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EZ Texting Review

Rachelle Gordon
Rachelle Gordon

Businesses in need of a full suite of short message service (SMS) marketing tools with flexible pricing should strongly consider EZ Texting. This popular platform boasts powerful capabilities, including advanced segmentation, automated workflows, drip campaigns, performance analytics and lead generation. The service's clear dashboard is easy to use and allows for group messaging, mass alerts and two-way communication. And thanks to a partnership with Shutterstock, EZ Texting allows you to send attractive multimedia messaging service (MMS) messages. Over 165,000 clients from a diverse group of industries trust EZ Texting to help them engage with their audience and drive growth.

EZ Texting

EZ Texting

The Verdict

EZ Texting is our top pick for small businesses seeking an efficient, intuitive and cost-effective SMS marketing service with a wide range of features. The flexible pricing and seamless interface make this text messaging service a favorite.

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EZ Texting's pricing is among the most flexible of all of the SMS marketing services we reviewed. There are four preset plans, which use a credit system for messages:

  • Value: The entry-level plan costs $24 a month and provides 200 credits at a rate of 4 cents per additional credit, one textable number and one custom keyword.

  • Essentials: The next tier is the Essentials plan, which starts at $36 a month. It includes the same number of credits and additional-credit rate as the Value plan, but you get two textable numbers and three keywords, as well as access to more premium features, like photo editing and list-growth tools.

  • Premium: This plan is $61 per month and has all of the features of the lower-tier plans but offers three textable numbers and six keywords. You also get API access with this plan, making it ideal for companies that focus on third-party software integrations.

  • Custom: The highest-tier package costs $374 per month. It also includes 200 credits, but it costs only 1 cent for each additional credit. This plan includes all of the features of the lower-tier plans, as well as managed access.

Did you know?Did you know? Annual plans offer savings of up to 20% per package, and the 14-day free trial provides 120 credits with no credit card or contract required.

EZ Texting offers four plans to fit a wide variety of business needs.

Ease of Use

A clean and straightforward dashboard is one of the main draws of EZ Texting. The user-friendly platform allows you to search for and select custom keywords, draft messages (and view how they will appear on mobile devices) and send or schedule messages. You can opt for single one-on-one messages or bulk alerts to groups of contacts. Delivery and campaign performance reports highlight successes and any areas in need of improvement to help inform future strategies.

Getting started with EZ Texting is incredibly simple. A video tutorial guides you through setting up your service, adding contacts and segmenting audiences by demographics or interests. A vast library of internal resources ensures anyone can succeed with this software. Message templates are available, and EZ Texting's partnership with Shutterstock allows businesses to begin sending beautiful and engaging texts immediately.

Another advantage of EZ Texting is its wide array of communication options, which make it simple for teams to reach their customers and prospects in multiple ways. The mobile app allows you to stay in touch with your audience on the go, and team management tools allow for multiple user logins. Text forwarding sends messages straight to your email inbox or cell phone, so you remain connected even when logged off the web platform. Text-to-landline direct messaging lets you use your existing business phone numbers to contact subscribers, or you can choose a new text-enabled number solely for SMS marketing purposes.

EZ Texting also offers partner integrations with some of the leading business management providers, including email marketing firms, customer relationship management (CRM) software, lead generation tools, customer service platforms and other third-party applications. That way, you can sync the programs your organization is already using with EZ Texting to streamline operations and maximize your reach. EZ Texting adds new partner integrations regularly, making this provider one of the most dynamic on our list.

TipTip: EZ Texting's compatibility with third-party business solutions lets you integrate your sales and marketing pipelines and thus generate more granular data.

EZ Texting has a clear, user-friendly dashboard that gives you quick access to different aspects of your text message marketing campaigns.

EZ Texting Features

EZ Texting has an impressive list of features designed to help businesses boost their revenue, reach and efficiency. The all-in-one approach makes SMS marketing approachable for even the least-tech-savvy teams. Here are some of the service's key features:

Large-Scale Group Texts and Mass Alerts

It's critical for all SMS marketing providers to have the network capability to handle a high volume of texts to large subscriber lists. EZ Texting's reliability and fast speeds are notable compared with the other providers on our list: The company says it achieves 98% deliverability and six times the open rates of traditional marketing emails. Dedicated short codes, unique keywords and shortened links help boost engagement even further.

