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Small business owners are the heart of the U.S economy. Thanks to these growing companies, tens of millions of people across the U.S. are employed and countless more enjoy their services as consumers. is dedicated to supporting the 11 million U.S. businesses that generate between $50,000 and $50 million in revenue as they expand, diversify and reinvent their companies for long-term success and even as their owners prepare to exit their entrepreneurial journey.

Why is it’s mission to aid these 11 million businesses? The statistics speak for themselves: believes it’s essential to ensure these small-business owners and their teams are equipped for the modern-day business landscape and continue to drive economic activity for as long as possible.

To provide this support, we focus on six distinct stages of the business lifecycle following launch:

Growth: The key to a sustainable business is not a successful launch but steady growth over time. We explain the strategies that will help your business grow.

Expansion and Diversification: With growth, many established companies think about expanding — whether that be through second locations, new product lines or additional markets. We guide you through every step of the process.

Maturity: As companies mature, they risk stagnation. We help businesses continue to innovate and maintain their market position while controlling costs and keeping competitors at bay.

Saturation/Decline: When tough times set in and revenue plateaus or declines, we are here with strategies and advice to help you weather the storm.

Reinvention/Turnaround: With any business comes growing pains, especially as economic headwinds vary and crises arise. We help you overcome these challenges to give your company new life.

Succession/Exit: Not everyone wants to run a business forever, and that’s okay. For those thinking about succession and exiting their companies, we can not only instruct in the dos and don’ts but also help you sell your enterprise through our marketplace.

At, we have the guides, how-tos, strategy breakdowns and product recommendations to support business owners through every one of these stages. Our expertise takes the form of:

  • Best-practice lists and explainers: Learn exactly what to do and, just as importantly, what not to do as you employ our proven business tactics
  • Informative newsletters: The b. Newsletter, sent twice weekly and read by hundreds of thousands of business owners just like you, uses current events, pop culture and expert interviews to give entrepreneurs and business professionals the latest insights into business ownership and operations.
  • Thought-provoking podcasts: is home to the builders podcast hosted by John Busby and focused on business inspiration and trends. We also produce the Entrepreneur to Exit podcast, in which host Anthony Bratti leads candid discussions designed for entrepreneurs looking to successfully scale and sell their enterprises. These engaging weekly listens include unfiltered conversations with business owners who have been there, done that and can advise on the newest changes in the business landscape.
  • Comprehensive buying guides: We’ve tested hundreds of business solutions so you can easily find and purchase the right software and services for your company’s unique needs.
  • Must-watch videos: From shorts to longform interviews, our videos walk you through business concepts and the technology needed to help your business grow. provides these resources with the help of dozens of small business experts who collectively have hundreds of years of entrepreneurial experience. More than one million people rely on and trust our guidance — and for good reason. Our only objective is making sure business owners like you thrive. To learn about our editorial process, click here.

The Senior Management Team:

headshot of Anthony Bratti
Anthony Bratti
President of Business and E-Commerce Services

Anthony Bratti serves as Centerfield's President of Business & E-commerce Services, where he drives innovation and leverages data-driven strategies to achieve transformative results for the organization and its esteemed clientele. Prior to joining Centerfield, Anthony founded and served as the managing partner of the boutique commercial advisory firm Bratti + Company (B+Co), catalyzing growth for some of the most prominent brands in the private equity and venture capital communities. Prior to B+Co, he oversaw the transformation and development of the reseller channel, nationwide digital sales platform (LocalIQ), and nationwide direct-to-consumer emerging markets as Western Group President at Gannett. His background also includes 20 years as an executive at AT&T. During his tenure, Anthony consulted business for the company's global division, integrated digital operations of legacy Yellow Pages investments, and built broadband infrastructure for cable operators in the United States.

headshot of Ryan McGonagill
Ryan McGonagill
Vice President of Content

Ryan is the VP of Content for, driving editorial strategy with a relentless focus on content quality. Prior to joining the team, Ryan founded an operations consultancy working with SMBs in diverse industries, including tech, commercial security, IT, accounting, marketing, and B2B SaaS.

