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The Best Business Internet Service Providers of 2024

Updated Sep 07, 2023
Best for Symmetrical Speeds
  • Great symmetrical speeds
  • Fiber-optic coverage expansion
  • Fiber speeds up to 5 Gbps
  • Great symmetrical speeds
  • Fiber-optic coverage expansion
  • Fiber speeds up to 5 Gbps
Best for Enterprise Businesses
  • Global enterprise service
  • Customized plans
  • Download speeds up to 1.25 Gbps
  • Global enterprise service
  • Customized plans
  • Download speeds up to 1.25 Gbps
Best for Month-to-Month Contracts
  • Contract-free plans
  • RingCentral communication
  • Three simple fiber plans
  • Contract-free plans
  • RingCentral communication
  • Three simple fiber plans
Best for Rural Businesses
  • Satellite internet
  • Accessibility in remote locations
  • Option for unlimited data
  • Satellite internet
  • Accessibility in remote locations
  • Option for unlimited data
Best for Wireless Services
Verizon High-Speed Internet
  • 400 Mbps wireless speeds
  • 10-year price guarantee
  • Large variety of plans
  • 400 Mbps wireless speeds
  • 10-year price guarantee
  • Large variety of plans

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Internet service providers (ISPs) are vital to businesses of all sizes and industries, and it is important to have a reliable internet connection with the speed and features to meet your business’s unique needs. Some businesses operate in remote locations, some require powerful wireless connections for mobility, and some rely on ultrafast dedicated internet plans for secure and unshared connectivity. Choosing the internet service provider that’s best suited to your operational needs can make a significant difference in the functionality of your business. Smart businesses choose the provider and plan that make the most sense for their broadband needs.

What is Business Internet?

If you run a business, you need internet service. Having business internet is a must for your employees and customers. While the technology and service providers may be the same for business and residential internet, business internet customers typically get priority customer service and network priority over residential customers. If the network is slow, businesses will be allocated better speeds. If the network goes down, businesses will enjoy a faster response time.

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Our Top Picks for 2024
AT&T Business
Comcast Business ISP
Spectrum Business
Verizon High-Speed Internet
Rating (Out of 10)
Use Case

Syemtrical speedsMonth-to-month contracts

Enterprise Businesses

Month-to-month contracts

Rural Businesses

Wireless Service

Base Price







Varies by service

2-year commitment for most plans

No annual commitment

2-year term commitment and monthly options

Varies by service

Max Fiber Download Speed

1 Gbps

1.25 Gbps

1 Gbps

35 Mbps (satellite)

940 Mbps

Service Type

Dedicated, fiber and wireless

Dedicated, fiber and wireless

Fiber and wireless backup


Dedicated, fiber and wireless

Customer Service



Weekdays 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET

Every day 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. CST



Wireless backup, voice and security

Wireless backup, guest WiFi and security

Wireless backup, business WiFi and security

Backup internet

Wireless backup, security, video conferencing and voice

Fiber Data




Unlimited with soft data caps (satellite)


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AT&T Business: Best Business Internet for Symmetrical Speeds

  • For small businesses that need reliability and a wide range of connectivity solutions, AT&T offers a variety of options that suit all business types.
  • With 99.9 percent uptime and constantly expanding fiber-optic coverage, businesses can upload and download at the industry’s highest speeds.
  • While AT&T Business offers various plans, security options and internet speeds, it’s more expensive than competitors.
Editor's Rating: 8.8/10
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For businesses that need to upload and download content with demanding speed, AT&T Business is a standout service provider. AT&T Business offers reliability, with 99.9 percent uptime and constantly expanding fiber connection coverage.

With AT&T’s Business Fiber and AT&T Phone for Business plans, customers have unlimited access to internet data with included equipment, no annual commitment, and up to 5 Gbps with fiber plans. Dedicated internet plans support large data transfers for e-commerce operations and enable collaboration with 25 times faster upload speeds than cable provides, reaching 1 Tbps in some areas. AT&T Business’s mobility feature allows team members to connect on the go, and the wireless broadband backup gives businesses valuable peace of mind in a power outage.

Businesses that choose AT&T Business as their internet service provider benefit from point-to-point connections that extend outside the United States to global teams. Each plan offers unlimited nationwide calling and supports audio and video streaming. To ensure all customers get the services they need, AT&T works with businesses to determine the best plan for them. You can opt for separate Wi-Fi connections for employees and customers, serve multiple locations according to specific needs, and choose the security products that make sense for your business.

