

How to Make the Cloud Work for Your Small Business
BY Erik Day

The cloud isn't just for large enterprises; it can easily be suited to SMBs.

3 Reasons Why AI is Beneficial to Business
BY James Warner

Many think that AI is a toxic competitor to humans. But really, it's quite the opposite.

8 Effective Ways to Keep Track of Your Business's Legal Information
BY Scott Gerber

These systems offer convenient, secure ways your business can track its legal documents

Best Places to Hold Meetings Without an Office
BY Sammi Caramela

Owning a business without an office can be difficult, especially when scheduling meetings.

Decoding the Hierarchy of Data Protection
BY Andreas Rivera

What are your options for protecting your data and how do you decide on a strategy?

5 Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Small Businesses
BY Adnan Raja

See five major reasons cloud computing services could help your SMB.

The Future of Blockchain for Business
BY Joanna Furlong

While blockchain technology is all the rage right now, it hasn't yet hit its stride.

Progressly's Nick Candito on Making the Switch to a Paperless Office
BY Chad Brooks

Digital transformation is no longer an option – it's a necessity for all businesses.

Is Your Business Ready for a Catastrophic Cloud Failure?
BY Daan Pepijn

Here are the best practices that help ensure the reliability of your cloud-based systems.

Enterprises are Embracing Cloud Security
BY Jamison West

Find out why and how the industry is evolving to maintain that interest.

Why The Future of File Storage Doesn’t Seem So Promising
BY Mikita Mikado

Why companies providing online options for streaming audio, photo, video and documents will be ahead in the long run.

Cloud Wars: How Amazon Went from Bookseller to a Major Technology Provider
BY Greg Layton

Amazon still yields disappointing to meager earnings, while revenues have soared, but this is all about to change with Amazon Web Service.