Salesforce - CRM Software Review

By Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 11, 2018

As you might guess from its name, Salesforce focuses on software that helps you land sales by creating programs for lead generation and nurturing and other tools that help you close the sale and increase customer loyalty. The CRM program we reviewed, Salesforce IQ, is Salesforce’s out-of-the-box CRM system. It has excellent tools for managing your contact information for both mobile and desktop users. These tools work especially well for sales teams, helping them easily contact clients and keep notes on interactions, as well as discuss issues with co-workers, since notes are viewable to all authorized staff in the system. This makes it simple to progress the customer journey from contact to sale to a happy and loyal customer. 

If you run into any problems using Salesforce, you can peruse the prompts in the program, which provide tips on how to use certain fields and connect them with users and tasks. There’s a sidebar with walk-throughs like illustrated instructions and helpful video tutorials on common topics. You can also take advantage of the live training the company offers or reach out to Salesforce via email, telephone or live chat. You’ll always have the most up-to-date software, since the cloud-based service updates automatically, so potential bugs will continuously be fixed, and you won’t have to pay for upgrades.

Salesforce - CRM Software
Salesforce - CRM Software
Best CRM Software
The Verdict
With its easy-to-use design and variety of contact management features for sales, marketing and customer service, Salesforce ranks as one of the best CRM systems available.
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Salesforce IQ is designed to be easy to figure out and use. In this software, you can customize templates and the information displayed there, which allows you to see information in the way that will most help you and your staff.

Various teams in your company can access information in Salesforce, including support teams. All of your teams can track and read customer complaints, support tickets and payment histories. You can choose to display any of this information by department, name, sales campaign or project. Along with adding new information based off of new interactions, you can import contact information in other programs like Microsoft Excel or Outlook.

Salesforce also allows you to dial clients from the program, email contacts or send mass emails using newsletter campaigns. This software keeps track of email data, like bounced emails and multiple email accounts for one contact. You can also sync with other email clients if you’d prefer to use them instead of the tools in Salesforce.

If you or your employees are often on the go, the mobile app this software provides may come in handy. The app allows you to access interaction histories at any time or input new contact information using your smartphone or tablet.

For our review, we evaluated Salesforce IQ. However, there are various other Salesforce products, called clouds, and each comes with different functions. If you require additional features, you can either purchase and use these clouds or take advantage of Salesforce’s many integration abilities. You can integrate with software designed for human resources, sales, IT, administration and many other purposes.

Salesforce stands out at helping you convert contacts into marketing and sales opportunities. Using the software, you can store information on contacts in filterable categories, which helps you group similar contacts together so that you can more effectively roll out targeted sales or marketing campaigns. You can assign specific contact groups or individuals to your employees as needed, or flag leads for follow-up opportunities.

As a company, Salesforce is well-known for its reporting abilities. Salesforce IQ is no exception. This customer relationship management software generates reports on sales, leads and other activity quickly and easily. You can select which reports should remain public and which you can share publicly with your staff. You can also share reports to a select team if you prefer.

Your employees can communicate with each other using Salesforce’s chat tool. This can help them strategize about what certain contacts might need. Tasks can be assigned using chat as well.

Salesforce IQ does not include tools for employee monitoring or inventory tracking. Salesforce offers these services in other products or clouds, but you will have to pay extra for these.

Salesforce IQ has an easy-to-use interface and advanced marketing and sales strategies. Despite the fact that this particular Salesforce program does not offer inventory or invoicing tools, it is still one of the best CRM systems we reviewed thanks to its intuitive platform and rich feature set. Salesforce IQ is a great program for moving your contacts through the customer journey and converting them into sales.

Salesforce - CRM Software
Salesforce - CRM Software
Best CRM Software
The Verdict
With its easy-to-use design and variety of contact management features for sales, marketing and customer service, Salesforce ranks as one of the best CRM systems available.
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