Comcast Business ISP: Best Business Internet for Enterprise Businesses

  • For enterprises that need customized solutions with reliable global reach, Comcast is a flexible provider.
  • Comcast provides global secure networks accompanied by robust cybersecurity features.
  • Comcast requires a two-year agreement to get a reduced monthly rate on services.
Editor's Rating: 8.4/10
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With the largest ISP and gig-speed network in the United States, Comcast is an ideal internet service provider for enterprises. Every Comcast solution includes around-the-clock customer support, online installation, scheduling and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Comcast Business, which is backed by a service-level agreement, is a true dedicated internet enterprise service with non-shared internet and different bundles to meet local market pricing and needs. Comcast’s cloud-based cybersecurity, backup internet services, and advanced Wi-Fi access points also give enterprises the power they need to operate smoothly, and the Preferred bundled plan is the most popular, with $25 to $45 off internet, phone and TV.

Comcast team members work with customers to customize options based on their needs and specific industry. When businesses choose Comcast, they receive global secure network solutions, like advanced security, SD-WAN services and highly rated cybersecurity features. With its acquisition of Masergy, Comcast helps bolster channel distribution to over 100 countries.

Comcast can help your business get up and running with services within 10 business days and frequently offers complimentary installation. Although email is not included in plans, Comcast provides unlimited data and internet. Download speeds can reach up to 1.25 Gbps, and automatic internet backup services help ensure your business functions even when the internet goes down.

Spectrum Business: Best Business Internet for Month-to-Month Contracts

  • Spectrum offers contract-free monthly plans to allow businesses the flexibility they need.
  • Spectrum has a unified communications solution partnership with RingCentral to help businesses operate anywhere.
  • The top upload speed is relatively low, at 35 Mbps.
Editor's Rating: 8.8/10
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Sometimes a business is bound for change and thus multiyear commitments or contracts don’t make sense. Spectrum offers its business customers month-to-month solutions with no contracts, and prices are locked for at least one year. Spectrum also provides its business customers with unlimited data, free email addresses and a free domain name.

We were impressed with Spectrum’s commitment to providing flexible services. If your business is stuck in a contract with another service provider and you switch to Spectrum’s contract-free plan, you could receive $1,000 to assist with early-termination fees. Spectrum also offers free installation to its customers.

Many businesses that need the flexibility of a plan without a contract also need the flexibility to work efficiently in a variety of places. Spectrum Business Connect is the provider’s all-in-one communication app that allows teams to work from anywhere. To support different devices and help teams function smoothly, Spectrum provides internet speeds up to 1 Gbps (wireless speeds may vary). Equipped with RingCentral (learn more in our full RingCentral review), Spectrum’s app supports phone calls, messages, videos and file transfers, as well as a seamless transition between phones, tablets and computers. When you bundle Spectrum Business Internet with Spectrum Business Connect, you’ll receive a free unlimited mobile line.

Viasat: Best Business Internet for Rural Businesses

  • For businesses in remote locations, Viasat Business Internet uses satellite connections with speeds up to 35 Mbps.
  • Viasat is available to 96 percent of the U.S. population and will soon be a global provider.
  • As a satellite internet provider, Viasat’s service is slightly more expensive and sometimes results in latency.
Editor's Rating: 8.2/10
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For businesses located in areas where other internet options are slow or unstable, Viasat offers reliable satellite internet. Rural businesses need quality internet services just like their urban counterparts do, and Viasat provides more satellite bandwidth than many of its competitors. It is currently one of the top federal government contractors and offers affordable internet plans for rural businesses through the Connect America Fund federal grant program. Viasat Business Internet service is available to 96 percent of the U.S. population, which makes it a great option for those who need remote internet service with speeds up to 35 Mbps outside other providers’ service areas.

Currently, Viasat has five satellites in orbit and plans to add two more satellites to expand its coverage area around the planet. Businesses that provide commercial Wi-Fi or require far-reaching mobility, like airlines and cruise ships, often choose Viasat for its reliable connection in less-populated spaces. Within the next year, Viasat will serve all 50 states, and the company plans to become the first global ISP by 2025.

