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Connect your brand to our thought leadership and industry expertise. Sponsor a relevant article in your vertical or work with our editorial team to create new piece of evergreen content.
Features & Benefits:
  • Sponsor a relevant article or create an evergreen article with our team
  • Reach over 10 million SMBs searching for solutions
  • Generate Brand awareness
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Qualified Traffic

Reach over 10 million SMBs each month as they look for solutions to their business needs. Get branded ads, buttons, and placements throughout the marketplace.
  • Highlight buy now, free trials, demos & more
  • Affordable, pay-per-click pricing ensures you pay for outcomes
  • Utilize the QT pixel to track who converts from BDC to improve targeting.
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Sales Qualified Leads

Get connected to leads ready to buy in over 100 B2B categories. Buyers fill out RFQs throughout the marketplace. When it matches your business, we send their information directly to you.
Features & Benefits:
  • Shared leads program
  • Human verified Leads
  • Lead delivery via email, text, or CRM
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What our clients say

We are thrilled with the Sales Qualified Leads program from to drive us sales leads and deliver improved outcomes. The new enhanced platform will further increase our engagement with providing leads higher up the funnel, enabling us to educate and influence prospects sooner and drive the meaningful results we need to effectively grow our business.
William Boyle, Justworks
The program has been one of our most reliable lead generation channels, both in terms volume and quality. Our sales team has a consistent starting point to begin contacting prospects. Our sales associates know what to expect with leads, and feel well-prepared to address their business needs once they get in contact with them.
Andrew Purdy, Toast
Nearly all of our major accounts were generated from leads where ROI immensely surpasses the investment of the program. Over the years we have tested other outcome marketing providers, but none have compared to the lead quality and delivery time of Our Account Director and Customer Success Manager have always been extremely responsive and helpful with any requests.
Sandy Tamplin, Customer Contact Solutions
My experience with the outcome marketing platform has been very positive. The Customer Success team partners with me and responds to my requests in a timely manner. The lead quality provides is very good. Prices are fair and lead quality is in the top three of all vendors for us.
Alex Henricks, AdvancedMD Software, Inc

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