Analytics and Reporting

Evaluating the marketing analytics of text campaigns is an integral part of any company's marketing strategy. EZ Texting's built-in insights tool makes it simple to capture and measure this valuable data. You can track essential statistics, such as click rates, deliverability, unsubscribes and engagement spikes. The clear-cut reporting will mold your efforts into their best possible form.

EZ Texting's built-in analytics tool gives you access to a wide range of data to help inform your marketing strategy.

Dedicated Short Codes

Short codes have become ubiquitous in SMS marketing. These five- or six-digit textable numbers are reserved for exclusive use by one organization or brand and can help set their messaging apart. These codes also allow for access to more keywords and provide guaranteed deliverability. EZ Texting's short-code pricing is custom but comes with lower overall rates for scalable bulk messaging.

Appointment Reminders

For service providers and hospitality operators, EZ Texting provides automatic appointment alerts and reminders to help reduce no-shows and increase repeat visits. Businesses can also set up emergency alerts to instantly inform customers of early closures because of weather or last-minute issues.

Drip Campaigns

Reach customers at crucial times in the buying journey with automated drip campaigns meant to nurture leads, welcome newcomers to your list or update previous visitors. By "dripping" out targeted content at predetermined times, companies can easily cultivate relationships and retain customers. EZ Texting's intuitive workflows make creating funnel-based messaging effortless.

EZ Texting allows you to schedule group text messages in advance and preview how they will appear on mobile devices.

Managed Accounts

Premium subscribers can take advantage of EZ Texting's managed accounts feature, which allows users to manage multiple accounts seamlessly in one dashboard. This tool is great for enterprise users or franchises that juggle multiple locations with individual clientele. Businesses can compare analytics for each active textable number and target future campaigns accordingly.

TipTip: Managed accounts are useful for companies or professionals focused on managing text message marketing campaigns for multiple brands at the same time.

Free Incoming Texts

The ability to receive unlimited inbound messages at no cost is one feature that distinguishes EZ Texting from the other SMS marketing services we reviewed. Teams can manage and respond at their convenience in the aggregated inbox or plan future campaigns around customer feedback revisited in the archives. Two-way chat is supported for messages that need prompt replies in real time, which is especially useful for client-facing operations.

Advanced Picture Messaging

Another compelling feature offered by EZ Texting is its impressive MMS capabilities. The company's partnership with Shutterstock gives users access to over 20 million premium images and illustrations. That means you can create appealing content to entice your audience and increase engagement rates.

Implementation and Onboarding

Getting started with EZ Texting takes minimal time and overhead. Simply register for a free account and answer some questions about your organization, and the company will verify your information within minutes. You can begin loading contacts and texting immediately upon account approval. If you already use CRM software, you can integrate it immediately and quickly upload subscriber lists. A helpful resource library featuring tutorial videos, articles and supplemental materials makes onboarding an incredibly smooth process.

Customer Support

According to the prompt you receive upon calling the company's toll-free number, the EZ Texting customer support team is available by phone and web chat Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET and via web chat only on weekends from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. However, the website indicates that live web chat is available only Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

You can also contact the customer support team through text and email. We sent a message in the web chat interface around 6 p.m. ET on a weekday and received a message telling us we were being connected to an agent, only to be disconnected. However, the company's resource center and FAQs provide a wealth of information on everything from general software help to SMS marketing best practices.


One main limitation of EZ Texting's platform is that credits expire if they're unused after 18 months. This use-it-or-lose-it policy may not be ideal for lower-volume businesses or those that opt to dial back their SMS marketing budgets or take a break from the service.

Another limitation is the somewhat smaller number of unique keywords available in the cheaper monthly plans. Businesses rely on keywords because they offer access to subscriber lists and opt-ins for future alerts, as well as provide data that's crucial for contact segmentation. Organizations may see their costs go up if they require more keywords than the lower-tier plans provide.

We were also disappointed that we weren't able to connect with a live customer service rep, so businesses that need one-on-one help may want to look for a more hands-on service. Overall, though, we recommend EZ Texting to businesses that want an easy-to-use SMS marketing service with flexible pricing and a wide range of features.

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EZ Texting

EZ Texting

The Verdict

EZ Texting is our top pick for small businesses seeking an efficient, intuitive and cost-effective SMS marketing service with a wide range of features. The flexible pricing and seamless interface make this text messaging service a favorite.

Rachelle Gordon
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