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Bambee HR Software Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
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Updated Oct 20, 2022

Bambee is an HR outsourcing solution that is ideal for small businesses looking for assistance with HR compliance on the federal, state and local levels. When you sign up for a Bambee plan, you are assigned a dedicated HR professional who can audit your HR practices and help create policies and procedures that support HR compliance. Bambee can automate your HR processes, retain important HR documents, help you onboard and train employees, and even navigate employee termination when needed. If you are looking for assistance with processing payroll, Bambee offers that as well. It’s because of all these services and more that Bambee HR is our pick as the best HR solution for HR compliance assistance.

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Bambee HR Software

The Verdict

Bambee is a human resources outsourcing solution that's our best pick for HR compliance assistance for small businesses. It also provides HR guidance, payroll processing and dedicated support.

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Bambee Editor’s Score: 9.2/10

Customizations, add-ons and integrations8.9/10
Ease of use9.9/10
Customer service9.4/10

Why We Chose Bambee for Compliance Assistance

Bambee specializes in offering HR compliance assistance to small businesses with up to 500 employees. We like that Bambee caters to small businesses specifically, because it helps ensure that its HR representatives can offer custom assistance based on each employer’s needs. Bambee can help with employee onboarding, training and termination. It can automate HR processes, store important HR documents in one centralized location and offer custom support as HR questions arise. Its reps can also conduct HR audits and create custom HR policies for each business, which isn’t something all competitors offer.

What We Like About Bambee

  • Bambee pairs you with a dedicated HR manager.
  • Bambee HR support is available by phone, email and chat.
  • Bambee can create HR policies based on your company culture and applicable labor regulations.

What We Don’t Like About Bambee

  • Bambee doesn’t administer employee benefits.
  • Annual plans require you to have at least five employees.
  • Bambee charges a one-time setup fee.

FYIFYI: Every plan includes unlimited email and chat support; however, you will need a plan for five or more employees if you want access to unlimited phone support.

Ease of Use

One thing we like about Bambee is how intuitive and easy to use it is. Once you partner with the HR solution, you gain access to a dedicated HR representative to help you navigate the world of HR regulations. We also like that Bambee simplifies the HR process by offering HR Autopilot (an automation of your key HR practices), which can help your business comply with HR regulations throughout the year. These features are ideal for small businesses that don’t have the resources to hire an in-house HR professional or the time to stay on top of ever-changing HR regulations themselves.

Since Bambee HR representatives can be reached by phone, email and chat, you can connect with your support rep in the most convenient way for you. We found this noteworthy, as some competitors we reviewed offer support only through select channels.

TipTip: If you’re on the fence about whether you should outsource some HR functions, look for these five warning signs you need to outsource your HR.

Bambee Features

Bambee HR offers many solutions to help you maintain compliance with federal, state and even local laws. Here are just a few ways it can help you achieve that:

HR Compliance

The main goal of Bambee is to help small businesses stay compliant with laws and regulations. We like how Bambee conducts HR audits on small businesses to identify HR gaps. It then creates custom plans to help fill those gaps. Similar to other competitors, Bambee can take care of important employee training on topics such as sexual harassment, workplace safety and business ethics. And Bambee takes it one step further by reporting your employees’ progress.

With Bambee’s Smart Cabinet, you can keep important employee HR documents in one place, which can be essential for complying with EEOC document retention standards. If you have any questions along the way, Bambee offers one-on-one employer coaching and guidance from designated HR managers. [Related article: HR Compliance Challenges Small Businesses Face Today]

Bambee Smart Cabinet
Bambee’s Smart Cabinet is a great solution for document retention requirements. Source

HR Administration

Bambee helps with supporting HR by automating certain HR processes. For example, Bambee HR Autopilot ensures that core HR policies are up to date each year and have been acknowledged by each employee. It can also help you create custom HR policies and procedures that are in line with current labor regulations as well as your company’s unique culture.

Bambe HR compliant HR policies
Bambee can help you create policies that support HR compliance.

Payroll Processing

If you choose to partner with Bambee for your payroll processing, you get features on par with competitors in the industry. For example, you can access two-day direct deposit for your employees, and Bambee can automatically handle federal, state and local taxes for you. Bambee can provide guidance on wage and hour regulations as well.

Bambee guided payroll
Bambee offers guided payroll.

Talent Management

The way you onboard and train employees can make a difference in the success of your company. Bambee offers guidance on how to onboard and train employees while navigating labor regulations. Bambee Report Cards lets you track employee progress against their goals, and Employee Voices gives your employees the ability to share feedback – good and bad. Bambee offers training to help employees grow and help you stay HR compliant. If you need to terminate an employee, Bambee can help you navigate that as well. [Related article: What Is Considered Wrongful Termination?]