For 15 years, Ryan has built content programs for clients such as DIRECTV, AT&T, Discover, eBay, ADT, Macy's, Goldman Sachs, Celebrity Cruises, Allstate, Office Depot, Fanatics, and Angi. He has been featured in profiles by Harvard Business Review, Inc, Adweek, Marketwatch, Barron’s, CBS, Newsweek, Business Insider, and KTLA.

headshot of Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks
Managing Editor, and b. Newsletter

Chad Brooks is the managing editor of and the b. Newsletter. A veteran journalist, he has been writing and editing content about small businesses and entrepreneurship for more than a decade. Much of Chad’s work has been focused in the areas of small business communication, specifically on topics surrounding unified communications systems, video conferencing solutions and conference call services.

Over his nearly 30 years as a journalist and content creator, Chad’s work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Business News Daily, The Huffington Post, CNBC, Fox Business, Laptop Mag, Live Science, IT Tech News Daily and Security News Daily. A graduate of Indiana University, Chad also spent 10 years as a newspaper reporter in his hometown of Chicago. In 2014, he published his first book, How to Start a Home-Based App Development Business.

Read Chad's bio here

headshot of Marty Beckerman
Marty Beckerman
Editor, b. Newsletter

Marty Beckerman is the editor of the b. Newsletter. A former editor at Esquire and MTV News, he has also written for The New York Times, The Atlantic, Wired, Discover, Newsweek, CNET, The Daily Beast, Mental Floss and other leading publications. Marty has authored six novels, including The Time Meowchine: A Talking Cat’s Y2K Quest to Save the World, which was published in 2023.

headshot of Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
Senior Staff Writer

Skye Schooley is a human resources writer and video content creator for During her tenure at, she has researched and written more than 300 articles and created more than 100 videos on HR-focused topics, including human resources operations, management, leadership and HR technology.

In addition to researching and analyzing products and services that help business owners run a smoother human resources department (such as HR software, PEOs, HROs, employee monitoring software, and time and attendance systems), Skye investigates and writes on topics aimed at building better workplace cultures, like protecting employee privacy, managing human capital, improving communication and fostering workplace diversity.

Read Skye's bio here

headshot of Mike Berner
Mike Berner
Staff Writer

Mike Berner is a staff writer and video content creator, specializing in finance topics like business loans, accounting and credit card processing. Mike has a deep background in the financial world, having written hundreds of articles and blog posts on financial markets, business and investing.

Mike holds a bachelor's degree in economics and a bachelor of business administration in finance, both from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Prior to his writing career, he performed financial analysis and research as an economic analyst.

Read Mike's bio here

headshot of Greg Coonley
Greg Coonley
VP of Sales

Greg Coonley is the vice president of sales for the business services division of Centerfield, specifically focusing on Since joining the team in 2015, Greg has helped build and bring to market the new suite of products, including pay-per-click campaigns, sponsored content and marketing qualified leads.

Prior to, Greg worked in customer service and sales roles at Monster Worldwide and TechTarget. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Providence College. Greg lives near Saratoga, New York.

headshot of George Huang
George Huang
Senior Product Manager

George Huang is a product manager for, where is responsible for product strategy. He collaborates with engineering and business stakeholders to transform user needs into impactful products, skillfully blending innovation with user-centered design and continually optimizing portfolio websites.

George boasts more than 10 years of product management experience in diverse industries like gaming, e-commerce, SaaS and mobile consumer apps. George has a bachelor's degree in management information systems from the University of Arizona. He enjoys traveling with his family and acquiring new languages when he's not focused on

headshot of Brittany Chirico
Brittany Chirico
Web Producer

Brittany Chirico has a decade of experience in website production. During her time at, she has been responsible for producing hundreds of pieces of content related to small businesses.

In addition to her work at, Brittany has produced content for a wide range of digital publications, including, The Senior List,,, Secret Escapes and the ParksByNature Network. It was at ParksByNature that she led the development of the Pocket Ranger, an iOS and Android mobile app for U.S. state parks and wildlife areas. She has been with since 2019, and enjoys making sure the site's content looks its best.

headshot of Amira Hodzic
Amira Hodzic
Growth Marketing & Sales Enablement Associate

Amira Hodzic focuses on implementing growth across Centerfield's business services categories through a variety of methods, including launching data-based marketing initiatives via email journeys and creating sales support content. In addition, Amira handles production of the b. Newsletter.

Having pursued interdisciplinary studies at Berklee College of Music prior to joining, Amira has consistently delivered strong branding and quality communication in her professional career as a Bosnian multimedia artist and multi-instrumentalist.

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