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Podium Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
Staff writer

Podium is our choice as the best service for managing your company's online reviews. Podium's software compiles user reviews from multiple websites (including Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor) into one convenient platform, allowing business users to quickly and easily acquire, manage, and respond to reviews. Using Podium's dashboard, you can see consumer reviews that have been posted on each site, as well as which reviews are getting the most attention, helping you to quickly identify negative reviews that need immediate action.



The Best Online Reputation Management Providers of 2020

The Verdict

Podium provides all the tools you need to acquire and manage your reviews across every site where reviews of your business are posted. It's our choice for the best online reputation management service for online review management.


Podium Pricing and Terms

Podium doesn't have preset service plans. Instead, the company offers customized pricing. Podium representatives analyze your company's needs to determine which of its features will work best.  Your industry and whether you have a business with multiple locations are other elements that factor into your monthly costs.

Representatives told us that the average cost of Podium's services ranges from $350 to $450 per month, per location. However, because pricing is customized, we recommend that you contact the company to get a formal quote based on your specific needs and situation.

Podium requires an initial 12-month commitment. You can choose to access a Podium starter plan for free, but it has limited capabilities and only lasts a few weeks.

Podium Features 

Unlike some online reputation management services that provide a wide range of services, Podium is focused on review acquisition and management. Podium is designed to help a business increase the number of online reviews it receives, thus boosting its online image.

Here's more about Podium's features:

  • Review acquisition: Podium has a unique, somewhat more direct way of helping companies get more online reviews. When your Podium account is set up, you can send a text to your customers through the platform asking them to leave you a review. You can either create a custom message or choose from several templates. Customers can then decide where they want to post their review. They can choose only from the sites you preselect, though, which can include Google, Facebook or Yelp. You receive instant notifications when reviews are posted.

  • Customer feedback: To make it easy for consumers to provide comments about your business, Podium has a Feedback feature. This allows you to send text messages to customers asking them to rate their experience with your company or to ask follow-up questions about the service provided by your business. Podium's texting feature tends to elicit more feedback than other methods, such as links and surveys, for instance, which means if a customer is dissatisfied, you quickly know about it and can work on resolving it.

  • Centralized inbox: The Podium platform provides a central location from which you can communicate with your clients, regardless of whether they contact you through Facebook, Google or a text message. It's a quick and easy way to monitor communications and ensure that messages are replied to in a timely manner. One especially convenient feature is the ability to send an automated message to customers who contact your business when it is closed. In addition to sending consumers an automated message, Podium assigns incoming messages to specific employees who can then follow up with the person who sent the inquiry.

  • Webchat: Podium makes it incredibly easy for businesses to respond to website inquiries and to instantaneously reach consumers through their preferred mode of communication. How it works is that you add a Podium widget to your website. The widget encourages people to leave their name and mobile phone number to get answers to their questions via text message. You and your employees can quickly see which messages haven't been read or responded to, and you can then assign those inquiries to specific employees to follow up on.

Podium has some added communication features to streamline customer interactions. You can use the video chat to talk face-to-face with customers and the team chat to communicate internally. Podium also has a Payments tool so you could easily collect payments via text. These features are not offered by many of Podium's competitors.

Podium's mobile app, for iOS and Android devices, gives your real-time notifications from your customers. You can manage and respond to messages, assign conversations to other employees, and monitor all of your reviews, all from your smartphone.  

Pros of Podium 

The biggest benefit of Podium is the convenience and simplicity of managing all of your reviews from one central location, instead of switching among review sites. You can quickly see where people are leaving reviews about your business (Google, Yelp, Facebook) and whether those reviews are mostly positive or negative. The ability to quickly respond to negative reviews is critical, and Podium makes it simple to stay one top of what consumers are saying about your business.

We were also impressed with the analytics tool. The dashboard provides a wealth of data that can be used to improve your business. You can see if there are certain keywords (positive and negative) that that customers consistently use in their reviews. With this feature, you can continue to keep up the good work in the areas that customers are happy about or focus on changing the areas that customers said disappointed them.

Podium also tracks your review scores. You see whether your scores are improving, which employees on your team are sending out the most review requests and which workers receive the most positive number of customer reviews. You can also check out your competitors' review stats as well.

Cons of Podium 

The biggest drawback of Podium is the mandatory 12-month contract. Having to commit to a lengthy contract could be a turn-off for some businesses, as they may not be comfortable making the investment without knowing how well the software will perform for them.

Podium does not offer additional reputation management services. For example, if you are seeking services such as crisis management, content creation or social media management, you will need to partner with another company to supplement those services.

Last, Podium is not an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and has a D- rating. However, only six complaints have been filed against the company in the past three years, and with such a small sample size, it's not an accurate reflection of the company's customer service.

Podium Customer Service

When your business signs up with Podium, you're assigned a dedicated customer success manager who works to ensure you are getting the most out of the software. It's nice to know that when you have a question or concern, you can turn to someone who knows your business and your specific goals.

To test the level of customer service offered, we contacted Podium posing as an employee of a small business interested in review management software. When we reached out via the chat-to-text feature, we didn't receive a text from the company. However, when we filled out the online contact form, we promptly received a follow-up email from a representative. The representative we spoke with was helpful and polite, and they answered all of our questions. At no time was the representative pushy; he answered our questions and encouraged us to contact Podium if we wanted a demo of the system.

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The Best Online Reputation Management Providers of 2020

The Verdict

Podium provides all the tools you need to acquire and manage your reviews across every site where reviews of your business are posted. It's our choice for the best online reputation management service for online review management.

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