Bambee staff folders
Bambee has staff folders to help you track employee information and stay HR compliant.

Bambee Pricing

Bambee offers four HR plans that differ mostly based on how many employees you have. It offers monthly pricing for businesses with one to 500 employees, and monthly and annual pricing for businesses with five to 500 employees.

  • 1-4 employees: You get access to an HR manager with unlimited email and chat support. It costs $99 per month, with a one-time setup fee of $500.
  • 5-19 employees: You get access to an HR manager with unlimited phone, email, and chat support. It costs $199 per month when billed monthly or $159 per month when billed annually, with a one-time setup fee of $500. Payroll is included for the first year and then costs $5 per employee per month; however, if you opt out of using Bambee’s payroll solution altogether, the standard monthly rate for Bambee HR goes up.
  • 20-49 employees: You get access to a senior HR manager with unlimited phone, email, and chat support. It costs $299 per month when billed monthly or $239 per month when billed annually, plus a one-time setup fee of $1,000. You can get payroll for an additional monthly fee per employee.
  • 50-500 employees: You get access to an HR director with unlimited phone, email and chat support. Pricing is customized.

Bambee HR specializes in supporting smaller businesses. If you have more than 500 employees, you won’t find a Bambee plan to fit your needs.

Implementation and Onboarding

Bambee plans include access to a dedicated HR support person. Once you complete a brief survey about your business, you will be connected with a specialist who can conduct a comprehensive HR audit of your business and help you create HR compliant policies. They can help with onboarding, training, and terminating employees, and their expert guidance is great for maintaining compliance with federal and state employment laws.

Customer Service

We found Bambee’s customer support features to be competitive with what other solutions in the industry offer. For example, Bambee offers support by phone, email and chat. We like that each plan also comes with a dedicated HR manager who can give you full, remote HR support and coaching whenever you need it.

Bambee employee requests
Users can easily submit a request to their Bambee HR representative by navigating to the HR Request tab.

We also like that Bambee is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has a B+ rating with the agency.

Did you know?Did you know? At the time of this review, Bambee has an average customer rating of 4.26 out of 5 stars on the BBB’s website, which is a higher score than many of its competitors have.


Bambee operates as an HR outsourcing service, as opposed to full-service HR software. You can access its payroll platform, as well as employee training tools, but the company does not offer other HR functions, like employee scheduling, time and attendance, and benefits administration. This isn’t necessarily a limitation if you are looking for HR guidance specifically, but it is something to keep in mind if you want a platform that can handle all of your HR functions. If you are looking for a more full-service HR solution, check out our Rippling review and our review of Gusto.

Another potential drawback is that Bambee doesn’t have a mobile app. The Bambee app is web-based, so you can access it on a phone, but it doesn’t offer mobile apps specifically for iOS or Android devices. Mobile apps are especially useful for employers who need to access their HR information on the go, and they give employees the ability to access self-service features from their phone. If an HR mobile app is important to you, check out our Zenefits review and our review of Paycor.


We researched and analyzed dozens of HR systems to identify the best HR software on the market. We looked at pricing, contracts, recruiting and onboarding capabilities, employee benefits administration, time-tracking features, payroll processing, performance management features, reports, integrations, HR compliance assistance, usability, and customer support. We watched product videos and conducted demos when possible. When looking for the best HR software for compliance support specifically, we prioritized features such as federal and state HR compliance assistance, payroll processing and guidance, HR policy guidance, talent management, usability, and customer support.


What does Bambee HR do?

Bambee is an HR outsourcing solution that helps small businesses maintain human resources compliance with federal and state laws. It can help your business with functions like creating HR policies; processing payroll; paying wages and payroll taxes according to federal, state, and local regulations; creating HR documents; onboarding and training employees; managing employee performance; terminating employees; and conducting HR audits.

What is the Bambee app?

While Bambee doesn’t have a mobile app, the web-based app is an online platform to help small and midsize businesses process payroll. It also includes tools for employees to track and manage their performance. The platform is intuitive and easy to use.

Bottom Line

We recommend Bambee for …

  • Small and midsize businesses with fewer than 500 employees.
  • Organizations looking for professional HR guidance.
  • Businesses that need help creating and implementing HR policies.

We don’t recommend Bambee for …

  • Organizations with more than 500 employees.
  • Businesses looking for HR software with time-tracking and benefits administration features.
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Bambee HR Software

The Verdict

Bambee is a human resources outsourcing solution that's our best pick for HR compliance assistance for small businesses. It also provides HR guidance, payroll processing and dedicated support.

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