Viasat can also be used as a backup or redundancy plan, with an entry-level cost of $50. Installation can be completed in three to five days. The provider rotates through three potential IPs and receives a prioritized connection over residential customers. Viasat offers an internet option that works efficiently in inclement weather

Verizon High-Speed Internet: Best Business Internet for Wireless Services

Verizon High-Speed Internet
  • Verizon provides 5G wireless internet access for increased mobile speed.
  • The company offers self-setup for its 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps wireless plans.
  • Verizon business internet is fast, but its service territory is limited.
Editor's Rating: 8.6/10

Wireless internet access is a vital part of business operations, and Verizon Business Technology provides some of the best 5G services to enable efficient and functional mobility. For $69 per month, you’ll have 100 Mbps speeds with self-setup or professional installation through the 5G Business Internet plan and a 10-year price guarantee. Verizon also offers an LTE Business Internet plan that connects temporary sites, enables large-scale deployments, and gives businesses the capacity to back up critical operations.

If a business wishes to upgrade its 5G service, it can opt for the Fios Business internet plan that uses an ultrafast fiber-optic network with 99.99 percent reliability and near-symmetrical speeds up to 940 Mbps. The Fios plan requires professional on-site installation, which is included with the plan along with 24/7 business-class support.

While the Fios plan enables speeds close to 1 Gbps, there are a variety of options that provide lower speeds for differing business needs. If your connectivity needs go beyond internet service, you can take advantage of Verizon’s internet and voice bundles to combine high-speed internet and phone service. Customers can upgrade their Fios plan with standard phone and digital voice add-ons.

To ensure customer satisfaction, Verizon offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, up to $1,500 in contract elimination assistance, and one month free with the 200 Mbps and 400 Mbps speed tiers of the 5G Business Internet plans.

Internet Service Provider Pricing

Although pricing is structured differently for each provider, it is typically determined by a few factors. Because there are so many speed and service options, it is a good idea to talk with a service provider representative about your options so you have a thorough understanding of the plan, the exact speeds and features you will receive, and the costs of add-ons. Hidden costs can be detrimental, especially to a small business, and no business should be cost-burdened by the need to function online. Upstanding internet service providers will be candid and explicit about their prices.

Although month-to-month plans may appear less intimidating, the monthly costs are often higher than the costs associated with a two-year contract. Your service provider representative can help you assess the benefit of bundling services such as phone and internet, which often helps to lower the overall costs.

Before you sign any contracts, it is important to note any cancellation fees, whether the provider offers a price lock to guarantee a solid rate, installation fees, and the costs to upgrade or add features to your plan. Ask yourself if the provider throws in free features because it values its customers or if the provider demands a fee for every change or addition to your plan.

FYIDid you know

Depending on the service provider you choose, starting costs typically range from $50 to $90 per month.

Internet Service Provider Features

Internet service involves more than the ability to get online. Here are some additional features you may want to consider when choosing a service provider.


Add-ons — such as wireless backup, security tools and guest Wi-Fi — can be extremely beneficial to a growing business with evolving needs, but they can be misleading. When you’re shopping for an internet service provider, it is important to assess the features included with a plan and the features that require an additional fee. If the price of a plan is low but your business needs an array of additional features, the fees to attain those features may not be affordable.

Plan Options

While some internet service providers offer just a few service plans, others feature a large variety of plans with numerous unique features and categories. Depending on your business’s needs, a few plan options with set pricing and features may suffice. Other businesses with more complex needs may benefit from an internet service provider with plans that support things like large-scale data backup, wireless backup internet options and even television services (for businesses such as restaurants and bars).

Speed Capabilities

Because your business’s needs may change, it is important to assess the internet speed options that different ISPs provide, which range from low to extremely fast. If your business is expanding, expecting to move locations or changing its customer interaction levels, the option to upgrade or purchase a higher-speed plan can be a key to success.

One area to pay close attention to is the download and upload speeds. If you see only one speed listed, usually in Mbps or Gbps, it’s likely the download speed. AT&T is one of the few providers to offer symmetrical upload and download speeds with all dedicated and fiber plans, while Verizon offers the same with nearly all of its dedicated and fiber plans.

FYIDid you know

While many ISPs offer business customers unlimited data, businesses that cross monthly data thresholds will experience slower internet speeds.

Provider Type

If your business operates in a nontraditional industry setting, like a remote location or strictly mobile, the type of internet service provider you choose can change the way your business operates online. Rural businesses may opt for a satellite-based provider or a provider with strong backup capabilities in the case of an internet outage. Businesses that rely heavily on mobile communications may opt for a provider that specializes in wireless communication and uses 5G for high-speed internet connections.

