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Textedly Review

Rachelle Gordon
Rachelle Gordon

Textedly is the ideal tool for organizations that need a text message marketing provider for large campaigns and client communications. Mass group texting is efficient and easy with Textedly's support for multiple users, cross-program integration technology and expansive messaging capabilities. The analytics features allow organizations to track subscriber timestamps, activity feeds and full user histories with interactive graphs and performance metrics. For these reasons, we selected Textedly as the best text messaging service for growing businesses.



The Verdict

Textedly is the smartest and most sensible text message marketing software for growing businesses. The intuitive design and wide array of communication features and analytics tools make it a flexible platform, and the cost-effective pricing tiers allow it

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Textedly has some of the most reasonable costs of all SMS marketing service providers. The company offers 12 plans to fit a large range of organization sizes and needs:


  • Cost per month: $24
  • Messages per month: $1,200
  • Custom keywords per month: One


  • Cost per month: $39
  • Messages per month: 2,400
  • Custom keywords per month: Two


  • Cost per month: $50
  • Messages per month: 4,200
  • Custom keywords per month: Three


  • Cost per month: $70
  • Messages per month: 6,000
  • Custom keywords per month: Four


  • Cost per month: $140
  • Messages per month: 12,000
  • Custom keywords per month: Six


  • Cost per month: $210
  • Messages per month: 18,000
  • Custom keywords per month: Seven


  • Cost per month: $350
  • Messages per month: 30,000
  • Custom keywords per month: 10


  • Cost per month: $500
  • Messages per month: 42,000
  • Custom keywords per month: 13


  • Cost per month: $700
  • Messages per month: 60,000
  • Custom keywords per month: 15


  • Cost per month: $1,400
  • Messages per month: 120,000
  • Custom keywords per month: 20


  • Cost per month: $2,100
  • Messages per month: 180,000
  • Custom keywords per month: 20


  • Cost per month: $2,800
  • Messages per month: 240,000
  • Custom keywords per month: 50
Textedly has 12 plans ranging from $24 to $2,800 per month.

Ease of Use

Textedly offers a clean, user-friendly interface with the ability to support multiple logins. The dashboard presents your activity reports, total subscribers, and messages sent and delivered. These elements are neatly organized on the page and easy to review at a glance.

The Textedly platform makes it easy to add subscribers, schedule messages, create keywords, set up voice calls and track communications. You can engage in two-way text messages, send long texts and picture messages, seamlessly embed hyperlinks and PDFs, set up auto-replies, text one-on-one and capture emails from messages.

Setting up your Textedly account is both free and simple. Upon creating an account, you will receive immediate online or over-the-phone support from a customer service agent, who will guide you through the platform. Textedly also offers a free library of user guides to aid in the navigation of the program, as well as text marketing tips from experts. Textedly's integrations with apps such as Instagram, Slack and Salesforce make the program even easier to use in marketing campaigns.

Textedly has a clean interface that makes it easy to see a variety of metrics at a glance.

Textedly is a favorite across many industries because of its numerous communication options. With message personalization and subscriber grouping, your organization can expand its reach and deepen connections with your key audiences. Textedly is also mobile-friendly, allowing users to access the platform anytime, anywhere.

Did you know?Did you know? Custom plans are available upon request for organizations in need of larger-scale campaigns. There is also a 14-day free trial with 50 message credits, so you can try out Textedly without any commitment.

Textedly Features

Textedly's impressive list of features allows clients to access the necessary tools for easy expansions in outreach, revenue and client interaction. Here are some of Textedly's key features:

Mass Group Texting

Textedly allows you to send mass text messages in a matter of seconds. This platform has the network capability to store unlimited subscriber lists and handle high volumes of outgoing and incoming messages. Textedly's reliability and capacity to support businesses of all sizes is both impressive and vital to its clients.

