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Women in Business

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How LaFlore Paris Became the Most-Funded Female-Owned Business on Kickstarter
By Kiely Kuligowski | November 16, 2020

LaFlore Paris co-founder Natacha Seroussi shares her tips on being successful on crowdfunding sites.

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7 Powerful Ways for Accomplished Women to Stop Self-Doubt
By Phyllis Reagin | July 17, 2020

Many accomplished women believe that their successes are not due to their abilities or talents. Here are seven strategies to help you step into your power and own your successes.

Why Your Next CEO Should Be a Woman
By editorial staff | July 03, 2020

According to a study of Fortune 1000 companies, women-led businesses earned investors a 340% return.

Top Small Business Grants of 2020
By Simone Johnson | July 03, 2020

Looking for a business grant? Find out which grant programs can help you grow your business.

How to Use New Tech to Succeed in an Old Industry, and to Give Back
By Simone Johnson | June 25, 2020

Fitz Frames uses new technology and creativity to not only break into an established industry, but to give back to the community.

4 Reasons Why CEOs Should Start Writing Thought Leadership Articles
By Deborah Sweeney | May 20, 2020

Thought leadership allows CEOs to position themselves as experts within their niche.

40 Inspiring Quotes From Trailblazing Women We Admire
By Derek Walter | May 11, 2020

These inspiring quotes from trailblazing women serve as a reminder to us all that we can overcome daunting challenges, both personal and professional.

4 Incredible Things That Happen When Women Entrepreneurs Prioritize Community
By Kim Lawton | May 08, 2020

Women entrepreneurs face unique obstacles, from a lack of networking opportunities and mentors to the challenge of balancing work and family. But amazing things can happen when they come together to...

How Women-Owned Businesses Can Use Social Media Marketing
By Ryan Ayers | January 31, 2020

Social media is an invaluable tool to help businesses grow their brand awareness and customer base. Women-owned businesses should use it to highlight the unique aspects of their businesses as well.

Empowering the Next Generation of Women Leaders
By Marie Rosecrans | January 29, 2020

Society must continue empowering and supporting women to break gender barriers, bring services and products to market, receive equal pay, secure financing and see their visions come to life.