Customer Service

Regardless of your business needs, your internet service provider should demonstrate quality customer service. Troubleshooting is an inevitable part of online business; the internet is never a sure thing, and technical difficulties are common. Providers with 24/7 business-class support can help your business get the assistance it needs in a timely manner so you can continue operating smoothly. Before you choose a provider, it is important to ensure you will have the help you need to set up your service and handle any technical problems that arise. Most of the providers we’ve reviewed offer 24/7 customer support and uptimes above 99 percent.

How to Choose an Internet Service Provider

When you’re choosing a business internet service provider, it’s helpful to follow these steps:

1. Understand your specific business needs.

Before you research internet service providers, it is important to have a clear vision of your business needs. Clearly define your business’s size, how you use the internet most frequently, how your needs may change, where your business operates, the level of security you need and whether you need flexibility in your plan.

Did You Know?Did you know

Satellite internet providers often cover areas where DSL and fiber-optic cables can’t reach.

2. Identify the providers that work to accommodate businesses like yours.

After you assess your business needs, research different internet providers and compare their service plans. It can be useful to compare different plan tiers within one provider as well as similar plans from different providers. Note whether certain plans require add-ons for the service to function the way you need it to, which plans offer scalable options, and the comparative prices of each plan.

3. Talk with different providers to learn about their plans.

Speaking directly with a representative can help clarify the ISP’s ability to provide you with the service you need. Oftentimes, website information can be confusing, and representatives can help you assess which plan makes the most sense for your unique business needs. Speaking with a provider can also give you a better idea of how the company treats its customers.

If you don’t see free installation as part of a promotion when you make your purchase, call a representative to ask if you can have the installation fee waived.

4. Assess your plan options in the context of your present and future needs.

While a lower-tier plan may appear enticing because of its cheaper prices, a lot can change in a year. Because many internet service providers require customers to enter a two-year contract, it is wise to consider the future of your business. You may find it more sensible to purchase a plan with faster internet speeds or additional features. If the future is too uncertain, you may want to opt for a provider that offers a no-contract or month-by-month plan.

5. Choose a plan that is affordable and scalable.

After extensive consideration and research, the best-suited plan will be clear to you.

It’s essential to choose a plan that is affordable for your business, but it is also important to select a plan that can be scaled appropriately in the future. Before you make your final decision, make sure your provider has the capability to support your needs, the flexibility to grow and change along with your business, and the drive to continue providing the best internet connection feasible.

Benefits of Internet Service Providers

These are some of the many benefits of working with a top internet service provider:

  • Improves mobility: Access to wireless communication is key to business success, as many teams need to communicate through mobile phones and tablets.
  • Increases remote access: Wherever a business is, it needs high-speed broadband internet to function appropriately and efficiently.
  • Enables reliable communication: Profitable business requires effective communication both internally and externally, as well as online, to function properly.
  • Offers professional support: Internet service providers help your business troubleshoot quickly to allow your business to run smoothly.
  • Enhances brand reputability: A powerful and reliable internet connection enables seamless communication that demonstrates the integrity of your business.

Internet Service Provider FAQs

No, advertised download and upload speeds are provided under perfect conditions, which are not realistic for most business users sharing a network in real time, often over a Wi-Fi connection. You should expect your actual speed, when tested, to be well below the advertised speed on your plan.

When you’re measuring speed against cost, fiber is usually the best option for business. If you want the fastest possible upload and download speeds, a dedicated (non-shared) internet option is your best choice. However, in many cases, your location will dictate the types of service available. With limited options at your disposal, the fastest speed is usually the best speed for business applications.

What to Expect in 2024

While different internet service providers are tailored to specific types of businesses, they are still highly competitive. The best providers continuously work to improve their services by increasing the speed and strength of their internet connections and the breadth of their plans’ features. Choosing an internet provider with a commitment to improving its services can be pivotal, especially when many providers require their customers to enter a two-year contract.

Before choosing a provider, you may want to inquire about upcoming improvements. Some companies may not currently offer service in all the areas you need, but they might be expanding their reach to provide higher-quality, broader service in the near future. Many providers have committed to spending billions to expand their fiber networks across the country. Viasat is already available almost everywhere in the United States, and the company plans to be a global provider within the next two years after it adds more satellites. Other companies are continuously working to strengthen their dedicated, wireless and fiber-optic connections. The potential for improved access to high-speed internet service in the next few years may influence the success of businesses across all industries.

Integrations, partnerships and acquisitions are also important to consider. Spectrum’s recent partnership with RingCentral has significantly improved its mobile communication capabilities and allows businesses to more effectively operate with mobility. Online communication is complex, and providers that demonstrate their ability to integrate helpful technologies into their services should be recognized by business customers.

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