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EZ Texting Review

Kiely Kuligowski
Kiely Kuligowski
Staff Writer

EZ Texting is our pick as the best text message marketing service overall because it has every tool a business needs to send successful text message marketing campaigns, its flexible packages can suit businesses of all sizes, and its dashboard is very easy to use. Its main features include a guided tour to teach you how to use the tool, customization options, and easy contact management. EZ Texting offers a 14-day free trial, so businesses can test the service, sending messages, adding contacts, and evaluating the dashboard, before signing up for a package. 

EZ Texting

EZ Texting

The Best Text Message Marketing Services of 2021

The Verdict

EZ Texting is our choice for best text message marketing service overall because it has flexible packages, an easy-to-use dashboard and a full selection of advanced tools.


We liked EZ Texting's transparent pricing and flexible plans. There are eight different tiers, custom packages, as well as a pay-as-you-go plan to choose from.

All plans allow multimedia (MMS) messages, and you can purchase additional messages, which start at 4.5 cents but are cheaper if you choose one of the higher plans. Additional keywords cost $25 per month each.

  • The Pay & Go plan doesn't charge a monthly fee. Instead, you pay 5 cents per message, and $25 per keyword each month.

  • The Plus plan is $49 per month and includes 1,000 credits and one custom keyword per month.

  • For $94 per month, you can purchase the Select plan, which includes 2,000 credits and two custom keywords a month.

  • The Elite plan is $149 per month; it includes 3,300 credits and three custom keywords.

  • The Custom plan includes unlimited contacts and inbound messages, unlimited one-on-one chat, a custom number of mass messages and custom opt-in keywords for $299 per month.

  • The largest plans – Bronze, Silver and Gold – are $450, $1,100 and $2,000 per month, respectively. These plans include 10,000 to 50,000 messages per month and up to 15 custom keywords.

EZ Texting Features

We chose EZ Texting as our best overall pick because the program is easy to use, and EZ Texting offers a guided tour with your subscription or free trial where you can learn how to send your first text message campaign. The tour shows you how to select a specific group, a single contact or type in a phone number when sending your first message. Then, you can create a message template or insert personalized fields.

Before you send a text message, you can preview the message to see what it will look like, as well as who is receiving the message and when it will be sent. You'll also see how many credits are required to send the message.

Next, EZ Texting walks you through the process of adding contacts. If you have an existing contact list, you can import it into the system. When uploading contacts, you can select which groups they belong to. This makes it easy to segment your contacts and target different groups.

EZ Texting's dashboard is very intuitive and user-friendly. The top of the dashboard displays the number of unread messages you have, the number of scheduled messages that have been sent, contacts you have added and opt-outs.

It's also easy to add new contacts, send text messages and have individual conversations with contacts. EZ Texting's reports are easy to read, offering information on the number of messages sent, contacts and keyword activity.

Here's more about EZ Texting's key features:

  • Analytics:  With EZ Texting's tracking and reporting feature, you can gather information about your past text message campaigns and develop a greater understanding of your audience. You can view metrics such as texts sent, messages received and up-to-date contact counts.

  • Contact management:  With EZ Texting, you can create your contact list by uploading an existing list or manually adding contacts one at a time. When you are creating your list, you can add custom fields such as phone number, first name, last name, or birthday and sort and segment your contacts. You can create an unlimited number of groups and then design campaigns specifically for different groups, such as new customers.

  • Customization: EZ Texting's custom fields can help you make your contacts feel that they are not just a number; you can personalize your messages to include specific customer details. For example, your customers' full names are automatically merged into mass text messages, so while the whole group may receive the same message, it will be addressed to each of them personally by name.

  • Drip campaigns: One reasonwe selected EZ Texting as our best pick overall is its advanced drip campaign tool. You can create a series of timed messages that are automatically sent to select target customers. For example, you can send a welcome message to a new customer followed by another message offering a coupon for their first purchase at a predetermined later time.
  • Free incoming text messages: Unlike some text message marketing services, EZ Texting offers free incoming messages. Incoming messages are stored in your inbox for you to sort and export whenever you want.

  • Integrations: EZ Texting integrates with other marketing software such as Constant Contact, Zendesk, PieSync, Mailchimp and AWeber. This is great for businesses looking to combine their text message and email marketing campaigns.

  • Message templates: Templates allow you to save popular types of text messages for future use. When it's time to use the message type, select the template you want, make the necessary changes and send the text. EZ Texting also offers starter templates for specific industries and segmented groups.

  • MMS messaging:  With EZ Texting, you can send multimedia messages that feature images, audio and video.

  • Mobile keywords: EZ Texting supports mobile keywords and short codes. You can create keywords for specific groups. When someone texts you that keyword, they'll be added to the group. This helps ensure you don't send text messages to consumers who aren't interested in them. For example, if you're having a sale on children's products, you can send the campaign only to people who have opted in to receive updates related to children's merchandise.

  • Scheduling: Scheduling text messages is helpful if, for example, you want to send appointment reminders to clients so they have plenty of advance notice or if you want to send a campaign at a strategic time. You can schedule multiple messages in advance and relax knowing your campaigns will be sent. You can also schedule recurring texts to be sent on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. This is great for meeting reminders or weekly sales calls.

  • Sign-up widgets: Along with using mobile keywords, people can sign up for your text messages through a widget on your website, Facebook page or Twitter.

  • Surveys: You can gather customer services through EZ Texting's polling and survey capabilities. You can ask customers different types of questions, such as multiple choice, essay, number range, yes/no and true/false.

  • Text forwarding: This service makes it easy to manage your incoming text messages on the go, without logging in to your account. Messages are automatically forwarded to your email address or mobile phone. This is helpful for managing texts if you're not in front of your computer often.

  • Text-to-landline: You can send and receive text messages through your existing business phone number with no changes to your voice service. This is helpful because you don't need to have different phone numbers for talking and texting.


There are many pros to EZ Texting that influenced our decision in choosing it as the best overall text message marketing service. These included the 14-day free trial, its reasonable prices, the wide variety of features, and the training and customer service tools.

EZ Texting's pricing is a big pro for small businesses. You can choose between multiple monthly plans that range from under $20 per month or a pay-as-you-go option. They even provide plans for large businesses or custom packages in the event that your business changes over time.


One major con with EZ Texting is that if you do not use all of your monthly or yearly credits within the allotted time of 18 months, they expire. Additionally, if you require more keywords than what is included with your plan, those costs add up and could become expensive.

Customer Support

EZ Texting offers 24/7 support with the purchase of any of its plans. In addition, there are plenty of free resources, including training guides, webinars and FAQs, which you can find on their website. Some users have reported slow response times from customer service representatives in other online reviews of EZ Texting. When we called, we waited a few minutes (the wait time wasn't overly long), but the representative was very prompt and helpful in answering all our questions.


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EZ Texting

EZ Texting

The Best Text Message Marketing Services of 2021

The Verdict

EZ Texting is our choice for best text message marketing service overall because it has flexible packages, an easy-to-use dashboard and a full selection of advanced tools.

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