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Businesses and business professionals understand the importance of continuing education for career advancement and staying competitive. In addition to career advancement and maintaining competitive edge, providing continuing education opportunities allow a company to attract and retain skilled and talented employees.

For businesses and working professional alike, there are a wide range of continuing education options today that will provide minimal to no interruptions to daily business operations Continuing education options range from on-site training sessions, evening programs to online education opportunities.

On Business.com, business owners, managers and HR professionals can research and identify the right continuing education programs for their business and employees. Ranging from IT training courses for technology departments to management and sales training that are conducted online, browse the Education vertical on Business.com to find a wide selection of training programs and vocational school that service various industries.

In addition to providing purchasing resources for businesses seeking continuing education for their employees, Business.com also provides a list of schools and education options for working professionals who are looking to make a career change. Whether you’re a lawyer looking to make a career move into finance or an accounting professional interested in moving into online marketing, Business.com offers the professional resources, as well as tips and advice to help with the transition.

Business professionals can also find helpful whitepapers on specific business topics, as well as training guides for specific technology topics, sales and presentation and a wide range of business articles on business ethics and educational programs.

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