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BambooHR Software Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

Offering customizable plans, easy-to-use software and advanced performance-management features, BambooHR is our choice as the best HR software for managing your employees' performance. BambooHR's flexible plans automatically include traditional HR management features like document storage, benefits tracking, reporting, workflows and approvals, and employee self-service functions. If you want a more comprehensive platform, you can easily add advanced functions like payroll processing, time tracking and employee performance evaluations.

BambooHR Software

BambooHR Software

The Verdict

BambooHR is ideal for small businesses wanting a flexible HR software option. You get traditional HR-management features to streamline your internal HR processes. Advanced capabilities like goal tracking and employee assessments can be added separately.

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BambooHR software sumamry

Pricing/value 9.6
Features 8.5
Customizations, add-ons and integrations 8.6
Ease of use 9.7
Customer support 8.6
Editor's score 9.0

BambooHR Software Pricing and Terms

BambooHR has two separate HR software plans (Essentials and Advantage) that you can customize with add-on options like TRAXPayroll, time and attendance tracking, and performance management. Like other HR solutions we evaluated, you are charged monthly on a per-employee basis. The company does not charge cancellation fees.

BambooHR does not list pricing online. Instead of offering a preset HR package at a predetermined rate, BambooHR will provide you with a customized quote and plan that fits your HR needs. Your costs hinge on the number of employees you have, what type of HR functions you want access to and how soon you want to implement the software.

Getting a customized quote is simple with BambooHR.


According to some user reviews, BambooHR's software is more expensive compared to other HR platforms, however, those same users say the features are well worth the cost. If you want to browse the software before making a purchase, BambooHR offers an online demo.

Did you know?Did you know? BambooHR offers a seven-day free trial, which is not something that many competitors in the HR software industry offer.

BambooHR Software Features

BambooHR has two primary HR software plans: Essentials and Advantage. For this review, we evaluated the Advantage plan.

Here is more about the specific features that BambooHR offers:

Recruiting and Onboarding

With BambooHR, you can manage employees from the recruitment stage to offboarding. Using the software, you can post job openings (via social media and your website's career page) and track them, which makes recruiting easier for busy hiring managers. You can review and rate candidates, send emails and track the status of candidates, send offer letters and new-hire packets, and onboard with e-signature capabilities.

There is a mobile app, BambooHR Hiring, for iOS and Android users. This mobile version of BambooHR's applicant tracking system helps employers and HR staff stay organized even when they're on the go. Rather than being restricted to in-office hiring, you can manage your recruiting and onboarding process from any location.

Performance Management

Through the performance management add-on available from BambooHR, you can assess how your employees and managers are performing. Employees fill out short, objective evaluations for their managers. These assessments can be a useful tool for quickly identifying and addressing areas for improvement, as well as increasing employee engagement. The performance management add-on also has a peer feedback feature. Employees answer questions about their co-workers, which can give you a clear view into how your team is performing and each employee's strengths and weaknesses.

With BambooHR's performance management add-on, you can also create and monitor employee goals. Instead of guessing how close each employee is to achieving their specific goals, this capability lets managers track employee success. If an employee isn't meeting the goals they (and their manager) set earlier, you can address the problem, provide additional assistance if needed, and restructure goals to meet employee and company needs.

BambooHR users can submit peer feedback.


One unique tool that BambooHR offers is the ability to view employee and company performance reports. These reports provide a visual display of which employees or teams are your highest performers. They also show you how employees feel about your organization, and using these reports, you can predict performance issues before they occur. These reports can play a critical role in managing employee performance.


Companies that need basic payroll functionalities can add on BambooHR's payroll solution, TRAXPayroll. This solution offers help with tax filings and end-of-year tax forms. It syncs with data that is in the BambooHR platform, such as employee wages, hours worked, benefits, account numbers, federal and state withholdings, and deductions.

The payroll system comes with reporting features that let you easily analyze important payroll summaries and data. BambooHR uses security measures like data encryption and continuous monitoring to ensure your payroll data is secure.

If you are looking for a company that includes payroll in it's HR software plans, read our review of Gusto.

Time and Attendance

If you want time and attendance features with your HR software solution, you can add on the time tracking package. This module provides access to useful features like daily time entry, employee timesheets, automatic overtime calculations and payroll reports. It even gives you the ability to create approval workflows. For example, you create a workflow that automatically sends timesheets to managers at the end of each pay period for approval.

Benefits Administration

BambooHR plans come with essential HR capabilities, including employee records tracking, HR document storage and employee self-service. BambooHR is not an employee benefits broker, but it can connect you with one; once your benefits are set up, it can help track and manage them.

Legal Compliance

With BambooHR, you can create custom access levels, which protects employees' privacy and ensures that only team members with the appropriate level of authority can view HR information relevant to them. An essential but somewhat unique HR compliance feature BambooHR offers is its audit trail function. This tracks each change a member of your company has made to the system. Having this trail helps ensure you always know who is making changes to the software.  

Looking for HR software that lets you create custom workflows for HR processes other than approvals? Be sure to read our review of GoCo.

Reporting and Analytics

The software comes with varying levels of reporting, depending on your plan type. The Advantage plan gives you access to custom reports and email alerts. This allows you to view company data that is relevant to your business's needs. When you choose the Advantage plan, you also receive employee satisfaction (eNPS) reports, which tell you how your employees feel about your organization.

BambooHR eNPS scores let users track employee satisfaction.

Ease of Use

One of BambooHR's standout features is its usability. The web-based platform means any of your team can access the software from any device, including smartphones and tablets. Employees can use the self-service portal to manage their time off, review their benefits and training, and access company calendars.

Here is a sample view of the BambooHR employee dashboard.


The dashboard is user-friendly and doesn't require a lot of training to navigate through the various features. However, BambooHR offers several online videos that break down each feature and function for those who would prefer an online tutorial.

To make the platform even easier to use, BambooHR's open API lets businesses integrate other applications into the software.

TipTip: You can access BambooHR's marketplace to integrate the HR platform with other applications and programs you already use, including Glassdoor, GoodHire, Indeed, and Gifted.


Although BambooHR has several great features, there is one potential limitation that business owners and key decision-makers should be aware of. BambooHR does not list pricing for its HR software online. Instead, you will need to contact a representative for a customized quote. This may be a turn-off for business owners who would rather have a general idea of pricing to know if the solution fits within their budget before contacting the company for more information.

It is also worth noting that BambooHR has a D- rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is not necessarily a direct reflection of the type of service you will receive from the company. BambooHR has several other positive ratings and reviews across various other websites.  

Customer Support

Users can turn to BambooHR's blogs, library, webinars, HR glossary, and HR crisis recovery platform for additional help regarding any HR issue or question they have. The company has also provided several demo videos that explain the software's features in detail.

If you have a question or concern and prefer to speak with a BambooHR representative, you can call the company, email them, or there's a contact form on the website that will relay your message to the right person.

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BambooHR Software

BambooHR Software

The Verdict

BambooHR is ideal for small businesses wanting a flexible HR software option. You get traditional HR-management features to streamline your internal HR processes. Advanced capabilities like goal tracking and employee assessments can be added separately.

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