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From software to business advice, here you will find a detailed solution for your every technology need. Check out our resources or ask an expert.

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A2 Hosting Review
By Simone Johnson | November 04, 2020

A2 Hosting offers many of the features businesses need to host their websites, including unlimited emails, transfers, SSL certificates, WordPress hosting, and unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Data Analytics
By Ryan Ayers | September 22, 2020

Small businesses can benefit from big data technology to derive actionable insights to improve their organization.

Why Small Businesses Need to Digitize Documents
By Emily Watson | September 10, 2020

Want to save space? Digitizing your paperwork will eliminate clutter and keep your business organized.

Technologies That Are Making Smart Buildings Smarter
By Chad Brooks | July 13, 2020

See how developing technologies are making buildings more efficient and convenient.

How Virtual Reality Is Changing Construction
By Chad Brooks | July 10, 2020

Virtual reality is being used in the construction industry to improve design, safety, and training and to avoid costly overruns. Learn more here.

Why Your Construction Company Needs Smart Helmets
By Chad Brooks | June 25, 2020

Here's how this wearable tech could improve your construction or engineering team's safety and efficiency.

Digital Receipts: Why Retailers Are Embracing Them
By Chad Brooks | June 11, 2020

No longer merely an alternate sales slip, digital receipts can now power up your digital marketing program.

The Best Places for Purchasing Office Supplies
By Chad Brooks | May 27, 2020

Here are some solid purchasing programs for your business.

Postage Meters Can Save Your Business Time and Money
By Sean Peek | May 08, 2020

Postage meters are an inexpensive way to make your small business's direct mail campaigns more convenient and efficient.

Quality Data Only: How to Apply Data Minimization to Your Business
By Chad Brooks | April 21, 2020

When you have excess or unverified data, you leave your business open to security breaches, misinformed decision-making and other risks.

Committing to Eco-Friendly Packaging Practices Can Save Your Company Money
By Chad Brooks | April 16, 2020

By opting for eco-friendly processes and materials, you can reduce your carbon footprint, minimize overhead costs and make a lasting positive impression.

6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Your Small Business
By Chad Brooks | April 10, 2020

Artificial intelligence isn't something to fear. It can improve your relationships with customers and, in turn, boost your revenue.

Confessions of an Entrepreneur: Technology Leads to New Opportunities
By Chad Brooks | April 10, 2020

Dean Gallagher, co-founder of Fresh Folio Design, talks about the importance of tech in his small business.

Is Your Business Phone System HIPAA Compliant?
By Chad Brooks | March 24, 2020

A secure business phone system protects your office from penalties and criminal prosecution. Read on to see if your phone system is HIPAA compliant.

7 Tips for Managing Your Newly Remote Team
By Tony Sherba | March 18, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has plunged the world into an experiment of forced remote work. Set your remote team up for success by following these seven tips.

Preparing Your Business for Remote Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic
By Maulik Shah | March 16, 2020

As more businesses switch to remote work, these low-cost apps help you manage projects, communicate with customers and collaborate with co-workers.

From Texting to Tweeting: Tech-Savvy Millennials Changing the Way We Work
By Chad Brooks | March 04, 2020

Technology has been ever-present for millennials, so they expect it in the workplace too. This expectation has shaped many workplaces.

Employees, Not IT, Are Driving the New Technological Revolution
By Mark Roberts | January 16, 2020

Learn why organizations must anticipate changes and identify technologies that will significantly impact their businesses.

How to Choose the Best Microsoft Document Management System
By Skye Schooley | January 13, 2020

Choosing a document management system that works for your business means choosing a system that's compatible with your computer system.

Advice for Choosing a Small Business Document Management System
By Skye Schooley | January 08, 2020

A document management system can enhance security, streamline workflows and increase productivity. Learn how to choose the best DMS for your business.

The Challenges of Protecting Patient Data With Telemedicine
By James Wantuck | December 06, 2019

As healthcare digitizes, cybersecurity considerations become all the more important. Here's how the healthcare industry is protecting patient data.

5 Ways Machine Learning Is Leading to Smarter Manufacturing
By Nacho De Marco | December 04, 2019

Discover how machine learning can be an exceptional ally when tackling the digital transformation of industrial processes in manufacturing.

Why Data Integrity Is Crucial for Your Business
By Chad Brooks | November 24, 2019

Data integrity is critical for successful business decision-making. Find out how to ensure the information you're using is accurate and timely.

How Small Businesses Can Compete By Leveraging Data Insights
By Matthew Gierc | November 21, 2019

Small businesses are nimble and agile. This grants them a unique advantage over large companies, especially when employing data-driven insights.

Small Businesses Must Take Advantage of the Democratization of Data
By Mark Edwards | October 18, 2019

Here are three ways that small businesses can use big data to meet their goals and stay ahead of the competition.

NextGen Healthcare Review
By Adam Uzialko | September 26, 2019

NextGen offers an electronic medical record and integrated practice management software that boasts a relatively fast implementation period. In addition, NextGen offers revenue cycle management.

How Machine Learning Is Boosting Business Growth
By Nacho De Marco | September 01, 2019

Find out how machine learning is helping businesses prepare for the future and improve their performance.

Technology Should Enhance Communication Skills
By Aisha Babangida | July 22, 2019

Is technology affecting our communication skills? Discover the risks and benefits of technology and communication in the workplace.

How Data Analytics Impacts Small Businesses in 2019
By Luke Fitzpatrick | July 09, 2019

There are a ton of uses that can make small businesses smarter, productive and efficient.

MetroFax Review
By Andrew Martins | July 08, 2019

MetroFax is an affordable fax service with a helpful feature set. The service is easy to set up, and the company offers competitive pricing.