Investment Control at the Technical Stage of a Startup

BY Dmitriy Nortenko

Software development is often tricky and requires professional monitoring. That`s where the team of QA engineers adds value.

How Startups Can Stay Close to Home With the Help of Corporate Partners

BY Patrick Riley

Keeping startups local could be the thing that revives the global economy one community at a time, and corporate partnerships help make that possible.

Want to Support a Charity? Qualities Businesses Should Seek Out

BY Scott Gerber

Here are the criteria business leaders can use when choosing which charities to support.

How did you attract international investors?

QUESTION | BY Kiely Kuligowski | 2 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 11/10/19

To business owners who have international investors: 1. How did you attract international investors? 2. Why are international investors important for your business? 3. What impact do you...

How to Properly Use a Credit Card to Finance Your Small Business

BY Ruth Hoffmann

Learn how to properly use a credit card to finance your small business.

SBA Loan Default: A Complete Guide for 2020 and Beyond

BY Jason Milleisen

Here's comprehensive guide to all your questions about SBA loan default, forgiveness and the SBA Offer In Compromise.

Is Asset-Based Lending Right for Your Business?

BY Matthew G.

You can use your assets for a business loan to increase your available capital.

What to Do if You Can't Get a Business Loan

BY Chris Porteous

There are some key steps you should be taking if your business needs an influx of cash and you can't get a loan.

How can I get international funding support for a business?

QUESTION | BY Syed Rossedi Tuan Dalam | 2 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 10/14/19

I want to start a service-oriented business - Auto Carpet Cleaning Services in Malaysia. All this while, only manual cleaning available. I have done my homework and produced my business plan, which I...

How to Attract International Investors

BY Kiely Kuligowski

International investors can add value and scope to your business.

What You Need to Know About Investing in Startups

BY Ben Mizes

Investing in startups is a uniquely high-risk, high-return challenge, but investors can boost their chances by following a few simple guidelines.

Best Practices to Follow Before Applying for a Small Business Loan

BY Matthew G.

These practices will help you quickly and successfully find the best loan for your small business.

I've identified a market for my product. How do I best proceed to get funding for a new product offering within my company?

QUESTION | BY Richard Kakooza | 0 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 09/30/19

Hello, I am managing a manufacturing enterprise which I started in 2013. My company currently has 27 permanent employees. Up until now, the business has grown to some level but I want to bring it to...

5 Investor-Friendly Industries Perfect for First-Time Entrepreneurs

BY Howard Goldstein

Gaining insight into your target industry early on gives your young business many significant strategic advantages. Here are a few of the most lucrative, investor-friendly industries that...

How to Negotiate with Freelancers

BY Chris Porteous

Here are some tips on how to negotiate with freelancers, including how to avoid getting ripped off.

How can I put together a financial statement for a new company in an effort to gain the support of investors?


I'm trying to find an investor to help fund costs associated with my newly established business (inventory, equipment, office space, etc) I've tried to find a local investor and had no success....

How Leveraged Buyouts Can Help Small Businesses

BY Chris Porteous

Leveraged buyouts can help small businesses that may otherwise struggle to attract outside financing.

Ways to Fund Your Startup Without Losing Equity

BY Janet Gershen-Siegel

Startup business owners need operating capital. But many of their options involve selling a slice of their business. It doesn't have to be this way. Startup entrepreneurs can retain all of their...

Is Your SBA Loan in Default? Forgiveness Is Possible

BY Jason Milleisen

Learn about the SBA's offer in compromise process, including who is eligible and important do's and don'ts for handling SBA default.

Connecting SMBs to Federal Opportunities Makes Better Government

BY Ben Vaught

An improved procurement process would allow government to reach more businesses.