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Updated Apr 29, 2024

RingEX Review and Pricing

Jessica Elliott
Jessica Elliott, Senior Analyst & Expert on Business Operations
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Editors Score:9.1/10
Team messaging spaces, collaborative notes and AI-powered tools transform the RingEX business phone system into a powerful collaboration platform. It integrates with hundreds of services and has robust call management features.
Thumbs Up Pros
  • The phone system provides collaborative team meeting and messaging spaces.
  • RingEX integrates with hundreds of third-party applications.
  • It offers AI-generated insights from voice and video conversations.
Thumbs Down Cons
  • Virtual faxing isn't included on RingEX Core.
  • The volume-based discounts only apply to companies with 100 or more employees.
  • RingEX doesn't offer unlimited text messaging.
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Editor's Rating9.1/10

A unified communications (UC) platform facilitates internal and external conversations. RingEX, formerly RingCentral MVP, offers advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools and an impressive workspace, making it our preferred business phone system for collaboration. We were particularly wowed with RingSense AI for RingEX, which summarizes voice and video calls. Check out our comprehensive review of RingEX to learn more about our testing and research findings.

RingEX Editor's Rating:

9.1 / 10

Customizations, add-ons and integrations
Ease of use
Customer service

Why We Chose RingEX for Collaboration

RingEX centralizes conversations and interactions with one cloud-based phone system to manage customer and internal communications. Adding valuable features like Team Huddle, personal folders and collaborative notes distinguishes RingEX from its competitors. With the launch of RingSense AI for RingEX, the platform can do even more to boost efficiency and enhance customer experiences.

We appreciate the continued upgrades to video conferencing and messaging spaces. The collaborative notes feature (available on desktop and mobile) improves meeting productivity and keeps the conversation going after the session ends. Employees can follow up in a Team Huddle space, upload related files and assign tasks. They can search AI voice and video transcripts by topic to find relevant conversations and share them with the group. 

RingEX whiteboard

Employees can use RingEX whiteboards together on web browsers, desktops or mobile apps. Source: RingCentral

RingEX’s whiteboard tools allow up to 30 users to collaborate. Using the toolbar or keyboard shortcuts, you can pin sticky notes, add graphics and upload images. When finished, you can share or download whiteboards from the program’s “Recordings” tab. Personal folders hold conversations and individuals can change the folder color, rearrange the section tabs and reorder content within the folder via drag-and-drop functionality.

Like its peers on our list of the best business phone systems, the RingEX service supports voice, chat, video, short message service (SMS) text messaging and fax. We like how flexible the platform is. Your team can float between locations or devices without disrupting meetings. With these capabilities in mind, it’s the ideal UC solution for companies looking to foster teamwork and improve the customer experience.

FYIDid you know
Voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) and AI technologies enable small businesses to manage multiple communication channels from a single platform. However, voice intelligence capabilities differ among services. Consider your use case when evaluating AI-powered phone systems.

Ease of Use

During our testing, we were satisfied with the consistent experience across RingEX’s mobile and desktop applications. We liked the customizable menu, a unique option uncommon among VoIP softphone apps. Users can personalize the layout or pop out their most used tools, such as the Dialpad. RingEX offers several color themes, including a dark mode to reduce eye strain and a high-contrast mode to improve accessibility. 

We also love that RingEX brought back the telephony inbox. It provides a singular view of voicemail recordings and transcriptions, text messages and faxes. Like Dialpad, RingEX has an iPad-optimized app. It functions like a desktop application, allowing employees to use the modular pop-outs and telephony inbox. 

Moreover, with every subscription, all team members benefit from the essential RingSense AI for RingEX features. This service delivers effortless real-time and post-call intelligence to small businesses. In the video below, the provider highlights how generative AI summarizes conversations.

RingEX Features

Besides unlimited calling and call management tools, RingEX subscriptions offer innovative messaging, video meetings and voice channel solutions. Explore a few of our favorite RingEX features for workplace collaboration and communication. 

RingSense AI for RingEX

With RingSense AI embedded in RingEX, business users receive transcriptions and summaries when they record phone calls. Currently, all subscriptions include RingSense AI Essentials. We love that it highlights the call topic or purpose, making it easy for users to search through conversations. Select customers can access premium AI features like real-time note-taking and AI recaps for chat threads. 

However, our review of Dialpad found the company dictionary and keyword features more suitable for small sales and recruiting teams. Still, RingEX outperforms Dialpad with its AI-enabled video meeting tools. These generate summaries, highlight reels and keyword-based clips. Employees can view replays by specific speakers or share a transcript. 

RingCentral recorded session

Select an item listed under Topics to hear the recorded session where it’s discussed. Source: RingCentral

Did You Know?Did you know
Several business phone systems, including Dialpad and Zoom, recently rolled out or updated their AI technologies. See how their capabilities differ in our RingCentral vs. Dialpad comparison.

Collaborative Notes

During our user testing, we didn’t encounter many VoIP systems (besides Zoom) offering a collaborative notes feature. We found it incredibly helpful during team huddles and one-on-one meetings. It works inside the video interface on mobile and desktop apps, and you can edit notes when your meeting ends. 

