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Podium Review

By Skye Schooley, Writer | Updated Dec 11, 2019

Podium helps you acquire and manage customer reviews on a robust platform, making it our choice for the best online reputation management service for online review management. Podium's reputation management software compiles user reviews from multiple websites (including Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor) onto one succinct platform, allowing business users to quickly and easily acquire, manage and respond to various reviews at once. The Podium dashboard lets you see all of the new reviews that are being posted on each site, and you can see which review sites are getting the most reviews, helping you to quickly identify negative reviews that need immediate attention.



The Best Online Reputation Management Providers of 2020

The Verdict

Podium provides all the tools you need to acquire and manage your reviews across all of the sites where reviews of your business are posted. It's our choice for the best online reputation management service for online review management.


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Online reviews are important for most companies, since many consumers look to reviews to form an opinion about a business or service. An increasingly important way to boost your online reputation is to add as many positive reviews of your service or product as possible. To make it easy for consumers to review your business, search for review management software that simplifies review generation. Podium gives you a quick and simple way to reach out to your customers to request reviews of your business. The company allows you to send text messages to your customers to request their feedback. It also lets them choose which sites to post their reviews on, simplifying the process for both them and you. 

Podium Pricing and Terms

Podium doesn't have any set service plans or packages. Instead, the company offers customized pricing for each business. To determine the pricing, a Podium representative works with you to see which of the company's features interest you and make the most sense for your specific needs. Pricing also varies based on how many locations your business has.  

Representatives told us that the average cost tends to range between $350 and $450 per month, per location. Because the pricing is customized, we encourage you to contact the company to get a formal quote based on your specific needs and situation. Podium builds a final quote after speaking with you and showing you a quick demo of the system.  

Podium requires an initial 12-month commitment. After one year, the contract moves to a month-to-month agreement. This gives you the opportunity to use the service for a year and then decide if it is helping you achieve your online review goals. Once that year is up, you can continue with the service without any commitment and walk away without penalty.  

Podium Review Management Services 

Unlike some online reputation management services that provide a wide range of services, Podium focuses most of its efforts on review acquisition and management. Podium is a cloud-hosted service designed to help you increase the number of online reviews you receive, thus boosting your online image.  

Here are the components of the Podium platform:  

  • You can set up the system to text your customers, asking them to leave you a review. Podium gives you the option to create a unique message or choose from several templates. Then, the customer can pick where they want to post the review. However, they can choose only from the sites you select, which can include places like Google, Facebook or Yelp. You receive instant notifications when customers post reviews, so you can respond quickly. 

  • The Podium platform gives you one central location from which to communicate with your customers, regardless of the online outlet they use to contact you. The platform allows you to manage all of your text messages, Facebook Messenger messages and Google Click-to-Message chats from one spot. This saves you time because you don't have to constantly monitor each location to see when messages come in, and it's a quick and easy way to make sure messages are replied to in a timely manner. The message tool also allows you to send automated messages to customers who reach out after your business is closed for the day and assign messages to the employees who should reply to each of them. 

  • Podium lets you add a widget to your website that encourages people to leave their name and mobile phone number to get answers to their questions via text message. This feature gives customers who prefer to communicate via text message an easy way to chat with you. You can manage all of the messages that come in from the platform, quickly see which messages haven't been read or responded to, and assign messages to specific employees.  

Podium offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. From the app, you can text review invitations to your customers, manage and respond to messages, assign conversations to other employees and monitor all of your reviews to ensure you have a firm grasp on how your customers feel about the job you are doing.  

Pros of Podium 

The biggest benefit of using Podium is that you can manage all of your reviews from one central location, instead of switching among review sites. You can quickly see which reviews are being left where, and which ones are positive or negative. The ability to quickly respond to negative reviews is critical, and Podium gives you that chance by making sure there's only one spot to look for them.  

Another advantage of Podium is its in-depth analytics tool. The dashboard provides you with a wealth of data that can be used to improve your service. This data includes the ability to spot positive and negative keywords that customers use in their reviews. The ability to look out for trends can help your business keep up the good work in the areas that customers are happy about and improve the situations that left them disappointed.     

You can also see whether your review scores are improving, which employees on your team are sending out the most review requests and which workers are having the most success in receiving customer reviews. You can also check out your competitors' review stats.  

Cons of Podium 

One downside of Podium is the mandatory 12-month initial contract. Having to commit to the software for a lengthy contract could be a turnoff for some businesses. Based on the averages the company quoted us, you'll likely have to pay at least $4,000 for the software. Some businesses might not feel comfortable making that kind of initial investment without knowing how well the software will work for them. However, we do find it appealing that, after a year, the terms move to a month-to-month contract.  

Another potential negative is that Podium does not offer additional reputation management services. For example, if you are seeking services such as crisis management, content creation or social media management, you will need to partner with another company. However, if you're looking solely for a review acquisition and management platform, Podium is an excellent choice because it specializes in this service. 

Another minor negative is that Podium is not an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and has a B- rating. However, only three complaints have been filed against the company in the past three years.   

Podium Customer Service

Even though Podium is a cloud-hosted service you can't completely control, it provides you with any help you may need along the way. Each business is assigned a dedicated "customer success manager," who will work directly with you to ensure you are getting the most out of the software. It's nice to know you can always turn to someone who knows your specific goals. You don't often get this level of personal attention when you need support from cloud-hosted software.  

We contacted Podium by phone and email, posing as a business representative interested in review management software, and we were very impressed with the level of support we received. Each time we interacted with company representatives, they were incredibly helpful. During our phone call, the representative was extremely friendly and spent time answering our questions. We talked about how the software worked and how it could benefit our business. At no time did the representative put a hard sell on us; he just answered our questions and encouraged us to reach back out if we wanted a demo of the system. 

We also contacted the company by email and were just as pleased with the responses. We got quick, detailed answers to all of the questions in our emails. Nothing in our interactions with Podium indicated that we would have problems working with this company. 

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The Best Online Reputation Management Providers of 2020

The Verdict

Podium provides all the tools you need to acquire and manage your reviews across all of the sites where reviews of your business are posted. It's our choice for the best online reputation management service for online review management.

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