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How is a limited liability company (LLC) taxed?

QUESTION | BY Skye Schooley | 2 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 02/26/20

What are the different types of taxes an LLC has to pay (e.g. income, state, federal, expenses, etc.)? What are the tax advantages of a filing taxes as an LLC, as opposed to an S-corp or C-corp?

What is the easiest accounting software to learn when just starting out?

QUESTION | BY Brett Strickler | 32 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 02/26/20

I know a lot of people use Quickbooks. Is this the best accounting software for new businesses? Is there something else easier, more cost effective or should I go with what seems to be widely used?

The Best Low-Cost Business Ideas When You're on a Tight Budget

BY Shane Barker

Consider these low-cost business ideas if you want to start a business but are short on funds.

The Best Factoring Companies of 2020

BY Sean Peek has compared factoring services and selected the best ones for small businesses. Compare company services and fees to make your buying decisions easier.

The Solopreneur's Guide to Retirement Funds

BY Simone Johnson

Find out which retirement savings plans solopreneurs can use and how to get started with them.

What is the most important factor in an investor's decision whether to invest?

QUESTION | BY Carrie Dunham | 36 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 02/25/20

I know there are several things to get across in an investor pitch, including problem, solution, size of market and team, but what is the most critical thing to emphasize? Is it the team or the...

6 Elements of a Successful Financial Plan for a Small Business

BY Diana Wertz

Improve your chances of growth by covering these bases in your plan.

How to Manage Funding Grants for your Small Business

BY Ryan Ayers

Many small business owners don't have the finances to fund their own businesses. So they manage their funding and grants themselves.

How to Develop a Business Credit Card Expense Policy

BY Matt D'Angelo

Business credit cards can be useful, but how can you tailor a credit card expense policy for your employees to follow?

Bootstrapping or Investors: How Should You Fund Your Business?

BY Deborah Sweeney

Is one option better than the other when it comes to your small business?

What happens when you dissolve a partnership what are you responsible for after the dissolution?


My husband and I divorced 20 years ago, 4 years ago we sold a business property that we were 50/50 partners in. I filed my taxes every year and always gave a copy to my ex-husband so he could file...

The Best Employee Retirement Plans of 2020

BY Lori Fairbanks

Looking for the best retirement plans? We have easy-to-read, expert unbiased reviews and feature comparisons of the best employee retirement plans.

Should Your Small Business Bank Online?

BY Andrew Martins

Some banks have eliminated physical branches in favor of computers and mobile devices. Is such an option good for businesses?

Capital vs. Operating Grants: Which Does Your Business Need?

BY Kiely Kuligowski

Learn the differences between capital and operating grants, and how to know which option is right for your business.

I need a loan to expand my business, where can I get one?

QUESTION | BY Gilbert Darko | 10 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 02/20/20

Here in Ghana, it is difficult and expensive to get a loan usually with a very high-interest rate. Can anyone give me advice and information on where I can get a loan of US $500,000 for a period of 5...

The Best Business Loan and Financing Options of 2020

BY Simone Johnson

Looking for the best small business loan provider? We have expert reviews and feature comparisons of the top business loan providers.

Tax Filing Tips for Independent Contractors

BY Andrew Martins

Striking out on your own as an independent contractor comes with its own set of tax hurdles. Follow these tips to help you file your taxes the right way.

How to Start Budget Planning for Your Business

BY Joshua Stowers

Need a business budget? Find out why your business needs to start budget planning.

What are the specific lending options I should consider to purchase an established small business?

QUESTION | BY Daniel Morrill | 1 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 02/19/20

I have worked for a successful small gym for ~10 years. The founder has expressed interest in selling, and I'd like to take a real shot at acquiring it. I know the ins and outs of running the place,...

Accounting Software Features and Benefits: A Guide for SMBs

BY Simone Johnson

Accounting software helps you record the flow of your company's money and examine your financial condition.