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Business Plan Basics: A Simple Formula for Highly Successful Startups
BY editorial staff

VentureArchetypes' guide to developing a Strategic Business Plan for raising capital, developing partnerships, and growing your company.

Newspaper Distributors and Wholesalers
BY Niki Hampton

Use newspaper distributors with integrity and experience for smooth operations of your publishing business

Preparing the Restaurant Budget
BY Contributor

A smart financial plan protects your business

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FedEx International Services Pricing and Costs
BY Michelle Cramer

Compare available shipping methods with Federal Express international services

Stuffed Animals Industry Overview
BY Shalleen Mayes

Tap into the timeless appeal of stuffed toys

Beauty and Personal Care Products Industry Overview
BY Kim Finn

Getting familiar with the beauty and personal care products industry

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Aircraft Safety Equipment
BY Nikki Davis

Find aircraft safety equipment for planes large and small

Pricing and Costs of Counter Tops and Cabinets for Restaurants
BY Thomas Langford

Figure out how much you should budget for counter tops and cabinets for restaurants

Soft Drink Distributors and Wholesalers
BY Suzanne Levine

Selection of a beverage supplier

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Your complete HR Solution that lets you maintain your employee database, manage your workforce and ensures consistency in your HR Processes.
Wedding Cards Design Education and Training
BY Autumn Rivers

Obtain the proper training and advice before making wedding cards

Tobacco Distributors and Wholesalers
BY Kimberly Ben

Get discount prices when doing business with tobacco distributors and wholesalers

Pricing and Costs of Government Consultants
BY Kristen McClung

Choose the right government consulting firm for your business at the right price

Kiosks: How to Create a Successful Self-Service Kiosk Project
BY Stephanie Kropkowski Schaeffer

Know what to look for in the three components to any self-service kiosk project: the hardware, the user application, and the kiosk system software

Green Office, Ways To Reduce Carbon Footprint
BY Tony Ellison

Reducing your carbon footprint in the workplace

Technology and the Entertainment Industry
BY Trisha Schulz

Keeping up with use of technology in the entertainment industry

Drive-In Movie Theaters Supplies and Equipment
BY Kristina Seleshanko

Find the right products to create a successful outdoor movie business

Making the Most of Commercial Rotisseries
BY Kim Finn

Make your food service business more successful with a chicken commercial rotisserie

Fish Farming Education and Training
BY Christine Foley

A proper education about tropical and freshwater fish is essential for successful fish farms

ISO Tanks Pricing and Costs
BY Terri Deno

Choose affordable ISO tanks for sale

Cereal Manufacturers
BY Nate Waymire

Breakfast cereal manufacturers and the nutritional value of their products