RingEX allows public and private notes, which is ideal for tracking group or individual action items. The formatting options let users turn meeting notes into organized documents with paragraphs, bullet points and images. 

RingEX meeting notes

RingEX lets you take public and private notes while in a meeting. Source: RingCentral

Team Huddle

Team Huddle is an informal, chat-enabled video space ideal for connecting remote employees. RingEX sends an alert to invitees, who are notified on their computer or mobile phone. Team Huddle rooms work well for virtual breaks, lunch-and-learn sessions and instant HR or IT support access. Likewise, Zoom and 8×8 offer persistent chat spaces. See our RingCentral vs. 8×8 comparison to examine these solutions side by side. 

TipBottom line
Improve your office workflow by automating manual tasks and providing accessible, collaborative spaces. Integrate business technologies so that your staff can join conversations and interact without opening a separate application.

Team Messaging

Many platforms, including Nextiva and RingCentral, offer one-to-one and group messaging with rich text, GIFs and emojis, but few efficiently organize conversations. With RingEX, we like that you can bookmark messages for private viewing or pin them for all team members in the chat. Pinned messages may include scheduled events, tasks and attachments. 

App Gallery and Custom Integrations

RingEX’s phone system stands out for its more than 330 prebuilt integrations and open application programming interfaces (APIs). In comparison, most communication solutions we reviewed offered a few dozen. Many integrations are bidirectional, with two-way sync for advanced functionality. 

For instance, using HubSpot, your team can listen to voicemails, review faxes and send business SMS messages without switching to the RingEX app. This can also improve collaboration and communication across your business, especially if you’re interested in streamlining operations. RingEX also offers license-free Microsoft Teams integrations for Core users and full private branch exchange (PBX) capabilities for Advanced users.

RingCentral telephony features

Access telephony features inside Microsoft Teams with the RingEX integration. Source: RingCentral

Did You Know?Did you know
RingEX can search your Salesforce CRM platform automatically when receiving incoming calls and show a pop-up with the contact's record before your employee answers the line. Check out our Salesforce CRM review to learn why it's one of the best CRMs.

Audio and Video Conferencing

Aside from robust AI-powered tools, RingEX offers remote desktop controls, breakout rooms and unlimited video recording. RingEX users can host video meetings on a desktop or mobile phone with 100 to 200 participants. The platform supports up to 1,000 attendees on audio conference calls, more than Dialpad or GoTo Connect allow. 

RingEX screen share

RingEX lets you share your screen to assist a co-worker or collaborate on a project. Source: RingCentral 

Still, small businesses can mix and match Zoom plans for cost savings and increase meeting capacity to 300 with Zoom Workplace Business Plus or up to 1,000 with the large meeting add-on. Check out our review of Zoom to learn why it’s an excellent business phone system for video conferencing.

FYIDid you know
Beyond RingEX, additional RingCentral products include phone system add-ons and standalone options like webinars and an AI-powered events platform. Zoom is another popular choice for webinars and events. See how these platforms differ in our RingCentral vs. Zoom comparison.

Task Management

We like that RingEX lets users manage and assign tasks in conversations and user workspaces. While other UC platforms like Dialpad have task management capabilities, RingEX enriches the experience by letting you group tasks by color or category. Tasks can be assigned to multiple users and the program adds a status message when someone completes the job. 

RingEX tasks tab

Receive status update message threads or view details in the RingEX “Tasks” tab. Source: RingCentral

Business Phone System Security

RingEX’s UC solution meets Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards. Dynamic end-to-end encryption (E2EE) works on mobile and desktop versions for video, phone and messaging services. 

TipBottom line
If your small medical office uses a third-party fax solution, check out our Nextiva review. The VoIP phone service provides virtual and analog HIPAA-compliant faxing with all plans.

RingEX Pricing Plans and Subscription Costs

RingEX offers three service plans, ranging from $30 to $45 per user, per month, for one to 100 users. The vendor doesn’t charge a setup fee and provides discounts for annual billing and companies purchasing 100 or more licenses. The plan tiers build upon each other, so higher-priced packages include all lower-option features.

Our analysis revealed that RingEX Core costs more than Zoom Phone or Dialpad. However, the feature-rich base plan includes license-free Microsoft Teams integration and unlimited video and audio conferencing, which aren’t typically standard on entry-tier packages. We appreciate that a business VoIP phone number, unlimited calls in the United States and Canada and AI insights come with all service packages as do the collaboration tools, such as team messaging and document sharing.

Here’s how the business communications plans compare.