Text Keyword

Organizing subscribers is easy with Textedly's keyword feature, which lets you create keywords using a simple action on the dashboard. Anyone can automatically sign up for a text marketing or notification campaign by texting a custom keyword. Textedly allows you to create unlimited keywords so that your communications stay organized and keep expanding.

With Textedly's keyword feature, you can easily create keywords right from the dashboard.

Scheduled Texts and Auto-reply

Scheduling a text message takes just three simple steps on the Textedly dashboard. The built-in calendar allows you to schedule a single message to an individual subscriber as well. You can also create automatic replies for specific keywords and two-way messaging to interact directly with your customers. When an inbound message is received, you can set up notifications for those messages to create avenues for convenient communication.

Long Texts and Picture Messages

One feature that sets Textedly apart from its competitors is the ability to send text messages with over 300 characters. (Standard text messages are only 160 characters.) You can also send multimedia messages (MMS) of up to 1,600 characters.

Authentic Texts and Mobile Carrier Compliance

This platform sends authentic messages that are uniquely identified and instantly transferred to the mobile carriers. According to the company, 98% of messages sent through Textedly are opened within three minutes of being sent. Textedly's SMS Compliance Guide explains best practices and policies, such as proper welcome disclaimers and opt-out management.

Free Incoming Messages and Unlimited Subscribers

Textedly lets you receive unlimited messages for no additional cost and includes support for multiple users, so teams can engage in two-way communication with customers without the burden of fee-based incoming messages. These features are complemented by Textedly's unlimited subscriber lists, which are available to all Textedly clients. You will never have to worry about purging your subscriber list or leaving customers unanswered.

Comprehensive Analytics and Data Collection

It is critical for organizations to evaluate their marketing analytics so they can refine their campaigns. Textedly makes that process simple with its real-time data collection on all text marketing efforts.

Subscriber timestamps, activity feeds, total user history reports, interactive graphs and organized performance metrics help businesses easily track their campaign progress. Textedly's analytics support the continuous improvement of marketing campaigns to boost conversions and drive customer engagement.

Textedly lets you schedule and preview text messages.

Built-In Shrinking and Email Capture

Textedly also stands out in its ability to integrate media and gather information outside of phone numbers. You can send shortened hyperlinks to use fewer characters and see how many users clicked the link. Email capturing allows you to grow your email marketing efforts alongside your text campaign, and captured emails can be easily exported to any email marketing service provider.

Drip Campaigns

Textedly's drip-campaign feature helps its clients easily cultivate relationships and retain clients. With this feature, you can send a series of time-delayed messages to subscribers. Based on customer parameters, this feature can be set live. Drip campaigns allow you to reach customers at crucial times, nurture leads and welcome newcomers.

TipTip: Drip campaigns are an effective way to cultivate customer engagement with your brand organically by serving customers relevant content at the right time. Experiment with drip campaigns to make your marketing efforts more relatable.


Setting up your marketing campaigns with Textedly is simple and stress-free. After registering for a free account, you can immediately begin integrating your current subscriber lists and sending messages to your customers. Customer service agents are available via phone or online direct messaging to help you launch your campaigns. The user-guide library and blog are also available for simple troubleshooting and advice whenever you need it. All Textedly clients also get access to a marketing guide and a collection of business templates.

Customer Support

Textedly has some of the best customer care programs of all the text message marketing providers we reviewed. An attentive support team is available by text, web chat and phone every Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET. They can also be reached via email for sales and user support. Oftentimes, a customer service agent will direct you to a resource in the user-guide library. However, these resources are frequently the most efficient way to get questions answered.


The most apparent limitation of Textedly is its lack of a mobile app. Responding to text messages through email notifications can make the communication process cumbersome and less effective. Another drawback is that, unless you pay for an upgrade, only one email account can receive notifications about incoming texts, which limits an organization's ability to share that responsibility among its team members.

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The Verdict

Textedly is the smartest and most sensible text message marketing software for growing businesses. The intuitive design and wide array of communication features and analytics tools make it a flexible platform, and the cost-effective pricing tiers allow it

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