Service plan

Price (cost per user, per month)

Key  Features



  • RingSense AI Essentials
  • Calendars, Microsoft Teams and Slack integrations
  • Basic call queues
  • On-demand call recording
  • Team messaging
  • Unlimited audio conferencing
  • 25 business SMS
  • Multilevel auto attendant/interactive voice response
  • API access
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Video conferencing with 100 participants
  • Call logs
  • Video recording
  • 100 toll-free minutes
  • Visual voicemail



Everything in Core, plus:

  • On-demand or automatic call recording
  • Hot desking
  • Video meetings with 100 participants
  • CRM and industry-specific integrations
  • Internet fax
  • Business Analytics Essentials
  • 1,000 toll-free minutes
  • Advanced call queues
  • Call monitor, whisper and barge
  • 100 business SMS



Everything in Advanced, plus:

  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Device analytics and alerts
  • Video conferencing with 200 participants
  • 10,000 toll-free minutes
  • Business Analytics Pro
  • 200 business SMS

The vendor offers additional products, including front-line solutions like push-to-talk and high-volume SMS packages. Advanced users can upgrade their reporting package by adding Business Analytics Pro, which comes standard with the Ultra plan. RingEX also has international and vanity numbers.

Add-on and standalone licenses include the following options:

  • RingSense Conversation Intelligence for Sales
  • RingCentral Rooms
  • RingCentral Webinar
  • Live Reports for real-time call queue management
  • RingCX AI Contact Center
  • RingCentral Events
TipBottom line
Sign up online for instant access to a free RingEX demo with no credit card required or take advantage of the provider's 14-day trial. You can test the entire RingEX suite of features, including the auto attendant, virtual faxing and video conferencing.

Implementation and Onboarding

RingEX is a complex system but setup can go quickly for small single-site businesses. Companies with advanced routing and permission requirements should expect a lengthier rollout. RingEX offers an express implementation blueprint for organizations with one to 19 lines and enhanced services for businesses with 20 or more licenses. 

The refreshed admin portal improved the software’s user interface, making bulk uploading new users and configuring permissions quicker. However, RingEX’s comprehensive self-service and training resources distinguish it from competitors. It offers the largest database of tutorials and training guides of all the phone system vendors we investigated. With MyRingCentral, users can view featured training across RingEX, Contact Center, RingCX and RingSense. 

The remote access feature allows your information technology (IT) team to support new users during onboarding and beyond. It will enable your IT staff to request control during screen-sharing sessions and troubleshoot issues, regardless of whether your employees work remotely or on-site. 

Customer Support

RingCentral provides live phone support and chat 24/7 for all RingEX accounts. This is uncommon as only a few business phone vendors we reviewed offer phone support for entry-level subscribers. However, RingEX users will find live chat usually is the fastest technical support channel. 

Users can open a support case online, which RingCentral recommends for nontime-sensitive matters. The provider typically replies within 48 hours. We also found the community forum easy to navigate and relatively active, with fellow users answering questions within an hour or two. Additionally, as mentioned above, RingCentral provides a plethora of self-guided resources and makes it easy to request extra help without leaving the app. 


RingEX is a feature-packed platform that may not be suitable for every company. It’s on the pricier side for small businesses that have complex routing needs or run seasonal operations. When comparing RingCentral and Vonage, we found that Vonage could be less expensive in some cases. With mobile-only plans and pay-as-you-go extensions, small teams can tailor a solution to fit their budget. Our Vonage review explains how companies can customize their phone system. 

Likewise, RingEX does not offer unlimited international calling. An organization expanding globally may prefer 8×8. Our 8×8 review noted that the provider supports international workforces and customers with unmetered calls to 14 or 48 countries. On the other hand, our review of GoTo Connect found it was a better option for U.S.-based firms with multiple sites.


For our RingEX review, we consulted with customer service representatives, participated in demos, downloaded desktop and mobile apps and spoke to RingEX users. We tested collaboration features by interacting in group spaces and assessing the system’s ease of use and AI and automation technologies. Our evaluation compared RingEX against competitors by looking at pricing, usability and integrations. Learn what factors to consider by reading our guide to choosing the best business phone service


RingEX offers cloud-calling capabilities integrated into your Microsoft Teams applications. Business owners can choose from license-free and full PBX options.
RingEX uses E2EE across voice, video and messaging to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing conversations. Businesses can secure the business phone platform further by enabling SSO and configuring custom permissions.
The business phone and video platforms offer similar features, but RingEX offers more extensive integrations, call routing configurations and customer support. Meanwhile, Zoom's mix-and-match plans may lower your overall cost.

Bottom Line

We recommend RingEX for …

  • Businesses with remote or hybrid teams.
  • Organizations that lead multichannel sales and service campaigns. 
  • Private medical practices handling patient communications. 

We don’t recommend RingEX for …

  • Solopreneurs.
  • Very small brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • Companies that prefer mix-and-match plans.
Jessica Elliott
Jessica Elliott, Senior Analyst & Expert on Business Operations
Jessica Elliott is a trusted expert in the realm of business software and technology, with nearly two decades of hands-on experience. Her keen insights span a wide array of sectors, including cloud computing, SaaS solutions and business phone systems. With a knack for evaluating and dissecting various business applications, Elliott specializes in advising business owners on the best platforms suitable for companies of all sizes. In addition to her technical acumen, Elliott holds certifications from HubSpot and is also well-versed in digital marketing, sales funnels and finance. Her valuable insights have been featured in esteemed publications such as U.S. News & World Report, USA Today and Investopedia.
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Editor's Rating9.1/10
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